Everything you need to know about our loyalty rewards program plus some of our favourite online casino cheat and tips for every CrocoLevel.

It’s not rocket surgery, nor is it brain science. Winning more at PlayCroco really comes down to strategy… and the best strategy is to climb our loyalty rewards program! So get a jump start on your journey to the top. Check out the following blog article where we break down the best members-only strategies for each and every CrocoLevel!


How to become a PlayCroco member

Before we launch snout first into this snappy article, here’s the 411 on how to become a PlayCroco member! Without a membership you can’t play our pokies and table games for real cash, so you better sign up if you’re serious about moolah! Simply follow these steps and you’ll be on your way: 

  1. Go to our homepage - www.playcroco.com
  2. Click the orange “SIGN UP” button
  3. Add all information for all three steps
  4. Congratulations! You’re now a PlayCroco member
  5. Top up your account using our deposit methods

The final step is crucial if you want to play with the big Crocos, so don’t forget – select a deposit method from our ‘Banking’ page and top up!

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The different types of CrocoLevel 🆙

Croco is one of the most generous reptiles you’ll ever meet. He just loves rewarding loyal members with super awesome perks and barnstorming bonuses. But which bonuses and perks you receive from him depends on what CrocoLevel you’re currently at. Below are the four different types of CrocoLevel that you’ll come across during your membership adventure: 

  • Level 1: BabyCroco
  • Level 2: JuniorCroco
  • Level 3: SuperCroco
  • Level 4: RoyalCroco


Cheats and tips for each CrocoLevel

Now that you know the basics of each CrocoLevel it’s time to learn how you can take full advantage of each one! This will surely help you in your quest to become the ultimate PlayCroco member, so read on to discover the best cheats and tips for each CrocoLevel!


Level 1: BabyCroco 🍼

As soon as you become a PlayCroco member you’ll be given a teddy bear, a dummy and the title of BabyCroco. You’ve gotta learn to crawl before you can walk, just like you gotta start slow before you begin receiving serious PlayCroco loyalty perks. Here’s how to make the most of ‘em!


25% Cashback 

Everyone loves getting some cashback in the form of a bonus, which is why it’s one of our most popular perks! Make sure to deposit and play often to get your cashback reward. Simply reach out to our 24/7 customer support team and they will redeem it for you!


24/7 support team

If you’re tossing and turning in bed because you have a question, don’t let that jam keep you up at night. Open up PlayCroco using the browser or mobile version and talk to your 24/7 customer support team. They’re found in the support section of our online casino and they’re available to chat with via email or online chat!


Daily 100% bonus up to $5000 + 30 FREE spins on Asgard - Use coupon BABY-DAILY

Deposit a min. of $20 and get a bonus plus free spins for the heroic online pokie Asgard every day of the week, 52 weeks of the year! That’s 10,950 free spins annually. The mind absolutely boggles at just how much this offer can boost your odds of hitting the big bucks!


$7,500 weekly withdrawal limit

Don’t let your winnings sit around in your PlayCroco account gathering dust. Withdraw up to $7,500 per week and splurge on some presents for the ones you love… or just buy yourself something new and flashy. It’s your money after all!


Level 2: JuniorCroco 😎

Once you’ve mastered baby steps it’s time to level up. The next stage is called JuniorCroco and you’re kinda like a teenager. Parents are boring, big wins are in and skateboards are the next best thing to a new pokie release! Just remember that you’re never too cool for Croco and his perks. At this point in time you’re eligible for the following goodies.


30% Cashback

Well hello 30%! Now that you’ve jumped up a level on our loyalty rewards system, we’re giving your cashback a leg up too. Just login, deposit and wager to claim your cashback offer. Our tip is to use that extra 30% in your account to flex your muscles on some new pokie titles…


Priority support

So long wait times and hello priority support. You can now jump the queue and receive help from our legendary customer care team in a jiffy! Because nobody likes to be put on hold… especially when every second you’re waiting is a second you’re not gaming!


Daily 125% bonus up to $5000 + 30 FREE spins on Asgard - Use coupon JUNIOR-DAILY

Your JuniorCroco daily bonus has increased to 125%, which means you get an even BIGGER bonus for that iconic online slot Asgard. Make sure to redeem this bonus every day if you really want to take advantage of it. Min. deposit is just $20.


$7,500 weekly withdrawal limit

Even though the daily bonus, cashback and level of support changes once you take the next step to JuniorCroco, your weekly withdrawal limit doesn’t. That’s ok though because $7,500 is still pretty awesome! If you do need to withdraw more than that in one week though, well chances are you’re going to be at RoyalCroco level in no time at all anyway.


Level 3: SuperCroco 🦸

You ate your greens, exercised reguarly and somehow got bitten by a radioactive crocodile. Now you’ve turned into a pokie playing, casino game slaying SuperCroco. Complete with mask, costume and some seriously outrageous super powers. At this point in your Croco journey you can claim the perks below!


35% Cashback

We never get sick of cashback offers and we’re sure you don’t either, so for SuperCroco members we’ve upped the amount to 35%. Our tip here is to use your cashback bonus on a pokie you’ve never played or a casino table game you’ve been eyeballing for some time. Might as well try something new!


Personalised support

Our customer support team know your name off be heart and are ready to help at the drop of an Akubra. In short, they’ve got your back. So make sure to reach out if you require assistance using either our email or live chat channels - available to both mobile and desktop gamers. 


Daily 150% bonus up to $5000 + 30 FREE spins on Bubble Bubble 2 - Use coupon SUPER-DAILY

Another day, another bonus for you to claim. That’s just the way things go when you finally reach the SuperCroco level. Our advice is to login in the morning and claim it first thing. This way it’ll quickly become a habit and you won’t have to worry about missing a day. Because as you know… all it takes is one spin to win that life-changing jackpot amount! Min. deposit is just $20.


$7,500 weekly withdrawal limit

The fact that your weekly withdrawal limit hasn’t increased since you were a wee little BabyCroco ain’t an issue. The truth is that at $7,500… it’s still bloody high! Make sure to withdraw your winnings every week to capitalise on our withdrawal limit. After you hit the max amount you’ll have to wait until the following week!


Level 4: RoyalCroco 👑

After staying loyal to our online casino, redeeming every bonus that comes through our doors and otherwise being a true-blue mate, you’ll finally reach RoyalCroco level. Look out, other members, there’s a new Croco in town. You’re cool, clever and ready to claim the next promos that comes along. Once you make this final level, you’ll then have access to the following perks.


40% Cashback

Wow! Almost half of the money that you put into our casino is returned as a cashback bonus offer! That’s incredible no matter which way you cut it. Just remember that the more you invest into your account, the more you get back. So give it all you got and claim your 40% cashback offer today!


Premium support

Priority support and personalised 24/7 support are great, but do you want to know what really rocks? Our premium support! At this stage of your CrocoLevel you’re being treated like an absolute VIP. The red carpet is being rolled out and we’re awaiting your questions. Hit us up and get in touch!


Daily 200% bonus up to $5000 + 30 FREE spins on Cash Bandits 2 - Use coupon ROYAL-DAILY

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times – this daily bonus and free spins offer is your ticket to the big jackpot payouts! Think about it like a shortcut to winning, because you’re essentially extra cash and extra spins for no additional cost. Simply make a deposit of at least $20 and claim your daily offer – every day you miss is a wasted chance!


$10,000 weekly withdrawal limit

You’re a committed PlayCroco member and as such we’re upping your weekly withdrawal limit. You can now take out $10,000 worth of winnings in a single week! Imagine just how good it will feel to know you’ve got access to an additional $10K every 7 days. Groceries, fuel and home loan repayments sorted!


Dedicated VIP host

Our dedicated VIP host is kind of like your personal butler. They make sure you’re content with our online casino and they work hard to ensure you’re always winning. They also make the Land of PlayCroco feel a little bit fancier, which is just as well since you’re a RoyalCroco!

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