Designed to boost your chances of swimming away with oodles of dollars in your gob, the following tips will help you win jackpots next year.

There’s nothing more important than triggering a jackpot win when it comes to playing online pokies. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside when members such as yourself score big, but more importantly… you get to sink your teeth into some crazy cash!

So we’re going to let you in on a little secret. Come closer, closer, closer… Here are 21 tips to trigger a jackpot win in 2021! Designed to boost your chances of swimming away with oodles of dollars in your gob, the following tips will help you win jackpots next year. So don’t just play using pure brute force. Use that cunning, well-developed reptilian brain as well!

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1. Login daily 📱

The more you play, the higher your odds are of winning a jackpot. It’s as simple as that. Of course in order to play, you need to be logged in to PlayCroco. We suggest visiting the Land of PlayCroco at least once daily. Don't forget that we were selected the best online casino in Australia, so there is no reason not to. It doesn’t matter for how long or when. But one visit and a few spins on your favourite game every day will yield serious results sooner rather than later.


2. Claim all new game bonuses 🎲

Here at PlayCroco, we love new things. New watering holes, new cool sunglasses and new games are just a few new things we like. But did you know we also love new games? Sure you did! As a member, you’ll see us release no less than one new game a month. That’s all well and good, but we hope you haven’t forgotten that all new games come with a bonus!


3. Deposit with Bitcoin 💰

Some of you may be familiar with bitcoin, while others may have no idea what it is. For those of you in the latter category, here’s some interesting goss straight from the crocodile’s mouth – you get an awesome 250% match bonus on your first deposit of $25 or more with bitcoin! Now if that doesn’t make you want to swap the credit cards for cryptocurrency, we don’t know what will!


4. Tell your friends about Croco 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦

At PlayCroco we believe sharing is caring, which is why we like it when you tell your friends all about us. Better yet, tell them about your most beloved progressive title. The more people who bet on these, the higher the jackpot amount climbs! And while this may not increase your odds of triggering a jackpot win, it will make it all worth when your death rolling around in pools of cash! Also, check our casino reviews page and make sure you leave your thoughts there. Thousands of other players will read your review!


5. Check your message centre 💌

Our message centre is where we go to communicate with you at PlayCroco. Here you’ll find bonus, special promotions and plenty of one-off offers. This means that by checking your message centre regularly you’ll never miss out on a delicious treat. You can then redeem said treat and use it on a jackpot pokie!  


6. Stick to your strengths 💪

Every single one of our online pokies is of the highest quality. That being said, you’re not going to love all of them. For sure there’ll be some titles you play more than others, which is totally fine. In fact, you’re better off sticking to those pokies since you’ll be more inclined to play them and therefore your chances of triggering a jackpot win will be higher! It ain’t rocket science!


7. Follow us on Twitter 🐦

Croco isn’t a big social media reptile, but even he likes Twitter. Something about only having to use a limited amount of characters gets his tail wagging! That’s because he’s not a great writer. What he is though is a super generous bloke, which is why you’ll find him sharing special promotions and bonuses via twitter. Follow us on Twitter and never miss another offer!


8. Read our latest blog articles 📚

Guess what? The page you clicked on to read this article is another great source of juicy jackpot information! Called our blog page, this is the place to visit if you want to discover how best to bag a jackpot winner. Also, keep an eye on our Press Release section where we share all the latest updates from PlayCroco online casino. So don’t neglect it. Reading is fun! Especially when it has the potential to make you wealthy…


9. Take advantage of special promotions 🎁

This nearly goes without saying, but the coolest Croco comrades know that taking advantage of each and every offer on our site is the ultimate secret weapon to winning a jackpot! View them on our promotions page and redeem them today.


10. Play progressive titles 🎰

Now we don’t want to force you into playing a particular type of pokie. Croco is all about freedom – freedom of choice, of expression and of faaarshun! But even he knows that triggering a jackpot win in 2021 is best achieved by playing progressive titles! That’s where the money (and glory) is at after all!


11. Know the game mechanics ⚙️

You don’t have to be an online pokie wizard or study titles until your reptilian eyes bleed, but knowing which pokies offer the best jackpot rewards AND how to get them is pretty important. Take Epic Holiday Party for example. Did you know that you need to be a game level 4 before you can reap some massive payouts? Well… now you know. Go out there and get after it! Take a look at our guide on how to play pokies - might be handy!


12. Redeem your TWO welcome bonus 🗝️

Hold up, wait a minute, have you claimed your Welcome Bonus? If not, then you’ve still got time. Head to the promotions page and redeem that massive 200% up to $5,000 offer right now. Then grab your $50 FREE BONUS! Just remember in order to get the full return, you need to deposit the max amount! Extra cash courtesy of deposit bonuses is a sure-fire way to enhance your jackpot payout odds. Trust us… we’re experts!

Welcome Bonus pack

Welcome bonus #1: 200% bonus up to $5000 - Coupon PLAYCROCO

Welcome bonus #2: $50 FREE BONUS once you redeemed Welcome bonus #1 - Coupon PLAYCOOL


13. Collect comp points 💯

At PlayCroco, we love collectors. Croco himself actually collects cool sunnies. But that’s not all he likes to horde. He’s also a big believer in gathering comp points whenever possible! That means betting often and collecting points, after which he redeems them for cold hard Croco cash. You can do the same thing – it’s really easy. Just remember that you get double comp points on our Pokie of the Month. Make you sure you check our guide on how to earn more comps like a real pro!


14. Play on the go 🏃

Gone are the days of bulky computers and laptops so heavy they change the orbit of the earth. Now we’ve got teeny weeny mobile phones that allows us to carry an online casino in our pocket with our mobile pokies app! Take advantage of technology by playing on the go. By doing so you’ll greatly increase your odds of winning a jackpot. Because playing only while you’re at home is totally fine but playing while you’re in transit or waiting in line is key to becoming part of the ‘jackpot winner’ club.


15. Subscribe to our YouTube channel 📺

Want to get a feel for how a game works before you play it? Sure you do! Then check out our YouTube channel now. It’s where we post new game videos for you to suss out. Give them a watch and learn how they work! It’s one of our most underrated methods for getting the upper hand on a particular pokie and discovering how to better trigger in-game jackpots…


16. Keep an eye on your email inbox 📧

Emails, are we right? Always be on the lookout for a PlayCroco email, because there’s bound to be something awesome inside! Maybe it’s a one of deposit bonus, maybe it’s free spins on a new game. Either way… our emails will get you one scaly step closer to triggering a jackpot win.


17. Climb the Croco loyalty ladder 👑

PlayCroco rewards loyalty with special perks and exclusive members-only offers. Called our Loyalty Program, it ensures you get a return on your investment and are treated like an absolute VIC (very important Croco) at every turn! Cashback, deposit bonuses and one-off offers will be gifted to you regularly. You can then use them on progressive titles for a shot at snapping up a jackpot win…


18. Grab a $100 FREE BONUS every Friday 😜

Hmmm hmmm… we love nothing more than sipping on an ice-cold CrocoBoost shakes every Friday. Why’s that you ask? Well it’s because these particular shakes come with a $100 free bonus! This makes them extra delicious (and extra profitable). Slurp one up this Friday and enjoy that sweet and tasty treat.

deposit to qualify


19. Don’t chase your losses 🐬

Jackpot wins come to those who play well, not members stuck in a hole. That’s because players who fall behind rarely think clearly, and to win a jackpot in 2021 you need to be focused. Remember to set a betting backstop and always quit when you hit it. This way you can continue enjoying PlayCroco without any stress, exactly the way it’s meant to be played.


20. Make a betting plan 🗺️

You can’t really plan to win a jackpot, but you can play to increase your odds of winning one. That means scheduling some playing time at least once daily, redeem the bonuses that are available to you and only playing titles with jackpots! Manage to do all three and you’ll set yourself up for success! Also, take a look at our list of no deposit bonuses you should try in 2021.


21. Have FUN - the most important one! 💃

Last but not least, have fun! Jackpot winners are winners in everyday life, not just online. They seize opportunities, smile at small victories and persist even when things look grim. Most of all though, they have fun… especially when those coins really start to popcorn on their screen!

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