Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that we’re deep into the spooky season.

Instead of taking some time off for this haunting holiday though, Croco has been overseeing a whole host of terrifyingly fun new titles, promotions and special bonuses.

You could probably say that with all the activity going on right now, payouts are flying out of our casino faster than a fluttering bat. And with so many lucky souls benefitting from our latest offers, we thought we’d pick some of our favourites winner stories to share.

Below you’ll discover our weirdest, wildest and most wonderful Halloween winner stories to date. From the punter who receives a voucher in his son’s trick or treat bag to the individual who’s rewarded with a massive jackpot win purely because of the costume they’re wearing.

These tales blend Halloween and hellraising winning amounts, delivering some typical PlayCroco humour in the process. So put in those vampire fangs, switch off the lights and get ready to laugh until your head rolls off. These funny Halloween winner stories are as inspiring as they are hilarious.  

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1. The treat that keeps on giving - $75,000 on Halloween Treasures 🎃

When it comes to trick or treating, many pokie players have certain expectations as to what they should receive. Lollies, choccies and even small toys are all perfectly acceptable. What’s not acceptable though is anything that’s healthy or can’t played with.

With this in mind, you can guess why the child of one of our members, Darren Allgood, was so disappointed when he came home from trick or treating. Only to empty his bag and watch as what the family initially thought was a pointless voucher fell onto the table.

This voucher, which obviously couldn’t be consumed or turned into some type of toy was quickly discarded as being somewhat worthless. That was until Mr Allgood saw that it was in fact a Neosurf prepaid voucher!

Pushing his child out of the way and ignoring the scattered lollies and chocolates, Allgood then proceeded to snatch up the voucher and punch the unique code into the Neosurf section of our banking page.

Low and behold, the voucher showed that it still had $10 remaining, which Allgood quickly redeemed. He then went on to play one of his favourite Halloween-themed pokies, Halloween Treasures, and win $5,000 thanks to the game’s progressive jackpot!

At the point of writing this, PlayCroco cannot confirm or deny whether his son ever got a piece of that hefty jackpot amount. Although with a bag full of frogs and Caramello Koalas to chew through, we’re not sure he even cared!

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2. Profitable Halloween party - $15,000 on Bubble Bubble 2 🔮

While the young yet-to-become-a-member Crocos are going door to door in an attempt to horde as much chocolate as possible, adult PlayCroco members are getting down with the get down at Halloween parties in their respective neighbourhoods.

Now, don’t get us wrong. These soirees are right up our mascot Croco’s alley. He loves going out and getting his boogie on. What’s more, he never even needs to dress up given that he’s already rocking a pretty far out look!

Sometimes though, these parties don’t live up to expectations. Instead of pumping tunes, a hot dancefloor and plenty of ‘adult’ CrocoShakes to go around, there’s dud music, no one dancing and punch that just doesn’t deliver any… well… punch.

When this happens, it’s perfectly acceptable to turn tail and bail, which is exactly what Lisa Stevens did at a recent Halloween party. A decision that led to her heading back home, kicking it on the couch with a scary movie and racking up a few wins on Bubble Bubble 2.

And when we say a few wins, we mean a few wins PLUS one massive win that had her practically falling off the couch with excitement. More specifically, it started with her activating the Wilder Witches Free Spins bonus round. The Win-Win feature was also triggered shortly thereafter, paying out x10 her stake and dishing up a total win amount of a little over $15,000!

Ms Stevens was quick to contact us and praise PlayCroco for being such an awesome online casino. However, we were also just as quick to point out that it was the boring party that really led to her cashing in on this popular Halloween-inspired pokie. So if there’s a lesson to be taken from this jackpot winner’s tale, it’s that sometimes even the lamest party can reward you in mysterious ways…

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3. Witching hour winner - $30,000 on Count Spectacular 🧛

On the other side of the coin we have parties that turn into absolute ragers. Full of good times, good company and presumably good beverages. These types of doos are great… if you’re invited that is.

If you’re not invited though and happen to live next door to the party in question, you’ll probably spend the whole night with earbuds in, windows shut and the blinds pulled down, just like PlayCroco member Tom Abukar did the other night.

With his neighbours well into what sounded like the bash to end all bashes, Tom was awoken at 3:00 AM and couldn’t get back to sleep. Try as he might, the noise from next door just couldn’t be stopped, which is why he turned to PlayCroco for some form of soothing.

But being woken up at this time of the morning isn’t as bad as it sounds. Especially when you consider that the hour between 3:00 AM and 4:00 AM is known in more supernaturally educated circles as “the witching hour”.

When the witching hour rolls around, it’s said that evil spirits are at the most powerful. Apparently though, this time of the day is also when super keen pokie players can pick up some fantastic winnings, as evidenced by Mr Abukar’s $30,000 jackpot win on Count Spectacular!

Maybe there’s something to the fact that this win was achieved on a Halloween-themed pokie during the hour when paranormal events are said to peak. We guess that the only way to find out is to set your alarm for 3:00 AM and see how you fair. Just don’t hold us responsible if you sleep in and miss work!

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3. Howling with delight – $12,500 on Panda Magic ✨

Dressing up in a scary costume and heading out on the town is fun for all ages. But what movie monster, pop culture reference or inanimate object strikes you as making an awesome Halloween garb?

To us, it’s hard to go past costumes that feature Halloween-inspired movie monsters. We’re talking Dracula, the Abominable Snowman and our personal favourite, the crocodile from Lake Placid. 

But some PlayCroco gamers have told us they have other favourite costumes. For example, a loyal member by the name Katie Drew is a big fan of wearing her werewolf costume during Halloween. When we asked why this was, she said she actually found about PlayCroco purely because she was wearing a werewolf getup while trick or treating with her kids!

Upon ringing the doorbell of a neighbour, she was surprised to see he had exactly the same werewolf costume on. They were both just as shocked as each other, but soon hit it off over their shared tastes.

After talking for a while, he told her that he was a big fan of online casinos, at which point he sent her a link to PlayCroco. Ms Drew has been one of our most devoted members ever since that fateful day.

Not only that though, she also credits her werewolf costume to netting her one of the biggest wins of her life - $12,500 on Panda Magic! Funnily enough, she’s never considered switching out her hairy werewolf look for that of a cuddly panda whenever Halloween arrives.

Just goes to show that old habits die hard (and that Panda Magic really does know how to conjure up some payouts). Although to be honest, if we were Mrs Drew, we’d probably stick to wearing the costume that she won her cash in too.

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