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There’s a new banking method in town and it’s called PayID. Quicker than a crocodile at a buffet, PayID is one of the fastest and safest ways to deposit at PlayCroco.

Guess what Croco members? There’s a new banking method in town and it’s called PayID. Quicker than a crocodile at a buffet, PayID is the fastest and safest way to deposit at PlayCroco. Because this deposit method is so new though, you probably aren’t aware of it yet.

So in this blog article, we’re giving you the low down on everything there is to know about PayID. By the end you’ll know what it is, how to deposit with it and whether or not it’s even right for you!

If you want to chat with our cool as a cucumber customer support team about PayID, just reach out to our customer support team. We’re available to take your questions via email or live chat – simply write to us or start an online conversation now…

  • Minimum deposit: $20
  • Fees: None
  • Processing time: 15 minutes
  • Withdrawal option: No


All about PayID 🎉

PayID is our newest banking method. How it works is by simplifying the process of sending and receiving money through online platforms such as PlayCroco. This is thanks to something called a PayID universal payment identifier, which is akin to an email.

When you want to make a transaction, you simply nominate the amount you want to send and share your PayID payment identifier with the other party. In the case of PlayCroco deposits, it saves you having to input your bank details or any other private payment information. Simply share your identifier with us when topping up and we’ll be able to trace it back to your chosen bank account or digital wallet – simple!


5 advantages to using PayID 😎

PayID is changing the way Australians make deposits with us. From our experience, it’s one of the snappiest, easiest and most secure deposit options available online. Want to know why it’s such a trusted payment method? Here are 5 advantages to depositing with PayID!


1. Fast - Lightning quick deposits and withdrawals

PayID is set up to deliver real-time payments. That means transactions are completed in a matter of minutes. Yep… that’s right – minutes! Not hours, not days and certainly not weeks. As long as your PayID payment identifier is ready to go, you can credit your PlayCroco account lightning quick. For gamers that like fast-paced action, PayID will suit your style.


2. Precise - Less chance of making a costly mistake

PayID consists of a single piece of identifying information called a payment identifier. With this payment identifier, you don’t have to worry about remembering any lengthy or complicated number combinations. Just input your payment identifier when depositing and you’re good to go. Using this service, you’ll vastly decrease the risk of entering the wrong details. This will in turn give you greater peace of mind when depositing at PlayCroco.


3. Safe - No need to share BSB or account number

Worried about posting sensitive financial details online? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Luckily for you though, your PayID account allows you to use your universal payment identifier rather than share personal financial details. What’s more, PayID is also imbued with an end-to-end encryption system, ensuring only the sender and receiver is able to access the transaction.


4. Convenient - Available now to all members

PayID is currently available to all members. Australian members with an interested in fast, safe and reliable payments will find it particularly attractive though. Because of this it’s rapidly becoming one of the most widely accepted payment methods in the country and around the world, so the sooner you jump on board the sooner you can take advantage of its awesome features.


5. Trusted - Supported by all major banks

More than 40 different fin tech companies, including Ripple, BitGo and, trust in the ability of PayID to simplify transactions and provide absolute security for its users. And if it’s good enough for some of the biggest corporations in the world, it’s good enough for us. Make your life easier with help from one of the most reliable deposit methods available to PlayCroco members.  


How to deposit with PayID 💰

Want to learn how to deposit with PayID? It’s easy! In order to benefit from zero fees, almost instantaneous transactions and end-to-end encryption, follow the steps below. For more information about how to deposit using PayID, please reach out to PlayCroco’s customer support legends: 

  1. Visit the PlayCroco banking page
  2. Click the PayID ‘Deposit Now’ button
  3. Nominate an amount to deposit
  4. Use your PayID payment identifier to confirm the amount
  5. Congratulations 🎉 You’ve successfully deposited with PayID!



If you can’t find the answer to a question, please reach out to our legendary customer support team. They’re well briefed on all aspects of PayID, so chances are they can to help! 

1. What is PayID?

PayID is a universal payment ID to simplify the process of sending and receiving money globally – across any payment network and any currency. PayID allows individuals to send and receive money across any payment network using an easy-to-read address.

2. Are there any fees?

No. Neither Croco or PayID will charge you extra to use this banking service.

3. What is the processing time for transactions?

15 minutes max.

4. What devices support PayID?

You can use PayID on your mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop device.

5. What is the minimum deposit?

The minimum deposit is $20.

6. Can I withdraw with PayID?

Unfortunately not. At the moment PayID is only used to top up your PlayCroco wallet. 


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