The Land of PlayCroco is a place of raw beauty, impressive payouts and unbelievably cool mascots, but during the month of October… it transforms into something far spookier.

The reason being that October is the one time of year when we can indulge our love for all things that give us a the heebie jeebies and enjoy trick or treating via during Halloween.

But we don’t just dress up in scary costumes and frighten our friends in October. We also have some fun by introducing some of our favourite Halloween-themed pokies and running especially paranormal (but also profitable) promotions for mobile users. Which brings us to the article that you’re reading right now.

This post will test your courage, put your bravery on display and determine once and for all whether you really are the fearless Croco we think you are, or if you’re just another cowardly alligator. Of course, we reckon you don’t scare easily. You’re a member of an online casino with a crocodile for a mascot after all!

But just in case you forget about that, here are some pokies to prove you’re one brave mutha Croco. Turn off the lights, close the curtains and get yourself acquainted with these SUPERnatural slots. It’s time to scare up some free spins and go digital door knocking for some delicious wins. Our top 10 payout Halloween pokies for mobile users are listed below!

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Bubble Bubble 🕯️

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You can’t talk about Halloween without also bringing up witches. Spellcasters, sorceresses, evil temptresses. Call them what you want, we love them over here at PlayCroco. That’s mainly because all of the witches we hang out with are super awesome, such as Winnie the Witch from the 50-payline pokie Bubble Bubble.

In Bubble Bubble, you’ll try your best to conjure up 20 free spins, win a top award worth 3,000-coins and even score a prize that’s x100 your current bet. Better yet, Winnie the Witch isn’t one of those old, warty and bony witches from fairytales. She’s drop dead gorgeous and incredibly generous. Don’t just take our word for it though. Discover just how rewarding a real witch can really be in Bubble Bubble today.

Count Spectacular 🧛

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Of course, if we’re going to discuss witches then we’ve also got to talk about vampires. But if you think the most famous vampire is Dracula, then we’ve got news for you. Get ready to meet the one, the only, Count Spectacular - the 25-variable payline host with the most (fangs) who loves spookily good times and even spookier payouts.

Available to meet right now over at his namesake pokie, Count Spectacular has been serving parched players jackpots, 50,000-coin top awards and free games in a comical fashion for as long as we can remember. So if you don’t faint at the sight of blood and the sound of triple prizes gets your heart pumping, Count Spectacular may just be the pokie for you. At the very least you’re guaranteed to go batty over the minor and major jackpot!

Eternal Love 🖤

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When you say that you’ll love somebody “for eternity”, it’s easy to forget that you’re not going to be around forever. For vampires though, getting together really is a big commitment considering you’re married till the end of time! That hasn’t stopped the vampires in Eternal Love from forming some kind of undead love triangle though. The real question is… will you turn this triangular title into a 243-payline love square?

For those who take the plunge, you’ll be handsomely rewarded. With free spins plus an interesting feature called a Life Force Metre, this gothic-style pokie can deliver wins between x3 and x100 your bet. There’s even a chance you’ll unlock a prize multiplier that can go as high as x1,000! Don’t be a bloodsucker. Become a heartthrob in Eternal Love and try this dark yet downright delightful game now.

Ghost Ship 👻

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Yarrr… Halloween isn’t just about vampires and witches. Have you forgotten that ghostly pirates are just as freaky? If you have, then you’re about to be rudely reminded. Ghost Ship is a hauntingly hectic online pokie on 25-variable paylines that’s perfect for mobile gamers. Set sail on murky waters and discover what lies in Davey Jones Locker, because we guarantee there’s more than just fish under the sea.

For example: we’ve already found a major and minor jackpot plus a top award 25,000-times the bet per line. If that doesn’t shiver your timbers though there’s also a feature round that offers free spins PLUS x10 prize multipliers. Plunder, steal and pirate the high seas till you’ve turned a profit. Ghost Ship is waiting for you to board!

Bubble Bubble 2 🕷️

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Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Nope! It’s Winne the Witch and she’s back in Bubble Bubble 2, except this time she’s joined by her equally as seductive sister Wanda. Together they form a pretty devilish duo, but to tell you the truth… Croco isn’t complaining. He’s stoked that members such as yourself can now get two wonderful witches for the price of one on 50-paylines!

Join him in worshipping these wiccans and help brew up some unbelievable wins. There’s a top award of 50,000-coins plus three different feature rounds on offer. These rounds can offer up to 33 free spins, expanding wilds or prize multipliers worth x100 your bet. This makes Bubble Bubble 2 double the fun (but not double the trouble). Hop on your broom and sweep up some payouts before it’s too late.

Halloween Treasure 🎃

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What do you think about when you hear the word “Halloween”? Ghouls? Goblins? Things that go bump in the night? Well, when we hear someone mention that wicked word, we instantly think of treasure. And it’s all because of the 243-AWP pokie that goes by the name of Halloween Treasures.

Now, we know what you’re thinking. Halloween Treasures must be about candy, right? In many ways that’s true, but only if we’re talking about cash candy. Not only is there are mini, minor and major jackpot, there’s also a ginormous grand jackpot as well. This is of course in addition to the x5 multipliers that can be won and the retriggerable free game feature round. With bright colours, bold characters and some seriously spooky action, Halloween Treasures is a treat for the eyes and for the wallet. Available to try right now at PlayCroco.

Panda Magic ✨

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We don’t discriminate here at PlayCroco. Like we said earlier, our mascot is a sunnies-wearing, shake-sipping, pokie-playing crocodile. But one of our other favourite animals is the humble panda. More specifically, the mad, marvellous and mystical panda from the 1,024-payline pokie Panda Magic.

Not only can he conjure up payouts out of thin air, this bewitching black and white bear can pull a top award of 2,000-coins out of his hat. Of course there are also free games to be won and double wins to trigger. The real fun, however, is in the fact that you get to hang with another awesome animal. And while he may not be as cool as Croco, he certainly has our beloved mascot beat when it comes to magic making skills.

Voodoo Magic 💀

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An aching back, a stubbed toe or a cough that just won’t go away could be signs that you need to slow down. However, if you believe in voodoo, they could be signs that someone is out to get you! The only way to find out whether that’s the case or not is to play Voodoo Magic. A 13-variable payline pokie that’ll ensure you never step foot in a gloomy swamp ever again!

Check it out today and see for yourself the sorceress who calls this mysterious marshland her home. There’s a top award of 50,000-coins to uncover plus a bonus round that awards up to 25 free spins. If you manage to make it far enough, you’ll also encounter a magic multiplier that will increase from x1 to x2 and more with each spin. Feel the effects of Voodoo Magic and brave the darkness of this bloodcurdling bayou. Just don’t expect us to wade in to find you if you go missing.

I, Zombie 🧟

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We’ve already got iPhones and iPods, so it’s not such as stretch to imagine a world with I, Zombie. Although this isn’t another Apple product. It’s actually a pokie that’s great for mobile with 25-variable paylines plus a highly original undead ninja theme.

But beyond just having a mega cool premise, I, Zombie has some epic features. The karate chopping characters give life to the reels, as does the 7,500-coin top award. Prizes can also be doubled or tripled depending on how many scatters drop onto the grid. Even free games and expanding wilds make can make an appearance. We love this game and we’re sure you will too, but we have one question for the developers: who wins in a ninja battle between two zombies that are already dead?

Witch’s Brew 🧹

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Ever wondered what actually goes in a witch’s cauldron? Well, in Witch’s Brew you needn’t wonder anymore. Your mission is to help the crafty witch in this 25-payline pokie stir up some payouts and concoct a winning formula. Simply step down into her dungeon to play this pokie on your mobile now.

In it you’ll discover a whole host of utterly fascinating features with the potential to double payouts, add x10 multipliers to your bet and award up to 125 free games. We’re not asking you to take a sip of this lethal looking mixture. All we want to do is see you emerge from her cellar with a stellar reward. But at the end of the day we can’t promise you’ll make it out. What we can promise though is that Witch’s Brew is the title for you!


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