Croco has put together the ultimate list of the most popular mobile pokies and slots. These are the top 5 casino games you should definitely try out this month!

Another month… another cool list of mobile online pokies you need to try! Croco has been prepping these for quite some time, but he’s only just now got around to releasing them. 

Now it’s P-Day (pokie day) and we’re proud to present some absolutely amazing mobile pokies for you to play with real money at PlayCroco mobile casino. From the dreamy Crystal Waters pokie to the nightmarish I, Zombie slot. These mobile pokies real money are bringing big games to small screens and even bigger smiles to awesome players such as yourself!

Before we explore these real money pokies like Croco explores a sunglasses discount store, we’ll have a little yarn about the benefits of mobile pokies app and how to play mobile pokies at PlayCroco casino. But first…

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Which mobile devices does PlayCroco casino support? 📱

Many of you will be stoked to know that we support the main two types of smartphone operating systems – iOS and Android!

What this means for Australian players is that you can take advantage of our formidable roster of online casino pokies and casino bonus promotions if you have an iPhone or an Android device. For those of you who don’t have either of these models, don’t despair. You can still check out the coolest Croco and his online casino pokies using a laptop, tablet or desktop computer… now that’s what we call good news all around! 

Mobile pokies vs desktop browser gambling 🖥️

You can do practically everything on a smart phone these days. Whether it’s ordering your favourite meal or chatting with mates across the world, they’ve become like an extension of our body… which has made online betting at PlayCroco online casino an absolute breeze!

Of course, we love browser betting like a crocodile loves mud! But the truth is that using a mobile device to play real money online pokies and win is more convenient, safe and easy to use! On that note, here are the three main advantages to playing pokies with PlayCroco mobile casino - the best online casino in Australia.

  • Convenient – Play games anywhere and at any time during the day simply by picking up your iOS or Android device
  • Secure – Enjoy peace of mind playing pokies with a smartphone that’s fully protected from prying eyes
  • Accessible – Claiming bonus prizes, withdrawing real money and playing online pokies has never been easier

Mobile pokies: a convenient way to online gambling 💰

It doesn’t matter where you live, where you work or where you spend your free time – you can play real money mobile pokies and score BIG simply by picking up your mobile device! 

You might be kicking back on the couch watching Sunday arvo footy or on your morning commute to the office. As long as you have your mobile device handy you can login to your PlayCroco casino account and test your luck! This convenience is just one of the reasons why we love mobile pokies… and one of the reasons why we reckon you love them too!

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Mobile pokies: a safe way to play games 🔒

Hackers were once the scourge of the digital world and mobile devices were their primary target. 

This was because mobile phones used to be incredibly susceptible to infiltration. With limited security features and an emphasis on accessibility, it didn’t take a genius to crack a mobile...

These days though mobile phones are more secure than ever! This is thanks to a number of security innovations, such as touch or face ID plus passwords that can include more than four digits or symbols. We also boast SSL encryption across our entire site which further protects your personal data. For peace of mind pokie playing no matter which WIFI connection you’re hooked into!

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Mobile pokies: accessible on the go 🏃‍♀️

With advanced security measures, over 300 plus online casino pokies options and a whole smorgasbord of bonuses features to gobble down, you’d be excused for thinking mobile devices just couldn’t handle the sheer awesomeness of PlayCroco online casino!

Well… we’ve got news for you! PlayCroco casino has made finding your favourite online pokie games AND spinning to win a stroll in the park. This is due to our excellent mobile design which has been proven to improve accessibility in all areas of PlayCroco casino!

Enjoy enlarged buttons that are easy to click, a contrasting colour scheme to ensure that every element pops and a pared down interface for faster navigation between pages. It’s effortless mobile gambling for anyone who prefers a handheld smartphone to a laptop or computer. Because as you probably already know… we don’t discriminate at PlayCroco casino!

How to play mobile pokies with real money 🤑

Despite our mobile online pokies being convenient, secure and accessible, it’s still worth going over the steps you need to take in order to play them. These steps obviously apply more to our BabyCroco players… but perhaps a few Junior, Super or RoyalCrocos will learn a thing or two as well! 

Step 1: Choose your mobile device

The first step that you need to take in order to play mobile pokies at PlayCroco casino is to pick your weapon of choice!

Will you do battle with our bonus offers using an iOS mobile device? Or are you an Android user that wants to take a swing at our mobile pokie selection? Since these are the two main types of smartphone on the market, we thought we’d better represent them. Once you’ve grabbed your iPhone or picked up your Android mobile, only then can you proceed to the next step. 

Step 2: Login or create a PlayCroco casino account

Next up we’ll require you to either login to your existing PlayCroco casino account OR create a new one if you’re a fresh-faced punter looking for an epic online casino!

For those who are already a member it’s just a matter of entering your login details in order to access our online casino mobile games. For those that are yet to begin their PlayCroco casino journey, simply click the ‘SIGN UP’ button and fill out the necessary fields in order to register your casino account – it’s that easy and it can all be done with just a few taps of your thumb!

Step 3: Select popular real money mobile pokies

Once you’ve stepped your scaly foot into the world of PlayCroco casino, it’s time for the fun part…

Go to our game lobby and select a pokie category from the options available on your screen. It could be ‘Pokies and Slots’, ‘Speciality Titles’ or ‘New Games’ - it’s really up to you! You can then explore the pokies within each category and try a few mobile online pokies for free to figure out which one you like best. Then hit the ‘Play for Real’ button and play a real money mobile pokie… 

5 mobile pokies you should try 🎰

If you’re sick of lugging a laptop around or want a break from a backbreaking computer desk, here’s the answer… jump on board the mobile pokies train and pull up one of the following casino pokies! 

PlayCroco casino is your loyal conductor and he’s showing you the ropes when it comes to playing real money pokies and slots on your smartphone. So climb in, take a seat and get ready for the ride of your life (or just your day).

These are the top 5 mobile online pokies you should play this month!

Crystal Waters

  • 20-paylines
  • Progressive jackpot slot
  • Up to x16 multipliers
  • Refreshing underwater theme

Everyone loves being on top of the water. Whether it’s yachting, boating or just laughing it up at a trendy wharf bar. But did you ever think that all the fun and wins are actually found under its surface?

In Crystal Waters, adventurous PlayCroco players will find these two things plus a whole lot more. Set in an aquatic wonderland and replete with fancy fish, it’s 20-paylines of h2action with a realistic underwater theme…

The Yacht symbol is the scatter while the Dolphin is the substitute. Dolphin wins are always doubled while the Yacht multiplies total bets when 3 or more land on the reels. When 3 land, you’ll get 15 free spins instantly! Then if bonus Fish form part of any winning combination, they’ll add a multiplier than can go as high as x16!

A very high volatility mobile pokie, Crystal Waters will have you hauling up some pretty outrageous real money wins. It’s also easy on the eye and fun to play, which makes it an ideal real money pokie for smartphone devices.

Dr. Winmore

  • Low volatility
  • Cluster-based pokie
  • x6 prize multipliers
  • 300-coin top award

Steve Jobs was pretty much a mad scientist when it comes to inventing cool new things. But even that turtle necked hero of the tech world can compete with that crazy professor Dr. Winmore!

Hidden amongst a bunch of glowing beakers and electrifying devices, Dr. Winmore is a cluster-based title with 5-reels that’s as unique as it is rewarding. How it works is that symbols fall down the reels before being cleared by the good doctor’s robotic helpers…

Depending on how the lab equipment is cleared, you’ll trigger a cascading win with prize multipliers that can go as high as x6! Of course there’s more to Dr. Winmore than this funky feature, including a 300-coin top award…

If you want to find out what else lurks in his laboratory though, you’ll need to put on your coat and pull out your phone. After all… Dr. Winmore loves to reward mobile device gamers with brilliant payouts!

Shanghai Lights

  • Non-progressive prize worth 50,000-coins
  • 50-paylines
  • Double wins
  • 25 free spins

The Pearl of the Orient is one city in China that Croco would love to visit. For now though, he’ll just have to settle on hanging out with glitzy peeps in glamorous places on the 50-payline pokie Shanghai Lights!

Set in the metropolis of the same name, Shanghai Lights is a stylish mobile online pokie that you may need an alligator skin suit to play. With replicating wilds that can expand and cover other reels plus two suave bonus rounds – one that doubles your wins and awards 25 free spins and one that turns reels wilds and turns both the scatter and wild into prize multipliers.

You never know what’s going to happen in Shanghai Lights. All that you can guarantee is that you’ll feel like a real high rolling Croco when playing this impressive smartphone casino pokie!

I, Zombie

  • Expanding I, Zombie wilds
  • 25-variable paylines
  • Retriggerable free game bonus round
  • 7,500-coin top award

Ghosts and ghouls normally give us the heebie jeebies. There’s just something about the undead that turns Croco a darker shade of green. In this mobile casino online pokie though, you may just rethink your relationship with spooky monsters!

Called I, Zombie, this 25-variable payline pokie has a racy Halloween vibe and some seriously crazy features. Scattered Mirrors can trigger the free game bonus round. Not only will you get 2 free spins instantly, but prizes are also doubled if 4 scatters trigger the feature and tripled if 5 scatters trigger the feature…

Of course, the feature that will bring you back to life after a long day at work is the fact that substitute I, Zombie symbols can leap onto other reals when they appear. For frighteningly awesome winning combos that prove even zombies can be cool!

Fish Catch

  • Shoot ‘em up style gameplay
  • 1,000-coin top award
  • Multiplayer capabilities
  • Randomly triggered bonus round

Like fish, real money and shoot ‘em up style online pokies? Then you’re going to fall head over claws for this super fun mobile casino pokie! 

A classic amongst punters looking for a different pokie playing experience, Fish Catch gives you the chance to observe up to 20 types of marine animal and catch big wins! Just pick which payout cannon you want to use and point it at those colourful fish…

For each one you shoot, you’ll be awarded a certain prize! The more elusive of challenging a fish is to shoot, the bigger your rewards will be. With multipliers up to 10x on the line plus a Mermaid’s Luck feature that could add winnings to your catch.

Easy to play and highly rewarding, these mobile online pokies are totally awesome. So make the easiest decision of your life and play with us today. PlayCroco mobile casino is here to turn your phone into a handheld moneymaking machine! 

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