At PlayCroco, we deal with online pokies of many different varieties. Some are 3-reel pokies while others offer variable paylines.

The answer to the question who makes pokies or who invented pokies really depends on what type of pokies you are talking about…

At PlayCroco, we deal with online pokies of many different varieties. Some are 3-reel pokies while others offer variable paylines. We even have speciality titles that forgo the tradition “slot and pokie” layout in favour of a design that’s video game-like!

On a whole though, all of our pokies are 100% online. That means they can only be accessed via your desktop browser or mobile phone. This means that all of our pokies are developed online, but there’s much more to the story than that.

Land-based pokies obviously have different developers. There are also more components involved in a land-based machine, given that you’re dealing with a physical device.

Of course, our mascot Croco prefers the online variety, but in this article titled “Who makes Pokies?”, we’ll discuss both online and land-based slots. Discover once and for all the interesting backstory behind the pokies that you love and get ready to gobble down some seriously cool info. This is where you learn all about who makes pokies! Also, if you're curious enough... don't forget to read our article about how do pokies work!

Land-based versus online 

Before we submerge ourselves in the story of who makes pokies, we’ll first talk about the difference between online slots and their land-based counterparts.

Land-based slots 🎰

Our response to the question “who makes pokies?” is based on whether or not the pokie in question is land-based or online. Land-based slots, also known as one-armed bandits, are built by a number of international gaming companies.

Aristocrat gambling is the biggest one in Australia and the Land of PlayCroco, and one of the oldest slot machine manufacturers in the world. It consistently ranks in the top 10 when it comes to the most iconic companies and as such it has a fantastic reputation in pubs, clubs and bars throughout the country.

They handle every step of the manufacturing process. From the creation of parts to the assembly and final construction of the machine right up until it’s been programmed. In previous decades, levers were the primary mechanism used to activate a pokie machine.

Nowadays though, these levers have been replaced by random number generators (which we’ve talked about in this article), buttons and touch screens. Deposits can also now be made with everything from cryptocurrency to pre-paid vouchers instead of coins and cash.

So if anyone ever asks you who makes pokies in Australia, or more specifically, who makes land-based pokies, you can give them a snappy answer and simply reply – Aristocrat!


Online pokies 📱

On the other side of the coin we have online pokies. Which, with the rise of internet gaming and mobile devices, have brought all the thrills, excitement and the fun of playing pokies into our homes (or onto the sandbanks if you’re a Croco).

Now, developers such as the esteemed SpinLogic (formerly RealTime Gaming), have been able to take the original pokie machine concept and give it an upgrade. Online pokies now feel more like video games than their land-based equivalents, which in turn ensures they have almost endless playability!

Combine these technological advancements with the fact that you can win bigger jackpots on online pokies, thanks to progressive titles that are linked with other machines, and the answer to the question “who makes pokies?” can only be SpinLogic.

If you’re still curious as to who makes pokies and want to know why we’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no better software developer than SpinLogic, check out the next section of this blog article below.


About SpinLogic 💫

Want to know who makes pokies that you’re guaranteed to love? Well, it really is SpinLogic. Previously known as RealTime Gaming, SpinLogic has been in the game since 1998. That means that boast OVER two decades of expertise when it comes to creating online pokie titles.

They’re motto is that they “take gaming seriously” and from the looks of their roster… they most definitely do! We’ve been working with them since Croco was just a wee little ankle biter.

Now that he’s all grown up and still biting the odd ankle here and there when he’s hungry, we can honestly say that there’s no better pokie software provider than SpinLogic. Here are five reasons why:


1. They develop the best online pokie titles 💰

We only ever host online pokie titles that’ve been designed, developed and provided by SpinLogic.

Think Bubble Bubble 2, Cash Bandits 2, Cleopatra’s Gold and Enchanted Garden 2, but that’s not all. SpinLogic are responsible for creating over 1,000 games, many of which have been massive hits such as the aforementioned Cash Bandits 2.

Essentially, they’re like a jukebox in the sense that they only host the hits that we all love. So the next time you’re wondering who makes the pokies at PlayCroco, you’ll know the answer is SpinLogic.


2. They’re constantly innovating to deliver better gameplay 🤖

Why are they responsible for creating so many awesome online slots? Well, it all comes down to their approach. An approach that is constantly focused on delivering better gameplay features through innovation!

Take online pokies such as Cash Bandits 2, Banana Jones and Cubee for example. All of these titles are more popular than free steak at a crocodile’s BBQ. That’s to say that people go absolutely wild for them.

This is due to their unconventional gameplay, interesting feature rounds and the outstanding prizes that they offer. In short, you’re never bored when you’re playing SpinLogic pokies because they put so much effort into ensuring they’re engaging and fun.

The end result are online slots that feel more like video games and less like standard pokie machines.


3. They’re a top trusted pokie software provider 💚

Who makes pokies, or more specifically, who makes the best online slots doesn’t count for anything when the pokie software provider in question is dodgy. Luckily for PlayCroco players though, SpinLogic is honest, reliable and protected.

In addition to the many security protocols that we have in place, SpinLogic also implements a random number generator that’s been accredited by an independent auditor. By doing so, you can sleep easy knowing that all payouts are 100% fair and accurate.

If you’re looking for a provider who makes pokies AND is trustworthy, you can’t go past SpinLogic. They even patch past software with security and performance updates as they become available, making said slots faster, safer and more exhilarating!


4. They make a wide range of different pokies 🎲

Speciality titles, progressives and 5-reel masterpieces can be found at PlayCroco… and it’s all thanks to SpinLogic!

Not only are they the peeps who make pokies of the highest quality, they also roll out a wide range of different types of pokies. There’s too many to name them all here, but you only need to check out our lobby to get an idea as to their variety.

Once there you’ll find some of the most out there pokie titles available on the world wide web, in addition to digital table games that make you feel like you’re actually in a casino. You really can’t ask for much more than that if you’re a big fan of variety when it comes to online gambling!


5. Their pokies work perfectly with our bonuses and promotions

Last but certainly not least, when it comes to who makes pokies that pair perfectly with our bonuses and promotions, you can’t beat SpinLogic.

Every single one of our bonuses and promotions, such as CrocoBoost, Lucky Loco Draw and CrocoReload and many other no deposit bonuses, can be redeemed and applied to SpinLogic titles. Find our promotions by following the steps below: 

  1. Login to your PlayCroco account using a mobile device, computer, tablet or laptop
  2. Click on the “Promos” symbol that’s located in the green bar at the bottom of your screen
  3. Select either “More Info” or “Redeem Now” on one of our nine available offers
  4. Use your bonus offer to get free spins, extra cash or to enter into one of our promotions
  5. Enjoy complementing your PlayCroco experience with a special bonus!

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