Winning on PlayCroco’s extensive list of online pokies isn’t difficult. All of our members roll the dice so to speak and come up with winning payouts sooner or later.

In this article, we’ve asked Croco to take a break from his usual job and come up with 10 of his best tips for winning on online pokies. Check it out, study the content and pretty soon you’ll be a high-rolling RoyalCroco with cash to burn! At the very least you’ll learn how to swing the odds in your favour and perhaps wind up as one of our inspiring winner’s stories…


Snap up those deposit and no-deposit bonuses 💰

The first and most important tip for winning on online pokies has to be to snap up those deposit and no-deposit bonuses like the hungry, hungry Croco you are. Don’t bother chewing… swallow them hole! They’ll rocket you to PlayCroco stardom faster than you can say “see you later alligator”! Some of our favourite deposit and no-deposit bonuses at PlayCroco include: 

  • Welcome Bonus - 200% up to $5,000 (coupon PLAYCROCO) PLUS a $50 free treat (coupon PLAYCOOL)
  • CrocoReload - get up to 40% cashback on all deposits made without a bonus code
  • CrocoBoost - deposit daily from Monday to Friday and claim an extra $100 to bet with at PlayCroco
  • LocoDraw - deposit a min. of $250 between Tuesday and the following Monday to qualify for free bonus up to $777

More info on our bonuses and promotions can be found over at our promotions section. For details about bonus and promotion terms and conditions, see the Bonus T&C page.


Aim up on progressive jackpot pokies 🎰

Croco always says that while pokies without jackpots can be fun to play, the real moolah is found on jackpot pokies, specifically those with progressive jackpots.

Progressive jackpots for the uninitiated are jackpots that are linked to machines from all over the world. This system allows other players to contribute to the jackpot amount, which continues to increase until it has been won.

The only downside to progressive jackpots is that because they can be won by players from everywhere, you’re competiting against a lot of people for the main prize. Regardless, many of our members have one progressive jackpots before, some of them taking home tens of thousands of dollars.

As the saying goes, you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit, and a progressive jackpot pokie is certainly one biscuit Croco loves sinking his chompers into.

Play for free to get a feel for a game 🆓

Did you know that we offer you the option to play our online pokies for free? Croco believes that this is actually an understated tip for winning on online pokies, since most people jump right into a game that looks appealing before feeling it out.

By playing an online pokie for free before you bet any money on it, you can figure out whether it lives up to your expectations and whether it’s a dud. Simply head on over to the pokies and slots section of our website lobby and search for a pokie that you’re interested in playing.

Once you’ve opened the pokie, you can simply hit the arrow icon and play a few spins for free. This should give you an insight into the overall feel of the game plus its mechanics, special symbols etc. You can then hit ‘Play for real’ in the top lefthand corner of your browser and start betting and winning real cash!

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Switch up low and high volatility online pokies 📲

A low volatility online pokie will award you frequent wins for low to medium-sized wagers, while a slot with high volatility will provide you with larger wins at a more irregular pace.

Sometimes you want to strive for the big wins and that’s ok, but other times you might feel like racking up some smaller payouts. That’s also totally fine. Switching between low and high volatility pokies is natural and Croco likes to dip his claws in both ponds every now and then.

So don’t feel bad for cheating on a high volatility pokie with its low volatility counterpart. After all, they say that a change is as good as a holiday, and couldn’t we all use a vacation right about now?

Be inspired by some of our winner stories 🏆

We’re not like other casinos. For one, we’ve got a crocodile running the show. But the biggest thing that sets us apart is that we’re active when it comes to sharing winner stories. We do this because we’re proud of everyone who wins at our online casino and because we want to spread the love.

Some of our winner stories feature small amounts, while others feature lifechanging wins. To us, it doesn’t really matter too much about the amount. As long as you’re bagging a couple of payouts here and there, well you’re a winner in our books. Oh… and in case you were wondering, yes, most of our BIG winners know a thing or two about how to get the most out of their favourite online pokies.

Take advantage of DOUBLE comp points 💯

If you want to impress Croco with your pokie playing savvy, then you need to take advantage of our double comp points offer. Available to every member, from the tiniest little BabyCroco to the most elite RoyalCroco, collecting double comp points are an excellent tip for winning on online pokies.

All you need to do to grab double the amount of comp points as usual is to play our Pokie of the Month every month. Normally you get 1 comp point for every $10 that you bet. You can then exchange 100 comp points for $1. By taking up our Pokie of the Month title though, you’ll be gifted 2. This allows you to accrue comp points quicker than usual and make bank much faster than if you were playing another pokie game.

Essentially, Croco loves it because you can always earn extra credit. Just play our Pokie of the Month, save up those comp points and cash them in when you’re ready!

Work your way up our loyalty program 👑

Here’s how it works. You become a PlayCroco member, we make you an official BabyCroco. You can then progress up through our loyalty program from here to JuniorCroco and SuperCroco before reaching RoyalCroco status.

As you slide, wriggle and climb your way up the ranks, we’ll reward you with special members-only perks. These perks are our way of repaying your loyalty and despite being a lighthearted online casino, we take them really seriously. Cashback, weekly prizes, exclusive access to a VIP host and other special freebies will be doled out by Croco on the reg, making you smile like a crocodile in the process.

Have a good betting strategy 💡

As a young buck, Croco was a pretty haphazard bettor. Ever since he got his act together and used his coolness for good though, he’s learned to develop a proper betting strategy. According to him, having a betting strategy has not only made him better at winning on online pokies, it’s also allowed him to have more fun.

Some tips for winning on online pokies when it comes to betting strategies include having a limit to how much you will bet, only playing pokies with certain jackpots and making use of the autospin feature.

Of course, the big one here is managing your money correctly so you don’t chase loses. For sure this is something we here at PlayCroco are big supporters of, given that we believe in responsible gambling. Well… as responsible as it can be when you’re playing with a fully-grown crocodile that’s fond of meat.

Top up your PlayCroco wallet 👛

This is a classic rookie mistake and if you must know, yes, Croco is guilty of committing this online pokie faux pas a couple of times in the past. But the good news is you can learn from his mistakes by making sure you’ve always got enough money in your PlayCroco wallet so as to keep that winning momentum rolling on.

Simply head to our lobby and check your balance. Then, based on your betting strategy and your bankroll, you can choose any one of our five possible deposit options to top up your account. This can be done via cryptocurrency, prepaid voucher or credit card – the choice is yours!

Don’t forget to have FUN 🎢

Last but certainly not least, Croco wants you to remember to always have FUN with a capital F! That’s why we got into this game and it’s the main reason why Croco is always in a great mood. He has fun with our online pokies, our members and our regular promotions, and you should to.

So go ahead and start playing with the best online casino in the Land of PlayCroco today. It’s a tail-whipping, teeth-gnashing good time no matter whether you win or lose, although with these tips for scoring on online pokies, you’re guaranteed to come up aces sooner or later!

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