Gold Bitcoin Money Withdrawal

Rumour has it, that Croco has some top secret hints up his sleeve that can benefit any of the magnificent PlayCroco players wanting to go for gold and pocket those big wins at this awesome online pokies in Australia.

That's right, Croco has decided to spill the beans on how to get instant withdrawals with NO withdrawal fees! It only takes one lucky spin to hit that jackpot but how do you pocket all those wins? Well, you heard it here first folks, bitcoin is the answer!

Here is your bitcoin withdrawal how to guide to becoming the bitcoin expert and getting the best bang for your buck with no blind spots!

deposit with bitcoin

Bitcoin & your bitcoin wallet 

Bitcoin is a type of decentralized digital cryptocurrency. That sounds like a bit of a mouth full doesn't it? Well in uncomplicated terms, it is a newish form of currency (a.k.a cash) that has been expertly designed to be used over the internet. The currency does not have a central bank or single administrator and can be sent from user to user on the Bitcoin peer to peer platform. Transactions using Bitcoin are also completely anonymous and absolutely free! But before you run and create your crypto wallet, let us explain a little further...

Bitcoin is not a physical coin made from some precious metal that was found on the planet Krypton. Although, it does often sound like it's from another universe. What it is, is a data block that is constructed through an extraordinary digital process.

Essentially, you cannot have a few extra Bitcoins in your pocket. Similarly, you cannot put your bitcoin wallet at the bottom of your hand bag, or withdraw bitcoin at an ATM from your bank account. BUT you can certainly use it to make purchases online globally. We won't bore you with too many of the technical details but bitcoin has a finite supply - with each bitcoin made, the next one becomes more difficult to create and eventually it is impossible to make more.

The cryptouniverse can be a bit confusing but you don't have to be Superman to figure it out! You can find our more about cyber money and Cryptos here!

The Bitcoin treasure chest 💰

As much as we would love to sail the seven seas with captain Jack Sparrow, this is not exactly the kind of treasure we are referring to... After all, the ocean never says anything to pirates - it just waves 🥁. All jokes aside, we are here to explain why bitcoin is valuable.

Bitcoin is not the "next big thing" or a novelty of the future anymore. It has made its grand entrance and it is working.

Since its introduction as a substitute for barter, the concept of money has taken on various forms throughout human history. Over time, humans have progressed from exchanging precious metals for goods and services to digitally transmitting money with a touch of a finger.

But still, what makes bitcoin so valuable? Well, we will let you in on a few secrets:

  • Scarcity and rarity cause the value of currency to sky rocket.
  • Bitcoin performs better than gold and fiat currencies because of its limited supply.
  • Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is portable, durable, secure, divisible, and intelligent.

Bitcoin also has value because people have decided that it's an acceptable form of currency to trade for goods and services. The math is simple really, the more organizations and companies that accept bitcoin as a form of currency, the more valuable it will become. Companies such as Dell, Microsoft, Amazon and even Victoria's Secret have reaped the benefits of accepting Bitcoin as a currency.

So the next time you're looking for treasure... follow the treasure map, ❌ marks the spot where you will find your bitcoin wallet.

Croco with bitcoin treasure chest

Why you should choose bitcoin for withdrawals 🤑

Whether its your first time swimming in online pokies in Australia waters or you've already been triumphant and are ready to withdraw those dollars, it's important to know which withdrawal method is best for you! Here are some of the advantages when you use a bitcoin withdrawal:

Peer to Peer Platform 🔒

When talking about finances, one always want to be assured that your well earned dollars are safe and secure. Well look no further - Bitcoin is an extremely secure wallet. Any bitcoin transaction (whether you want to deposit bitcoin or make bitcoin withdrawals) takes place on a peer to peer platform. This means that there are no third parties involved and transactions occur directly between you and PlayCroco online casino.

Transparent and Anonymous 🤐

The golden question is - how can Bitcoin be completely anonymous and transparent at the same time? All bitcoin transactions are publicly listed, but not to fear there is no personal information or data attached to any Bitcoin transaction! But how do you keep track of your bitcoin withdrawals?

There is a transaction code that is only known by the sender and the receiver of the bitcoin (Gotta say, we love the peer to peer platform). This means there is complete transparency between the sender and the receiver and no one else! No banks, no magical bitcoin middle man. There is no high risk here, it's just you and your winnings.

No Additional Costs 💳

Moving your money around with more traditional methods, can not only be time consuming but costly as well, due to exponential costs and hidden fees. However, thanks to the cyber universe and the digital nature of bitcoin there is absolutely no need for banks. So, transactions either have a negligible fee or are completely free. No more stressing about the cost of keeping your bags of money in a vault - the digital bitcoin vault is a cost saver.

No Withdrawal Fees ✊

You'd think that a withdrawal process would come with some fees attached right? Well, Croco is so confident in Bitcoin that he decided to gift all of our PlayCroco online casino players with NO withdrawal fees when using Bitcoin for withdrawals! Straight from the jackpot into your Bitcoin wallet is our kind of win!

Instant 🚀

Bitcoins intrinsic nature allows withdrawals and deposits to occur much faster than any other more traditional payment method. When using Bitcoin, your funds are instantly available in your account! Imagine hitting the jackpot, seeing those dollar signs and a nice 6 figure number to boot... and knowing that you will have those funds before you can even say the words "I won". That's right, at PlayCroco its all about a bitcoin instant withdrawal!

Make your PlayCroco Bitcoin withdrawal ✔️

Perhaps you stumbled upon a four-leaf clover, had a lucky rabbits foot in your pocket or caught a glimpse of a shooting star... Well whatever your secret to luck is, once your PlayCroco casino account balance sky rockets, it is important to know exactly how to cashout your wins in the most efficient and effective way. So, instead of you having to be an investigator (see what we did there) let us be your navigator (yes we did it again) and show you exactly how to withdraw your funds with bitcoin.

Croco is all about recommendations and whilst there are many different external wallet options out there, he recommends using the most popular Australian Bitcoin wallet CoinJar. Simply sign up and you instantly have an external wallet address to receive your funds or to even make a bitcoin deposit in your PlayCroco online casino account. Remember when you cashout your bitcoin there are NO fees! After the funds are processed then it is instantly available on your bitcoin wallet. Then you can either deposit your funds to your personal bank account or spend it straight from your bitcoin wallet.

Once you have created your bitcoin wallet, it's time to withdraw those winnings:

  1. Access the casino cashier
  2. Review your available withdrawal amount.
  3. Select "Bitcoin" and choose the desired withdrawal amount (min. amount is $100).
  4. In your bitcoin wallet click on "Everyday Bitcoin" and then press "show address". You will be shown a crypto address.
  5. Enter the crypto address (btc address) from your bitcoin wallet into the cashier withdrawal section "bitcoin address".
  6. Once you have entered your bitcoin address, you then need to click on "Request Payout".
  7. You then sit back and relax while watching your payout come your way!

Feel free to check out our banking page for all of our deposit and withdrawal methods . If you have any questions or need any assistance, please contact us via our support page. You can swim on over to the PlayCroco live chat where we can assist you on the spot, pop us an email and we will get back to you in a snap or schedule a call and we will give you a buzz.

We are confident that Croco's expert bitcoin instant withdrawal guide will assist you along your PlayCroco voyage and help you to become the bitcoin master! So go on and withdraw those big wins! See you in a while crocodile.

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