Get inspired by these unbelievable tales of total pokie domination and let your imagination run wild with thoughts of your very own jumpin’ jackpot!

We’re in December and Croco is feeling good about our recent winners. There’s been so many lucky PlayCroco members, where do we begin?

What about the lady who just scored on Epic Holiday Party? Croco is no owl, but even his head his spinning. The only way to sort through our latest winner stories is by choosing 3 of the luckiest!

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1. The fortune cookie - $16,500 on Bubble Bubble 🥠

We love a good Chinese restaurant feed every once in a while. Croco is partial to a bit of Mongolian lamb, but that snappy crocodile will eat a gumboot if its dipped in sauce! In any case, it seems one of our most loyal members is also a fan of Chinese food… but perhaps they love the fortune cookies more than the actual meal.

Johnno Scott from Albury was recently out at his local Chinese restaurant and as you all know, fortunes cookies come standard with just about every entrée that you order. So after receiving his dim sims and spring rolls from the waitress, Johnno was given a single fortune cookie. Upon opening the cookie, he tells us that the inscription read “A large sum of money will come into your life soon”.

Now, Johnno isn’t a man who believes in superstitions. But given that it was Christmas and he really enjoyed his tom yum soup, he was in the mood to try a PlayCroco pokie. Bubble Bubble is one of his favourites (probably due to the lovely-looking witch characters featured in the game), so he fired it up and started betting.

A couple of spins in and the Great Ghosts feature was activated. Johnno then played his 20 free games, only to land the Win-Win bonus round almost immediately! With this bonus feature he was able to win an award worth 100 times his line bet, which took his total winnings to over $16,500!

If there’s a lesson in this story it’s that fortune cookies are to be trusted. Also, Bubble Bubble really is one of the easiest games to win mega amounts of cash on. All we can say is that we hope he tipped the restaurant staff on his next visit. If it wasn’t for them, he may never have become richer!

2. The Xmas treat Advent Calendar – $32,500 on IC Wins 🎅

You know Croco loves his promos. In fact, he loves them more than he loves his coooool shades. Want to know who else won during this jolly season? Patricia Fitsimmons from Perth, that’s who!

The reason being that Patricia scooped up a ginormous win on IC Wins - that 4096 playlint pokie that recently hopped onto our online slot roster – using one of the Christmas in Croco Land Advent Calendar bonus offers.

With this bonus offer she was able to jump start her IC Wins winnings. She then combined the Christmas in Croco Land bonus with a new game bonus...

After getting a feel for this terrific title, Patricia felt comfortable upping her wager. There were exploding symbols, fireworks and booming animations going off everywhere. Rather than be startled though, Patricia kept on keeping on…

This persistence and bravery to explore the Alaska in IC Wins really paid off. Finally, after a few sessions she managed to get her winning amount up to nearly $9,000! Never one to croak under pressure, Patricia then upped her wager once again, only to finish her first IC Wins experience with $32,500 in total payouts!

The moral of the story here is that taking advantage of all bonus offers can sometime pay out handsomely. So don’t be afraid to double dip into your Advent Calerndar bag for some tasty free spins or deposit bonuses come Xmas. It really is a special time of year when anything can happen!

3. The terrific tip - $5,604 on Epic Holiday Party

Getting a leg up on your pokie success isn’t difficult. You need to redeem as many bonuses as possible, keep your eyes peeled for seasonal promotions and always claim double comp points on our Pokie of the Month promotion. But another thing that sometimes helps members such as yourself win is a hot tip from a close mate…

Adeline Foxon was one lucky winner or received a helpful PlayCroco tip from one of her friends. The tip was that you can actually pick up some croc-tastic extra cash, simply by topping up using bitcoin! When Adeline found this out, she was literally gobsmacked. Who would’ve though you could be rewarded just by using a particular deposit option!

Well, turns out most people knew this. It was only Adeline that wasn’t aware! Needless to say she quickly downloaded a cryptocurrency wallet on her laptop. Once she was all bitcoined up and raring to go, she deposited using our bitcoin promo and cashed in on a 250% match bonus!

The first game she flexed her new bonus on was Epic Holiday Party – a brand spankin’ new 243-AWP game that comes with x5 multipliers, a 50,000-coin top award AND four very merry jackpots… not to mention that Santa and his helpers are bloody easy on the eye (if you know what we’re saying). It’s certainly a highly original title, what with the Las Vegas cross Christmas vibe that it puts out. But hey… we’re not complaining. What could be better than spending your X-mas in the gambling capital of the world, right?

But back to Adeline’s winner story, where thanks to the bitcoin deposit bonus and no small amount of luck, she was able to win over $5,000 on Epic Holiday Party in just one sitting. Surely this is one of the best gifts you can receive so close to Christmas… after a hug from Croco of course.

So now that you’ve heard some of the more colourful winner stories we have to share, are you ready to join the VIP loyalty programand become a RoyalCroco? If your answer is a big “Hell Yeah”, we’re happy to have you on board for the holiday season!

Take it from us, this is the prime time of year to win big on pokies. Just ask Adeline, Patricia and our man with a plan, Johnno! All of whom have turned 2020 around and made it into one of the most profitable years yet. Good on you guys!

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