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Find out what Cyber Money is and what is the best option among them all, especially for gaming use! Join us in exploring the Crypto-universe!

We are living in the 21st century. We have developed new ways of proceeding with certain things and have evolved in general. Where previously only candlelight was, there is now a light bulb and LED lights. The same goes for money. Where there was only real money, coins and paper, we leveled up the financial area. Nowadays we are using credit cards, cyber money and cryptocurrencies. Even NFTs are a thing now!

Credit cards have become an easy way of paying for your purchases. If it is at the store, at the bar, and of course depositing at online casinos. Credit cards are pretty popular for deposits at PlayCroco, but as said before, things have changed. The crypto deposits are about to catch up when it comes to popularity. Between us; cryptos are the complete game changer!

What on Earth is Cyber Money, is there a difference, and what would be the best option? Let Croco guide you through the crypto universe, leading you to the answers you are seeking to find. Even treasures are hidden out there, which you don't want to miss! Bet your tail on it!

What is Cyber Money? 💰

Cyber money is virtual money on the web. Compared to the monies in our purses, you can't touch them. It is all digital and is a sort of payment method but also is on the stock markets. There are various types of it available, and since you can pay with them, they all fall in the category of "Cryptocurrencies".

As we do have plenty of different currencies all over the earth, no wonder why you can also find a lot of different ones online. If we would list here all the available ones on the market, you would still sit here in a week, going through all of them.

Most important, from depositing to withdrawing - you can use cryptocurrencies for having a good time at the best online casino, having fun and spinning the reels.

How Do I Start with Crypto?

  1. You should make yourself familiar with the e-wallet options you have available. Based on your location, different options are available for you while others could be restricted to a specific country or area. Take your time to review them all. Is the layout suiting you, is the navigation in your favor, etc. since all of that is important for the experience and future use of the later needed e-wallet. Our players are in love with the platform, coinbase offers.

  2. As soon as you decided on the site you are going to use, you would need to register an account to manage your crypto business there. Your account will function as an e-wallet. Most likely you will be asked to verify your account at some point for security reasons.

  3. Once the account is set up and ready to use you are now at the stage to make your first crypto purchase. Now you have the choice of the various options in the crypto-universe. In order to pay for the crypto you are going to buy, you can use a variety of payment methods just like credit card or bank wire transfer. The available methods should be listed in the T&C's of the chosen platform.

What Types Are There Available?🏷️

As already leaked above, there are various options available. The number of choices available may be overwhelming at the beginning, therefore, here at PlayCroco we are focusing on the 3 most used and popular ones. The below-introduced cryptocurrencies are available for funding your PlayCroco gaming account. You can find them in your cashier section, once you are ready to deposit.


Bitcoin is the very first cyber money currency that has been made available. It was released back in 2009. May that be the reason why a few compare Bitcoin to Gold or may even call it virtual gold. Nowadays it can be used for business and shopping purposes on the internet.

For bitcoin deposits, we are having a Croco-tastic offer for you not to miss. Once a week you can load up one deposit made with Bitcoin with an incredible 250% back on top of the deposit made! All you gotta do is to redeem the code CROCOBITCOIN and make your deposit with Bitcoin. Once the payment reached your player account, you can play with the cyber money bonus. For more information about the bonus terms, please have a read at our promotion section.


Imagine you do like watching a TV show. You love it and you would love to see more of it, but from a different angle with almost the same characters. That's what is called a spin-off. Bitcoin Cash can be seen as a Spin-off to Bitcoin itself. In 2017 Bitcoin Cash has been created but two years later Bitcoin Cash has been completely separated from Bitcoin.


Litecoin, is a cryptocurrency which has been launched two years after the release of Bitcoin. Litecoin was launched as a part of Bitcoin but has then been separated as well. Litecoins may be easier to generate, but Bitcoin has more value when it comes to worth.

Play Croco crocodile juggling with crypto

How Do I Deposit with Crypto in an Online Casino❓

Great that you ask!

🔥🐊Hot tip from Croco: We want to make the process for you as smooth as possible. That being said, we strongly recommend reading through the guide on how to deposit with Bitcoin. You'll find platform recommendations, step-by-step guidance, and great hard facts you definitely don't want to miss out on! Our guide may have been created explicitly for Bitcoin, but it should be applicable for the other cryptocurrencies you can deposit with at the PlayCroco Online Casino.

Why Should I Start with Cryptos?

Of course, many have already noticed the profit Cryptocurrencies are bringing on their way. You can use crypto for making an investment, for simply transferring money, for paying for purchases, or, of course, it can be used to have a great time at an online casino, just as PlayCroco is. Besides being able to pay for items online and for having a good time, what are the pro-sides of using cryptos?

Fast as a Rocket 🚀

Compared to crocodiles, which by the way can get to a speed of 35 km/h (depending on their breed), crypto money is fast as a rocket. Especially, when you've won and you want to cash out your winnings, we can highly recommend using Bitcoin. As soon as the withdrawal request has been processed, the funds should reflect instantly on your side.

No Fees

There are many advantages of why you could and should go for using cyber money. Probably the most important reason why you want to use cryptos in the future is that there is no bank involved. Therefore barely fees to no fees at all are included when you fund your PlayCroco Casino account with crypto. When making a deposit to an online casino, you can decide in your e-wallet, if you want to have your crypto transfer processed with priority. If this is your wish, you decide to pay a small number of fees. When no fees are being paid, the transactions will be processed as fast as possible anyway.

Encryption 🔑

Every transfer using Cryptocurrencies is, as the name indicates, encrypted. Encrypted transactions are very hard to track. Thus the privacy and the data of the user are secure. For every currency, a different encryption algorithm is being in use, meaning it's even harder to get control of any information.

Accessible Whenever & Wherever

Cryptocurrencies are comfortable to use and you can access your e-wallet everywhere. You can download an available app for your desired platform or you can easily access it in the web version, at home, on vacation, or on your way to a friend. Whenever, wherever.

Use Cryptos and Get More for It! 🤑

For all our members, who want to top up their next crypto deposit massively using one of the three available cryptocurrencies mentioned, PlayCroco online Casino is having what you need!

Boost your next crypto deposit not only by 100% or 200% - but by 300% of what you have deposited! This offer is available only once, so better make sure not to miss out on the Croco-tastic and irresistible chance of getting more for your money! To activate the bonus simply use the code CROCOCRYPTO on your crypto deposit of a minimum of $30. That's not even all! As cryptos increase in value, so does our bonus offer. Additionally to the 300% back on top of your deposit, also 100 Free Spins on Dr. Winmore are coming with the bonus! Bonus Terms apply. 

With a Rocket on the Cyber Money Path 🌙

"To the moon." This is what you may have heard of when other crocos have talked about Cryptocurrencies. This phrase is being used more or less in a celebrating context when the numbers are incredibly rising in value on the market and seem to not stop in going higher and higher.

For the crocos, who are up to date with all forms of media; Even Snapchat offers a crypto-themed filter. 📸

Crypto Winnings 💸

Last but not least, you might ask yourself how you can profit from using Cyber Money. Cryptocurrency is volatile. When something is volatile, it means it can increase or also drop in value. On a daily basis and even throughout the day it may have a different exchange rate. Compared to other forms of investments or currencies, cryptos are pretty young. Simply due to that reason, it is volatile.

There is a chance, that you are getting slightly more for your cashout as originally requested, just because the value of crypto could raise unexpectedly the day the payout is processed and sent. If the cash is in your e-wallet for some time, the value can also grow with time!

Withdrawing with Crypto is also possible at online casinos. At PlayCroco our players can withdraw their winnings using the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. The best is yet to come. Since Bitcoin is a decentralized form of money, there are no fees included as it would be at other withdrawal methods. It will be a withdrawal, free from any fees. As soon as the money has been sent to your e-wallet, it should reflect instantly. Read in detail about how to withdraw your winnings with Bitcoin on our blog.

After reading this article probably it is obvious what cyber money currency is the best to go for, right? Bitcoin is the best option for your online gaming entertainment! It is by far the fastest withdrawal method, has no fees and depositing with it is easy as eating a cake!

Of course, your support team is always here for you. So if you have any further questions, visit them and they are more than happy to clarify them with you.