Many online casinos won’t tell you how to win real money online instantly. We've put together the best tips that will give you an inside scoop.

PlayCroco isn’t like other online casinos. Not only do we teach you how to win real money online instantly, we also give you the tools to become a better overall gambler! Of course you probably already know a lot about the online casino world. But trust us… there’s always something to learn when it comes to online gaming. 

With that in mind, here’s our breakdown on how to win real money online instantly at PlayCroco! In it you’ll find a number of incredibly helpful tips on achieving peak awesomeness and claiming maximum payouts. First, we start with the importance of a pre-PlayCroco checklist, before moving onto the difference between playing for free vs playing for real money!

After that, we’ll take a dive into the biggest myth about winning real money instantly. What could it be? You’ll have to read on to find out. Finally, we deliver the pièce de resistance - 7 pro tips on how to win real money online instantly! Discover what it takes to become a fully loaded PlayCroco member by checking out this article today!

The importance of a PlayCroco checklist ✍️

Ok… listen up young pupils! Have you ever heard of a pre-playing checklist? If not… we recommend asking yourself these questions before beginning any serious playing session! 

The reason for this is that we genuinely believe that having a checklist is ideal if you’re not sure how to win real money online instantly. So give it a gander if you’re keen to score. After all, it’s helped plenty of other jackpot winners kick some goals! 

  1. Do I have enough money in my account? Make sure you top up your wallet in the Cashier.
  2. Did I pick my favourite banking method? Check the banking section.
  3. Have I selected the right pokie? Choose the best pokies and slots.
  4. Is my immediate area free from distractions?
  5. Have I allocated a certain amount of time to play?
  6. Do I know all the casino promotions running right now?
  7. Am I ready to win real money online instantly?
  8. Do I know how to contact the online casino support team?

The difference between playing for free vs playing for real money 

As you probably already know, you can choose to play for free or play for real money at online casinos. The biggest difference between these two options is of course the fact that when you play for free you don’t need to exchange cash, whereas if you play with real cash you can actually win money!

In this regard, playing for free is kinda like practice. It’ll help you hone your skills and get a feel for the pokie or slot in question, but it’s not the main event! Playing for real cash, on the other hand, is where it’s at.

Not only can you win smaller amounts or trigger bonus rounds on every spin, but playing for real cash gives you a crack at those progressive and non-progressive jackpots! And as we all know, nothing comes close to the thrill of a jackpot win. It’s like Christmas, Easter and your birthday all rolled into one!


The biggest myth about winning real money online instantly

Now if we’re going to discuss how to win real money online instantly, we need to get something straight.

Some online casinos will say that you’re guaranteed to win on your first spin, others will be vague and say that it could be many months before you fatten your bank balance. Here at PlayCroco though, we sit somewhere in the middle!

We prefer to leave it to the online casino gods to decide your fate. And if the stories of past winners are anything to go by, well it looks like the casino gods are always smiling at PlayCroco!


 7 pro tips on how to win real money online instantly 💰

If you want to know how to win real money online instantly, this is where you need to be! Below you’ll find top-rated tips on how to win real cash online instantly at PlayCroco.

Sourced from the winning-est members and double checked by none other than the king of crocodiles, Croco, himself. These 7 hacks are your key to unlocking wins beyond your wildest dreams…


1. Remember your pre-PlayCroco checklist ✔️

Before you do anything, go over your PlayCroco checklist. By doing so you’ll put yourself in a position to win big without interruption!

After all, earning real cash on the best online casino pokies requires some concentration. Given that the Land of Croco can get super-hot sometimes, it’s also important to stay hydrated. Our advice? Read our checklist, answer honestly and then sit down for your session!


2. Decide which platform to play on 📱

Do you prefer gaming on the go with your iPhone or Android? Or are your more inclined to sit at a desktop computer? Because you need to decide which platform to play on if you want to learn how to win real money online instantly.

The main benefit of using our mobile casino pokies app is that you can play anywhere, whereas the primary advantage to using the browser version of PlayCroco is that there are more games available! It really comes down to personal preference…


3. Have a plan 🗺️

If we’ve said it once we’ve said it a thousand times: having a bankroll plan when betting will make your online gambling experience infinitely more enjoyable!

No longer will you bet haphazard amounts and gamble more than you should. By setting a limit on your losses and having a ‘stop betting’ amount, you’ll have more control over your betting! In the end, this will make playing at PlayCroco more fun!


4. Top up your account 💳

When it comes to giving advice on how to win real money online instantly, there are no magic answers. But one thing you should take note of is the amount of money in your account!

You also need to make sure you have enough cash in your account! There’s nothing worse than hitting a heater on your favourite online pokies, only to get it warmed up and ready to go then suddenly find you’re out of funds.

This makes Croco #frown, but we imagine it’s also ruined a number of winning streaks amongst our members. So don’t forget to deposit some cash before you play! It may just be the difference between a few small payouts and a lifechanging amount! 

deposit now

5. Claim all available bonuses

Free spins, no-deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses abound at PlayCroco! That’s because our legendary team work hard to give you every opportunity to win.

See for yourself on our promotions page, which is chock full of special promotions and bonus offers! You may need to deposit using a certain deposit method, top up your account on a specific day or simply contact our customer support to claim your prize. Either way, it’s super easy to claim any and all available bonuses. You just need to pick the ones that are valid for you and follow the steps to redeem them!

view all promotions


6. Collect comp points

Speaking of collecting, when was the last time you took advantage of our comp point offers? Our double comp points on the Pokie of the Month, for example, is a way to earn money simply by playing an awesome game!

All you have to do is wager and play our Pokie of the Month! We’ll then reward you (win or lose) by giving you 2 comp points for every $10 you bet. This could see you accumulate enough comp points to exchange for real cash, which you can use on other pokies or casino games! Seriously… if you want to know how to win real money online instantly, there’s no better way to do it than with our Pokie of the Month promo! Take a look at our article how to earn more comp points!


7. Get in touch with our customer support team

If you want to know how to win real money online instantly at PlayCroco, you only need to ask. Our customer support crew are total lords and ladies when it comes to helping you achieve big payouts!

They’ll answer your questions, point you towards new games and even reward you with cashback offers and bonuses if you reach out. So with that in mind, don’t be afraid to approach them. Just because they’re Crocos, doesn’t mean that they bite!

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