Here’s a riddle for you. What do you get when you cross a cool reptilian mascot with a massive range of Aussie pokies and jaw-dropping bonus offers?

...You get some seriously insane winner stories, that’s what! And in this article, we’re going to talk about some of our more inspiring tales about lucky members who struck it rich.

From the jackpot winner who kept his good fortune a secret to the couple that were able to finish their home thanks to a PlayCroco stimulus package. These inspiring PlayCroco winner stories will prove that anybody can win, no matter who you are or where you come from. Heck, we’ll even hand out payouts to alligators! Although as you probably already know… we’d much prefer to give them to crocodiles.

So if you’ve had a couple of average online casino sessions or you just need a pick me up, check out this article today. It’ll put a smile on your dial and get you motivated to play our awesome selection of table games, new pokies and speciality titles.

Oh, and we were just joking about not liking to reward alligators. PlayCroco is an inclusive online casino, which means all animals (and humans) are welcome to try our online pokies.

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1. The unassuming jackpot winner 💲

What’s the first thing you would do upon triggering a Major jackpot or scoring a top award win? Announce it to everyone on Facebook? Tell your closest friends and family? Accept interviews with various news outlets to show of your new cash?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Almost all of our jackpot winners are pretty excited to spend their new cash on luxuries. But notice that we said “almost”, because not everyone is the same. Jason Stuart, for instance, is one such PlayCroco member that stands out from the crowd for the sole reason that he spent only a small amount of his considerable $30K Vegas Lux payout and then put the rest of his winnings in the bank.

Nope, we’re not kidding around here. Mr. Stuart is a bachelor from Sydney who works as a chippy, but he’s not into spending his money on things he doesn’t need. He bought new windows for his house, paid for the rego on his mum and dad’s car and renewed his annual Parramatta Eels membership card. There was no big new truck and no deposit on a new home. Just a few small expenses and the rest stashed away for a rainy day.

We’re told by Mr. Stuart that his brother didn’t even know he had won until 6 months after the fact, which is kind of crazy. But hey. You’re the PlayCroco member and you can spend your money on whatever and whenever you’d like. No judgement. The first time Croco became a jackpot winner he purchased some $1K sunglasses… so there’s that.

The moral of this story is that your winnings are your business. There’s no one who can tell you how to spend them. If you want to buy a gold-plated toilet seat, that’s cool. But if you want to help out your mama and papa Croco that’s also ok. We just want you to win and have fun, because that’s PlayCroco is all about!

2. The luckiest DIY couple ever 👫

Everyone knows that home renovations are a nightmare, with builders constantly tramping in and out of your home and the noise… oh dear… the NOISE! Relentless drilling, jackhammering and banging away can drive anyone mad. But when it comes to DIY renovations, well, the stress levels are rocketed into the stratosphere.

This was certainly the case with Tilly and Isaac Little, who only 6 months ago started tearing down parts of their two-story rural home on the outskirts of Perth after being struck down by the do it yourself reno bug. A few months into the project though, things went south. They encountered a few issues that they didn’t plan for and the budget blew out. About a month ago it looked like they were going to be living in a tent for the remainder of 2020. That is, until Lady Luck blessed them with a generous $60K win on Asgard.

Now instead of unfinished bathrooms, leaky roofs and tarpaulins that acted as bedroom walls, they’ve been able to finish their place in rapid time (with the help of a few licensed tradesman of course). The Littles admitted that they bit off more than they could chew, and if it wasn’t for Isaac’s late night pokie playing session, they’d still be living pretty rough.

What’s more, Tilly recently reached out to PlayCroco and let us know they couldn’t be happier with the result, given that there will be a little… ahhh…. Little in the home in about 7 months. Obviously, we’re stoked about them triggering the jackpot, but we’re also stoked to know that our Croco family is growing. Who knows? We might even have a second-generation PlayCroco member on our hands in a couple of decades. That’s not just a win-win… that’s a win-win-win!

3. The sisters that split it down the middle 👯‍♀️

If you have siblings, then you know that it can either be a downright joy or absolute torture. Regardless, blood really is thicker than water and no matter what you can depend on them to have your back. Plus, having a partner in crime is always fun. In the case of Kaja and Elle, who joined PlayCroco a month ago, being sisters is especially awesome, but it’s also highly profitable.

You see, they only became PlayCroco members not too long ago. Upon signing up, they redeemed our welcome bonus and used it to play some of our more popular online pokies, such as Gemtopia, Naughty or Nice II and Cash Bandits 2. They also made a pact that they would split any of their bigger winning straight down the middle, which essentially doubled their odds of securing a jackpot or claiming a top award.

They were super active upon joining our online casino, taking part in our LuckyLoco Draw, our CrocoSpins and Weekly CrocoBoost promotions within the first week. We don’t have to tell you that by doing so they further increased their edge over the house and started making bank.

Before long they had a accrued a pretty tidy little sum of winnings, but they weren’t done yet. Diamond Fiesta was one title that they were yet to try, so they decided to have a few spins on it one Sunday afternoon. You can guess where this is going…

Elle was playing on her account with Kaja cheering her on. After two spins they’d made it to the Jackpot Diamond Feature, which then had them winning a handsome payout of $10K! Needless to say they were doing the Cha-Cha in their living room after scoring a win on this Mexican-themed pokie. And with $5K each, all earned on a Sunday afternoon, who can blame them?


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