Given that our casino is incredibly fun to play with and that Croco is a hoot to be around, it’s easy to forget that we’re responsible for dishing out some life-changing winnings!

We play with real cash after all, and our casino offerings include a boat load of deposit and non-deposit bonuses. So a win is never far away when you play with us regularly, which is something the following PlayCroco members found out.

Not only did they score a little bit of extra cash to stuff in their alligator skin purse, they were able to use their money in creative and rewarding ways. You could say we played a part in helping to make their life better.

Read all about these winner stories from the Land of PlayCroco. Remember, that with a little luck and some commitment, it could be you that we feature on our blog page in the near future.

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1. Lockdown double jackpot 😍

It’s been a pretty tough start to the year for a lot of people, but those in the country have been doing it the toughest. They don’t have access to all those great things like UberEats, beaches or anything else that they can leverage to take their mind off the situation. Even all sports have been cancelled and the larger pubs are shut. What’s a country bloke or sheila to do?

Well, for Spencer Ridgeway in Dubbo, NSW, lockdown was particularly difficult. He’s a social man and he loves to meet his mates for a schooner at the local pub, so being stuck at home had him in a pretty sour mood.

At his wife’s suggestion, he used his time in lockdown to sign up to our online casino. Attracted to PlayCroco by our generous bonuses offers and selection of 200 plus games, Spencer soon became one of our most regular players. Moving from BabyCroco to SuperCroco in just over a month!

What really turned Spencer into one of our favourite online casino players though wasn’t his rapid rise through our loyalty program. It was the fact that after frequently depositing cash and playing Aztec’s Treasure, he managed to trigger the game’s jackpot and become $2K richer… but Gary’s story doesn’t stop there.

Riding high off this win, Spencer couldn’t wait to finish tidying up around the house the following day and giving PlayCroco casino one last crack. This time though he tried his hand at Aztec’s Millions, which has a jackpot amount that’s considerably higher.

We’re not sure what to call it, whether it was a dash of good karma or the Aztec gods smiling down on Spencer's persistence, but he ended up winning the jackpot and netting himself a cool $20k. He said: “When the jackpot win flashed on the screen my jaw hit the floor and I was literally speechless. This is my biggest win to date and I’m super pleased it came at my favourite online casino.”

2. Saved by the bell 🛎️

Teachers make up a large amount of the workforce, but they never get the recognition they deserve. They shape young minds, give parents a breather and inspire students to excel in their chosen academic pursuits. Right on, teachers!

Unfortunately though, teachers also don’t get paid enough to do their job. It’s a tough trade after all and they’re required to stick it out when the going gets tough. So when we heard that it was a teacher who bagged one of our biggest ever jackpots, we couldn’t help but get excited.

This story is about Amy Pomery, who hails from the stunning Western Australian town of Denmark. A substitute teacher who travels around the south of the state for work, Amy had just returned to the staff lunchroom after a particularly taxing day.

According to her recount, the bell had just run to signal that last period had ended. So she poured herself a cuppa, had a few biccies and plonked herself down on the couch to unwind before heading home for the day.

While reclining and enjoying her tea, she decided to have a few spins on the Jackie Chan-inspired pokie Fire Dragon. It seemed only natural after all, since the kung fu master was one of her boyfriend’s favourite actors.

The first 5 minutes of gameplay yielded nothing, but Amy was too exhausted to get up just yet. So she topped up her account once again and claimed the 30% cashback reward that her status as a JuniorCroco entitled her to. She then gave Fire Dragon another few spins when lo and behold she triggered the random progressive jackpot, picking up $5k in the process!

When we contacted her, she simply said: “ I still can’t believe it.” and giggled. "I am so happy with PlayCroco, lots of games, the loyaly scheme is great and I can't wait to become a RoyalCroco!".

3. In luck but out of reception 🍀

Australia is big wide open country. So big and wide that if you’re travelling around it, you’re bound to lose mobile reception in more than a few places.

Now, this is great if you want to get off the grid and get back in touch with Mother Nature. But if you’re in the process of helping a friend move from one part of Queensland to the other and most of your time in the passenger’s seat is spent playing online casino games with PlayCroco, lack of reception becomes a big bummer really quickly. 

For Blair Sutherland and his mate Louie, the drive from Brisbane to Bundaberg was full of laughs, roadside meals and a few surfs along the coast. When he wasn’t in the water, ordering cheap takeaway or keeping Louie awake, Blair was getting into the Chinese mythology-themed pokie Plentiful Treasure.

After getting on the road early in the morning for their final run into Bundy, Louie pumped Blair up to for a hero bet on Plentiful Treasure. According to Blair, he didn’t have much left in his account anyway, so he decided to bet the max amount in a Hail Mary play.

Wouldn’t you believe it, that fateful bet triggered the game’s random jackpot and earned Blair just shy of $7.5k in winnings. The real kicker of the story though is that just as the jackpot went off and his winnings flashed onto the screen, they passed through a valley and lost all mobile reception… we kid you not!

Now, we’re not encouraging speeding on the country’s roads, but we can report that Louie broke a few rules getting himself and Blair back into range of a tower. During the 30-minutes that it took to find reception again though, Louie said that Blair had already rattled off all the things he was going to buy!

We can’t even imagine just how excited the boys must have been to net that win. For sure it would have been the most exciting, nervous and anxious 30-minutes of Blair’s life. Not to mention that $7.5k in winnings isn’t a bad reward for helping a mate move to a new house. Certainly beats the customary case of beer!

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