The world of online casinos can be as baffling as a crocodile on roller-skates. Why is he wearing them? Where is he going? And how does he swim with those things on his feet?

Nobody will ever know, but the key to unravelling every mystery is to do some research for yourself. And when it comes to online casinos and online gambling, one of the best places to start is with the terminology.

In this article, we’ll introduce a few online casino terms that you can find in the Land of PlayCroco. Some of them you’ll most likely already be familiar with, but there will for sure be a few that you may have only seen once or twice.

Our aim is to make sure you know the difference between bankroll and banking methods, free spins and deposit bonuses and so forth. So take a deep breath, dive on in and swim around in this crocolicious new article that covers the top 30 gambling terms you need to know.

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Bankroll 💳

The amount of money that you’ve put aside to play with. Croco recommend setting a bankroll limit before you begin a session since it will ensure you don’t chase losses. Not to mention that having somewhat of a pokie playing plan allows you to bet with confidence.


Bonus 💯

Encompasses both no-deposit and deposit bonuses, which are bonuses awarded to players for free and bonuses that require you to make a deposit. Bonuses can be a one-off provision or they can be part of a regular promo. Often there are conditions attached to every bonus that we hand out. Please see ‘Wagering requirements’ in this article for more info.


Cascading reels 🎰

An online pokie feature, this is the name given to any title that replaces winning lines with new symbols on paying spins. Dr. Winmore is one such game on our roster that employs the cascading reels feature.


Cash out 💵

The action of taking your winnings and requesting a withdrawal. Cashing out while you’re ahead is a good strategy.


Comp points 💰

Complementary reward points that you can collect and exchange for cash once you manage to accumulate a certain amount of them. Used in lieu of the fact that online casinos cannot offer perks to loyal players such as free valet services, free accommodation etc. At PlayCroco, you gain 1 comp point for every $10 you bet. You can then exchange 100 comp points for $1. During our Pokie of the Month promo though, you get double the amount of comp points. This means you get 2 for ever $10 wagered.


Coins 👛

Another name for any cash that you may win or are currently betting with on a casino title. Most commonly associated with online pokies and their top award. For example, a 40,000-coin top award on Achilles Deluxe. Your credit.


Croc ‘n’ Roller 🐊

A Croc ‘n’ Roller is pretty much our version of a high roller, which is anyone who bets large amounts at our online casino or has made it to RoyalCroco status in our loyalty program. Also any player that demonstrates his coolness under certain high-pressure plays. Not as cool as Croco, of course, but almost there.


Dealer 👐

The person or figure that deals you your cards in an online casino table game. Can either be computer-generated or live depending on the type of table game that you’re playing.


Deposit method 🏦

This is the type of method that you’re able to use to top up your account. At PlayCroco, we offer five different deposit methods ranging from prepaid voucher to credit card and even cryptocurrency. For more info on deposit methods, please head to the banking section of our casino.


Edge 🎢

The advantage held in either a casino game or an online pokie. Sometimes you have the edge, other times we have it. It all comes down to how skilled you are at playing a particular game. If you want to learn more about getting the edge over a casino, check out the articles in our blog section that offer free pokie playing or casino pokie tips.


Expanding wild 😍

Any online pokie wild symbol that expands to cover additional reels in order to form bigger winning combinations is called an expanding wild.


Face card 🃏

Any card besides the Ace that is not a number e.g. Jack, Queen, King or Joker


Free spin/free game 🆓

This one is pretty self-explanatory. Free spins or free games are awarded to players during bonus rounds or as part of a base game feature. As the name suggest, these spins won’t cost you anything but there will only be a limited amount.


Grid layout 📱

Often mistaken for the reels, the grid layout refers to the gaming table where you place wagers, set the in-game control, bring up the menu etc. To calculate the size of a grid layout, simply multiply the amount of reel columns by the amount of reel rows. A common grid layout is 3x5.


Hand ✋

The cards that are currently in your possession during an online table game.


Line bet 📈

A line bet or bet per line refers to the paylines that are currently in play on a single spin of an online pokie. A max bet activates all paylines while any other bet will only engage a select amount of paylines. Knowing the paytable will help determine what type of wins you can expect on a maximum line bet.

Lobby 🚪

The big house, the main pond, the place where it all happens. The lobby is like a digital casino room where you can find a list of games to play. Our lobby also features our latest winners, top games and a few bonus offers. Make sure to visit here as often as you can.


Loyalty rewards 🏆

Any perks, freebies or bonuses that we provide to members as part of our loyalty program are called loyalty rewards. Depending on what stage of our loyalty program you’re currently at, these rewards will range from simple cashback to generous daily prizes.


Multiplier 🤑

Also known as a prize multiplier, multiplier is the name given to an online pokie feature that allows for your current bet to be multiplied by a certain figure. Multipliers can be as low as x2 your bet per line or as high as x100. It all depends on the game that you’re playing. Generally, a multiplier is added to your win as part of a bonus round.


Payout ♠️

Refers to the amount of money that’s being paid out to you after a win. Payouts always occur at the end of a spin or once a bonus round has concluded. May also be spelled as pay out on other casinos.


Paytable 🍒

A table that outlines the many different winning combinations that can be potentially won while playing an online pokie. Hot tip: Croco recommends studying paytables if you want to have a better understanding as to which symbols pay out big and which ones are just filling the reels.


Progressive jackpot 🍀

Any jackpot on an online pokie that is linked to other machines and will continue to grow until it has been won. Progressive jackpots can absolutely change your life in some instances, however, you must remember that because you’re playing for a jackpot that is linked to other machines you’ll be competing with other players.


Promo 📺

Short for promotions, promo or promos is a term you’ll come across quite frequently at PlayCroco. For more information about our current promotions, visit the ‘Promos’ section of this website. It’s the one with the star icon at the bottom of your screen.


Reels 🎰

The wheels that spin on an online pokie. Also the place where the game’s symbols will appear.


Retrigger 🤩

Some online pokies allow for bonus rounds to be retriggered. The amount of times that they’re able to be retriggered is often three, however, a select few pokies will continue to retrigger the bonus round until you come up snake eyes on a spin.


Scatter 💯

One of two traditionally special online pokie symbols that can appear in a game. Will activate the bonus or feature round when they land on the reels. They may also offer instant payouts or free spins in some cases.


Slots 👯

Another name for pokies. More commonly used in America or in the UK. Can refer to either online slots or slot machines in a land-based casino.


Speciality 🦄

The title given to any online casino game that doesn’t fall under the category of “Pokies and Slots’, ‘Table Games’, ‘Video Poker’, ‘Progressives’. These games are often unique, however, they have been known to exhibit certain elements from these categories. This is the case with Banana Jones, which combines some features of an online pokie with those of a board or adventure game.


Wagering requirements 📝

Referring to the amount of money that you must wager at PlayCroco in order to earn a bonus or withdraw cash. For example, a bonus might come with a x10 wagering requirement, which means you need to bet a minimum of 10 times before you can claim your winnings. Also called playthrough in some cases, wagering requirements for our casino can be found in the Casino T&C's and Bonus T&C's pages on this website.


Wild 🦎

Also known as the substitute symbol. Another special symbol that can appear on reels and substitute for other symbols to create winning combinations.


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