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There's a brand new wild promotion coming to PlayCroco online casino. The mobile Wild Pinball Machine rewards real money bonus prizes and savage payouts. Launches on Monday 5th July!

If you’ve ever played the arcade game pinball, then you’re gonna love our newest casino promotion! Then again… you’ll probably love it even if you haven’t played pinball before. But why’s that?

Well, the reason is that our newest promo, titled The Wild Pinball Machine, is better than any arcade game ever invented (ok… maybe not Pacman). With plenty of excitement, thrills and of course crazy payouts to make even the most battle hardened RoyalCroco weak at the knees…

So what the heck is it exactly? Let’s find out!


The Wild Pinball Machine – what is it? 🦎

The Wild Pinball Machine is the name given to our latest promo. Essentially, it’s like an online version of an arcade-style pinball machine!

It has paddles, a cool theme and the potential to pay up prizes! In reality though, it’s way cooler than any arcade pinball machine. Chiefly because you can fit this bad boy into your pocket. But how does it work?

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How does it work? 🔧

The Wild Pinball Machine works in much the same way as you would work an arcade pinball machine. Simply hit the button on your mobile, tablet or desktop screen! This will then send a little black ball bouncing around the gameboard…

Depending on where this black ball ends up, you’ll be awarded one of three different prizes.

One of these prizes is a grand prize with a fantastically high value, while one is a major prize with lower but equally as thrilling value. Finally, the last one is a minor value prize that’ll definitely still put a smile on your dial!

Once you’ve triggered a prize, you’ll then be able to redeem it in the PlayCroco casino lobby. And that, good friends, is where the magic happens. Who ever said pinball machines were too old school?


Why is it so good? 💰


3 different real money bonus prizes 🎁

You don’t get a crack at one prize. Nor do you get a crack at two. With our Wild Pinball Machine promo, there are three different prizes for you to win!

As we mentioned earlier, these prizes are scaled (get it… scaled?) from minor to grand. The biggest one will make you yelp for joy while the smaller one will… well… still make you yelp in pleasure. What we’re trying to say here is that with three different prizes, you can’t lose!


Innovative concept 🤖

We reckon we’ve done pretty well to come up with The Wild Pinball Machine! Why? Well, have you ever played an online pinball machine promo at another online casino?

We think not. In fact, we’d wager that this is one of the first pinball machine promos ever released by an Aussie online casino. At the very least it’s the first one to feature a crocodile wearing sunglasses. We’ve got the monopoly on that claim!


Random payouts 🏆

Random surprises are rarely good surprises, but random payouts? They’re bloody tip top! All those who agree with this statement will therefore be stoked to know that all prizes are paid out at random on Wild Pinball Machine. This means that you’ll never know what you’re going to win…


Simplistic gameplay 🎲

Sudoku, chess and backgammon are all fun to play, but they’re also pretty complicated with intense strategies and brain melting challenges. We prefer our games to be easy and breezy… just like The Wild Pinball Machine.

Simply hit the button to send that ball whizzing around the gameboard. Then, depending on how lucky you are, you’ll come up with either a minor, major or grand prize! Either way you’ll win something (that’s all but guaranteed). Now go on and name a promo that’s easier to play and just as rewarding… we’ll wait!


Rotating prizes ⭐

Finally, all of the prizes on The Wild Pinball Machine rotate throughout the month. This way you can always look forward to winning something new and exciting.

Because it’s boring when things never change. We prefer to switch up our style and deliver delicious new treats. Punting at Australia’s favourite online casino has never been so interesting. So remember to play and play again if you want a crack at different prizes!


Can I win real money on it? 🤑

Of course! You a win real cash on all of our promos. The only time when winning real money isn’t possible is when you play an online slot for free. In this instance, the only thing you’ll get when you win is a warm fuzzy feeling, which is actually pretty nice… but it ain’t gonna put food on the table.


How do I play it? 📱

Playing The Wild Pinball Machine couldn’t be easier. All you have to do is follow the steps below in order to access this promo at PlayCroco: 

  1. Tap the button below to start playing!
  2. Press the play button to get started.
  3. Land on random prizes ranging from free spins, free real cash prizes or a huge deposit bonus!
  4. Redeem your bonus and play any online casino games!
  5. Enjoy and have FUN!

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