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PlayCroco Deposit methods

Croco knows that in order for a casino to be really cool, it must have a lot of equally as cool banking options.

As you all know, our mascot Croco doesn’t mind a good time. You’ll often find him soaking in a mud bath, trawling the creeks with mates or hanging out in Lake Croco. But it isn’t all fun and games. Croco knows that in order for a casino to be really cool, it must have a lot of equally as cool banking options.

For this reason, our mate Croco has made sure that PlayCroco is full to the brim with safe, easy to use and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. Some of them you might already be familiar with, while others will be brand new. Either way we’ve decided to cover each of our banking options below. This way you can top up your PlayCroco account and play with confidence knowing full well that any and all sensitive information is properly protected.


Bitcoin is the world’s most popular cryptocurrency. Favoured by Croco for the fact that it’s trusted by organisations and companies across the globe, it’s easier to withdraw and deposit with Bitcoin than you think. Some of the benefits of using Bitcoin include the following: 

  • Withdrawals are made instantly so you get your winnings quicker
  • Minimum deposit of $10
  • No fees are applied which means it’s also cost saving

In addition, Bitcoin is one of the safest deposit and withdrawal methods around. Utilising revolutionary blockchain technology to ensure your details are never shared online, all you need is a Bitcoin wallet to take out cash or top up your account. For zero fee, peace of mind banking that’s quicker than a croc with a dentist appointment, Bitcoin is the way to go.


Voucher-based banking methods aren’t anything new, but there are definitely some that are better than others. Flexepin is one of these voucher-based methods that we reckon is an absolute ripper. Safe, convenient and with the added bonus that you can purchase a card using cash, Flexepin is one of our most well-liked deposit methods. By choosing Flexepin you can look forward to: 

  • No need to share personal information which allows for anonymous online payments
  • Vouchers that can be conveniently purchased at authorised dealers throughout Australia
  • Instantaneous payments for faster playing
  • Small minimum voucher amount of $20

Of course, one of the main reasons we love Flexepin comes down to the fact that it is totally anonymous. Just like Batman’s identify or the location of Croco’s secret chill spot, it’s 100% hidden from prying eyes. So if you value your privacy and don’t want any sticky beaks (or stick snouts) prying into your business, give Flexepin a try today.



It seems that everywhere you go online you are required to create an account. Keeping track of all your account names and passwords then turns into a massive task unto itself. The great thing about this deposit method though is that you don’t need to sign up. All that’s needed to use their service is an Australian online banking account and you’re on your way. See below for more info about POLi: 

  • You can deposit funds into your PlayCroco account without having to share personal details
  • POLi used advanced security measures that ensure your data is never recorded for absolute privacy
  • POLi is 100% free to use
  • $20 minimum deposit

Because POLi is free and you needn’t to register to use it, it’s also refreshingly uncomplicated. Croco is a big fan of POLi purely for the reason that he always forgets his card details anyway, but we can’t help also loving the fact that we aren’t required to remember more online login details!


Neosurf isn’t a funky new way to ride a surfboard. Instead it’s a safe and convenient way to make a deposit with PlayCroco. Another voucher-based banking method, it shares a lot of the same benefits as Flexepin, with the added bonus that it has an incredibly low minimum deposit amount of $10! Read on to learn more about Neosurf: 

  • You don’t need to fill out a form or register to use Neosurf
  • Vouchers can be purchased from hundreds of stores, newsagencies, petrol stations, kiosks and other vendors throughout Australia
  • You can pay for a Neosurf card in cash without the need to provide any financial details
  • Convenient $10 deposit minimum
  • Neosurf has a loyalty system that rewards regular users called Neomiles (like frequent flier points)

The next time you’re looking for a voucher-based deposit method that’s both easy to use and safe, take a moment to consider Neosurf. With it you can bet with us for as little as a meal at McDonalds, and wouldn’t you rather win a jackpot today or eat a greasy burger? Of course Croco says the burger, but we’re all for that big cash win!

Visa and Mastercard

Last but definitely not least we have credit card banking options, namely Visa and Mastercard. Now, we don’t need to bung on about how these cards are trusted throughout the world by everyone from your mum and dad to the biggest multinational corporations. What we should mention though is that because they’re so widely used, depositing with them is just like making an in-store purchase. They also come with the following additional benefits: 

  • Multilayered security measures ensure complete safety
  • Rapid processing on all deposits so you wait less and play more
  • Accepted worldwide as one of the most trustworthy payment methods
  • Minimum deposit of $20 

On top of these advantages, both Visa and Mastercard always have your back in the rare event that your information is compromised. This means that you will be adequately compensated if there is a glitch in the system. Croco will even keep you entertained while you’re waiting for your money to arrive!

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