Banner for new 'Interstellar 7s' slot game at PlayCroco with colorful 7s logo

Hey mates! Do you want the drum on what is hot at PlayCroco Casino? Well, in two words it is Interstellar 7s. Yep, this fresh new 3x3 pokie delivers cash prizes faster than light! That is ‘FTL’ to all you space cadets.

The reason being is that it operates in a different dimension... Outer space to be precise. When you smack the spin button, coins can cascade right into your PlayCroco account like meteor showers.

In part, it is due to a cybernetic revolt. You know? When robotic machines take over the lucky country and eventually the whole darn world!

In this particular iteration, Interstellar 7s is not so much a bot but a modulated deep-space flying machine. What is unique about this machine? It has no ill intent towards us Aussies – and all the other nationalities too, of course!

In fact, it’s quite to the contrary. Hit the right combo on the grid and its algorithms are programmed to spew out $10,000 in crisp crinkle-free pineapples!

That is not all, Crocos. There are heaps of cracking bonus features and special effects integrated into play. Think Multiplying Wilds, Free Games, Bet Multipliers and a Jackpot and you’ve got the idea!

If you want a fair go at the Interstellar 7s Bonus Wheel and its conglomeration of prizes, login or sign up at Play Croco right away. Only a fruit loop or bloody bunyip would let a maximum award of the size and scale of 50,000 x the bet per line go abegging!

Interstellar 7s 🌕


Volatility: Medium

Layout: 3-reel

Pay lines/Ways: 5    

Features: Multiplying Wilds, Bonus Wheel, Free Games, Bet Multipliers, Jackpot      

Max Payout: 50000 times the bet per line


Demo Play 🎰


What you do not want to do is throw money at a mystery bag – and we are NOT talking about a sausage, mates. That is why we strongly advise you all to play the Interstellar 7s Demo Game first.

Free play allows you to figure out if there is anything bodgy about the software or shonky about the payouts. It gives you the chance to assess stuff like the average win rate and trigger time to the big time.

If it is too darn bog standard for your liking you can move along, no harm done. If not, you can tee up for real money action without breaking into a sweat!






What is the key to banking crates of cabbage at PlayCroco Casino? You have to feed quid into the Interstellar 7s pokie machine to get quid out again.

Playing for real is the only way to get a fair suck of the sauce. With as much as $10,000 orbiting around outer space, it is time to stop whingeing and reach for the dollaroos!






About Interstellar 7s 🎲

Interstellar 7s is a classic 3x3 pokie with 5 bet lines. The aim of the game is to land 3 identical symbols concurrently on a payline. The payouts on the pay table are multiplied by the bet per line to arrive at the winnings in legal tender.

Although the structure of the Play Croco pokie is conventional, the action takes place in a galaxy far away. The reels are styled as a space module with blinking lights. The game tiles are the classic symbols typical of the one-arm bandits at the Crown, The Star and The Reef – lucky sevens and gold bars.

What makes Interstellar 7s a bonzer betting proposition is the bonus features. That plus the fact the game has a medium volatility. In real terms, pokies with a medium volatility have an evenly weighted risk and reward scenario – and that makes for longer gaming sessions right here at at the #1 Aussie-facing online casino!

Special Symbols ✨


Wild Symbol – The Wild Symbol in Interstellar 7s is a game tile inscribed with a W. It fulfils the traditional role of a standard symbol substitute. It is also the highest-paying symbol in the game. Drop 3 Wilds on a payline and you are 500 x the line bet in the black! What is that in moolah? Bet the $1 maximum per spin and you get $100 back. Coolio!

Multiplying Wild Symbol – The second type of Wild is what keeps cash flowing into your PlayCroco account. It too is denoted by a W but with X3 added on. Whenever this special symbol completes a paying permutation, the winnings are instantly trebled!

Scatter Symbol – The icon with the colourful Bonus Wheel quadrants is the Scatter Symbol. It too has to land in 3-strong configurations on 1 of 5 paylines to deliver the goods. Do that and you are awarded one initial spin of the Bonus Wheel!


Regular Pokie Symbols


As we have previously mentioned, the regular symbols in Interstellar 7s are red, blue and purple 7s and one, two and three bars. Only 3 like symbols that appear on the game board at the same time unlock the loot.

In this particular pokie it is the red 7 that pays out the most. Hit the required three-for and you bank 250 x the payline wager. The blue and purple 7s offer 100 x and 40 x a pop. Gold bars pay out between 2 x and 15 x.

To calculate the winnings in cold hard cash you have to divide the $0.10 to $1.00 betting range by the number of paylines which, in this case, is 5. That gives us $0.02 to $0.20 bet per line. That is the figure that is multiplied by the pay outs on the pay table.

Do a bit of mental arithmetic and the red 7 offers maximum winnings of $50. The blue and purple numerals generate prizes of $20 and $8, respectively. Gold bars deliver $0.40 through to $3 apiece.

That is the potential ROI without the Multiplying Wild in the picture. When the oh so special symbol appears on the centre reel to complete line wins, payouts soar upwards to $9 through to $150 – and that with just the one dollar in the machine!

Spin the Bonus Wheel: Get Gobsmacked!

When the Bonus Wheel lobs in, you are in for a real money rip snorter. Depending on where the indictor lands on the wheel, you are awarded one of 12 cracking prizes. Truth be told, there is not one sector on the wheel that does not deliver something seriously ace!

The awards range from 8 free games to 12 free games, all of which are spiced up with a 2 x bet multiplier. If that is not enough to get the lips smacking, how about multiples of your stake? They range from 8 x to 100 x - and that is no joke!

The showpiece on the Interstellar 7s big wheel is an instant win Jackpot. It is fixed at $1,000. Hooley Dooley mates. That is not too shabby for doing nothing more than smashing a button with no bet activation required!

Then there is one extra chance to spin again. Plus, you get a 2 x bet multiplier as an add-on. Now that is what we call grouse – and not the type you shoot and cook for dinner!

Why Play Interstellar 7s Pokie at Play Croco? 🤑


Interstellar 7s may look like a standard 3-reel pokie but it is far from it. Sure, the reels are truncated and there is a low symbol count but that enhances the hit frequency. What that means is there is a steady flow of dosh leaving the board to sweeten your PlayCroco Casino account!

The payouts themselves may not bust the bank but it is comparatively easy to accumulate a decent amount of moolah. When you throw the Multiplying Wild into the picture, there are times in the gaming session when you are ahead!

The most notable factor is the relative speed at which the Bonus Wheel feature triggers. You can bank on getting a free spin of the wheel every 60 to 70 reel spins. As there is a strong possibility that the $10,000 top prize is bonus wheel dependent, it could be you who saunters away with serious coin in the pocket!