We’ve said it a thousand times: we’re always looking for ways to enhance your online casino experience. And adding CashtoCode to your potion of banking deposit methods is one way that we do just that!

Available to use right now at PlayCroco online casino, CashtoCode is the deposit method that all the coolest Croco members are using. So don’t be an alligator in the mud and try it out today! CashtoCode is the newest cool kid of deposit options on the block...

A few details you should know about CashtoCode:

  • Prepaid online voucher
  • No bank card details required
  • Min deposit $25
  • Processing time: instant

5 steps: how to deposit with CashtoCode eVoucher deposit method? 💰

Ready to deposit with CashtoCode? Great. We’re ready to show you how it’s done. Simply purchase a CashtoCode eVoucher from one of the authorised dealers:

Got your eVoucher? Now follow the steps below: 

  1. Login to your account
  2. Head to the Cashier
  3. Select the option to deposit with CashtoCode
  4. Choose your desired deposit amount. Min. deposit is $25. 
  5.  Enter the 20 character CashtoCode voucher code that you purchased previously and you're done :)

*Please note that the amount of the eVoucher must correspond to the amount of the deposit. The amount of the eVoucher cannot be split into smaller deposit amounts.

Now that you've topped up your account with this radical new payment method, go ahead and enjoy playing with Australian favourite online casino! 

Keen to take a look on different deposit options? Simply head over to our banking page. It’s where you’ll find everything you need to know about this new deposit option

What is CashtoCode 
eVoucher deposit method? 💡

Released way back in 2016, it allows you to top up your online casino account in a flash using a voucher-based system. This means you don’t have to worry about parting ways with any sensitive personal or financial details. Epic!

Better yet… these vouchers can be purchased online from select eVoucher retailers. So you don’t even have to leave the house to snag one. Just scroll down for more information on which partners currently sell CashtoCode vouchers online…

CashtoCode is also totally available on both iOS and Android devices. This ensures you can do it all with your mobile phone. From depositing to actually playing your favourite real cash pokies and slots at PlayCroco. CashtoCode is a handy innovation for the modern punter!

Many other online casinos around the world are using CashtoCode. PlayCroco is proud to say that we’re one of the first in Oz. Turns out Croco isn’t bad at picking new deposit methods. He’s certainly picked a winner when it comes to this awesome method…


How does CashtoCode eVoucher deposit method work? 🎫

CashtoCode is pretty easy to use. Like… if a crocodile with claws can manage to take advantage of it then you should be able to as well!

All it takes is for you to buy a CashtoCode voucher online. You’ll then receive this voucher via email from the authorised CashtoCode dealer where you made the purchase! The payment will be made once this barcode number has been redeemed. The amount will be immediately available on your online casino PlayCroco account!

The beauty of CashtoCode is that you can make fast payments without having to share private data. This is especially handy for both yourself and your fellow Croco brothers and sisters. Since it’s always a win when you don’t need to punch in credit card details or register a bank account.

If you appreciate speed, ease of use and privacy, CashtoCode is most definitely worth a gander…


How to get started with CashtoCode eVoucher deposit method ? 🏁

Getting started with CashtoCode is easy! It doesn’t matter whether you’re a PlayCroco pro or this is your very first foray into the world of online casino gambling. CashtoCode is a breath of fresh air for players…

Like we said earlier – you don’t need a credit card or bank account to use CashtoCode at PlayCroco. You don’t even need to create a CashtoCode account, which means you don’t need to remember another password and username. And that’s great for forgetful gators!

All you really need to get started with CashtoCode is cash. That’s it. You can then buy a voucher from an authorised dealer and use it to top up your PlayCroco account… without ever having to leave your house. How bloody unreal is that, right?


Where to buy CashtoCode eVouchers? 💰

In order to buy a CashtoCode voucher all you need to do is order one online. Just go to any of the following eVoucher websites. You can then either navigate to the CashtoCode page or search for it in the applicable field: 

Once you’ve found the CashtoCode voucher page you can nominate an amount. Currently these vouchers come in increments of $25, $50, $100, $150, $200 and $400.


Why is it great for Aussie casino players? 🦘

There are heaps of reasons why this new deposit method is great for Aussie punters!  


Like we just said. Remembering pin codes, usernames, email logins and passwords is an absolute hassle. Croco is constantly locking himself out of his phone. If you gave him another set of login details to remember… we think his brain would short circuit.

With CashtoCode though, you don’t need to worry about a new set of login details. Why? Because you don’t even need to register an account!


Easy ✔️

Building on from the previous benefit, CashtoCode also doesn’t require you to use a bank or credit card while making deposits at PlayCroco. All you need is access to one of the authorised dealer sites that we mentioned previously AND a little bit of coin in your account.

You can then buy a CashtoCode voucher and have it sent directly to your email of choice. Once there you only need to use the barcode number at PlayCroco online casino in order to deposit that money into your wallet. To borrow a cliché… it’s literally a walk in the park.


Instant 🚀

Another advantage of CashtoCode for Aussie punters is that it’s instant!

Once you’ve paid for your CashtoCode voucher at any of the above online retailers, they’ll send you a barcode. This will land in your email inbox. Although it might also flash up on your screen depending on which retailer you bought from.

Once you’ve got your barcode you can let us know. As soon as that code has been inputted into your PlayCroco online casino account, your cash will be there. It really takes no time at all from buying your voucher to loading your account.

It’s for sure one of the fastest deposit methods ever. Made even faster by the fact you don’t need to jog to the store in order to buy one!


Safe 🔒

Thanks to its closed-loop security setup, when purchasing your eVoucher, you don’t need to provide your credit card or bank account details. This payment service ensures that your personal financial information is private. 

This stringent protection solution is also supported by PlayCroco’s very own security measures. So you know that your scaly back is covered at all times when you top up your account using CashtoCode… 

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