Discover how these absolute legends became richer, happier and healthier thanks to their new year jackpot wins…

Geez we’ve got a big year in store for members such as yourself. With more snappy titles and tail-flicking good times than you can poke a stick at. But while we’ve been kicking back and enjoying the holidays, other members have been winning huge jackpot amounts in the new year.

The 3 people in the winner stories below make up just a small fraction of the many jackpot winners we’ve already had this year. What makes them special though is that their stories are truly remarkable.

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50/50 split - $34,550 on Epic Holiday Party 🎅

Everyone has a close mate that they can rely upon. One that you can lean on to do everything from look after your young ones to check your casino inbox for the latest PlayCroco bonuses and promotions. For two members of our casino though, their friendship is bonded by a promise that they made when they first joined our ranks.

According to Sam Edwards, one half of a winning pair that claimed $15,550 on Epic Holiday Party, him and his mate Darren Moore made a promise to split any of their winnings right down the middle. By doing so they figured that they could increase their odds of winning the jackpot… talk about two heads being better than one!

So when Sam played Epic Holiday Party early in the new year and won just over $34,500, he was more than happy to divide his win in half and hand it over to his mate Darren. What we found out later on though is that Sam only initially won a smidge over $10,000, but instead of taking the money and running, he instead gambled the winnings… 

This bold move ended up working out in his favour and he more than tripled his original prize money. Of course we’re not sure whether Darren would be stoked to hear that he gambled that much money in the first place instead of cashing out, but at the end of the day he can’t argue with the results.


New year, new pokie - $16,759 on Achilles Deluxe ⚔️

New year’s resolutions are famous for the sole reason that they tend to last only a few weeks… or even just a few days! This is one of the reasons why we don’t believe in making a new year resolution. If you don’t make a promise to yourself, you can’t actually break it… right?

In any case, some of our more motivated members aren’t afraid to make a resolution come the 1st of January. Sarah Baxter is one of those individuals who is all about starting the new year on the right foot. Instead of running more, eating better or saving for a trip away though, Sarah set out to expand her online pokie horizons.

A massive fan of titles such as Asgard, Achilles and Cleopatra’s Gold, Sarah wanted to try a new online slot that was mythical, fun and rewarding. This led her to kickstart 2021 by playing a few rounds on Achilles Deluxe! With two generous jackpots, a solid 40,000 top award and some seriously fabled bonus features, it was only a matter of time before Achilles Deluxe lived up to its epic reputation.

Sarah triggered the major progressive jackpot. She then activated the Wild Free Games bonus round and scored 25 free spins. It was then that she started to accumulate some serious riches… with the final spin gifting her a cool $16,759 in cold hard cash!

Of course she couldn’t wait to let us know that her adventurous new approach resulted in a cracking win. Perhaps there’s a lesson in there for all of us that trying new pokies is the key to jackpot success…


Better late than never - $26,200 on Frog Fortunes 🐸

Two people that’ve really taken to Frog Fortunes are Todd and Isaac Blake. As brothers they’re used to doing practically everything together, but up until late December Todd never had a PlayCroco membership. Isaac decided to sign him up just before New Year’s Eve and credit his account with some cash, telling Todd that it was a late Christmas gift (or an early one for next year)!

At first, he only hit a few small wins without actually claiming a jackpot victory... After a few bets he managed to trigger a feature round and earn himself 100 free games before prompting the Major jackpot and earning double prizes!

Todd ended up netting himself a total of $26,200 on Frog Fortunes due to this incredible run of luck! Most of which he used to reinvest back into his PlayCroco account. Because if there’s one thing that those Blake boys know… it’s that keeping the winning momentum going is how you get ahead.

So take a few lessons from these awesome winner stories and use them to your advantage. You’re only ever one spin away from a life changing PlayCroco win. Get in the game and try our new year pokies today! Whether you love a toad-themed title like Frog Fortunes or prefer to cut some rug in Epic Holiday Party, we’ve got the slots to ensure your 2021 begins with a bang!

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