Everything you should know about Neosurf casino deposit method including where to buy vouchers and play online pokies easily. Take a look!

There a deposit option out there that’s simple and 100% anonymous. It's called Neosurf. 

Neosurf is an online payment method that allows you to pay for different services. At PlayCroco casino, Neosurf is one of our most popular deposit options. 

In this article, we’re going to teach you all about Neosurf so that by the end you could practically run the company. So, let’s move on from the hyperbole and dive snout first into what is sure to be an enlightening article on how to deposit at PlayCroco using Neosurf vouchers. 

We’ll make it as easy to read as possible, but if there are any chunks you can’t swallow, talk to our 24/7 casino customer support team. They’ll be happy to take your questions, queries and issues…

What is Neosurf? 🏄‍♀️

Neosurf is a pre-paid card that can be purchased online and in-store from a wide range of locations both in Australia and throughout the world. Each Neosurf voucher comes with a unique 10-digit pin, which is then used when making an online transaction.

Established back in 2004, it has since become one of the most trusted pre-paid cards in the world for consumers when it comes to making online transactions due to the anonymity, security and usability it offers.

Hundreds of thousands of online merchants accept Neosurf as a form of payment. This includes PlayCroco online casino, which allows you to top up your account using Neosurf. Neosurf also comes with a low minimum deposit limit of just $10, which makes it all the more accessible for punters.

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 Where can I buy a Neosurf vouchers: online and in store 🗺️

One of our favourite things about Neosurf as a deposit method is that the vouchers can be purchased from physical stores in 50 different countries around the world plus online. Simply head into most major supermarket chains, petrol stations or convenience stores and chances are you’ll see the Neosurf voucher sign somewhere behind the counter. 

Of course, if you want to check where to purchase a Neosurf voucher from before you leave the house, you can also visit their official website and search for sales outlets by country. You can then find your nearest point of sale, purchase your pre-paid voucher and use your Neosurf pin to pay and play online.

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Why should I use Neosurf? 💰

There are some obvious advantages when it comes to using Neosurf to add money to your PlayCroco online casino account. 

Fast - Instant payments 🚀

The first of these is that Neosurf offers instant payments. That means no waiting, no twiddling of thumbs (or claws) and no missed opportunities. When you hit the confirm button your account will be topped up instantly, allowing for faster gameplay and faster wins.


Accessible - Low minimum deposit limit 🤑

Out of all of our possible deposit methods, Neosurf offers the lowest minimum limit. As long as you have $10 you have enough to purchase a Neosurf voucher. This low minimum deposit limit ensures that betting becomes more accessible, however, it also gives you greater control over how much you spend.


Secure - 100% anonymous 🤐

In our humble opinion, the main drawcard to depositing at PlayCroco casino using a Neosurf card is that you don’t need to hand over any personal or sensitive financial details at the point of purchase. Simply head on over to a local retailer or buy one online and redeem your voucher. The fact that there are no third parties involved and that you don’t have to sign up to an account means you stay 100% anonymous.


Convenient – Mobile friendly 📱

If you don’t mind sharing your details online though, you can trade privacy for convenience and open a mobile friendly Neosurf account. Once activated, you’re then able to use your mobile phone to buy a digital Neosurf pin number and use it in the same way that you would use the pin number on a store-bought card. What’s more, this option allows you to buy a Neosurf pin anytime of the day, which may be preferable for night-owls that are prone to a bit of late-night gaming.


Depositing with Neosurf in 3 simple steps 🎲

Like all pre-paid vouchers, depositing using Neosurf is incredibly straightforward. You don’t need to add an expiration date, account number or security code to redeem your voucher. Just follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to wagering, winning and grinning with PlayCroco casino in no time at all!

Open Neosurf Account


Step 1: Select the Neosurf option when depositing

In order to top up with a Neosurf voucher, you must first login to your PlayCroco account. Once you’ve logged in, you should then head on over to our “Banking” page and select Neosurf as your preferred deposit option. From there it’s just a matter of following the prompts until you reach the next step.


Step 2: Enter your 10-digit pin into the field

The second step to depositing with Neosurf is to enter the unique 10-digit pin into the applicable field on our website. This pin can be found on your physical Neosurf voucher or within your Neosurf mobile account. For store-bought cards, simply scratch off the panel on the back to reveal your pin. Sharing this code with anyone else will immediately compromise the security of your card, so make sure to keep it hidden up until you need to use it.


Step 3: Nominate an amount to deposit and confirm

After choosing to deposit with Neosurf and entering your 10-digit code into the correct field, you can then select the amount you’d like to deposit. Note that at this stage you can either use all funds held on the card or a partial amount. Just make sure you keep track of how much is left if you do only use some of the card’s funds. Also remember to store any cards with credit still left on them in a safe location.

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