Another month, another bunch of happy PlayCroco winners. What can we say? Our casino is responsible for some of the biggest payouts this side of Lake Croco!

Perhaps more important than the size of the payout though is the story behind the win and how it changed that person or persons life. That’s the good stuff… the real reason Croco got into the online casino biz in the first place.

In light of this, we’re going to use this article to introduce 3 of our latest winners and the stories behind their payouts. From the flat mate that just happens to have the magic touch when it comes to online pokies, to the tale of the mysterious buffet beauty that still has us scratching our scaly heads.

These stories make running an online casino an absolute joy! You’ve only got to look at the smile on our crocodile mascot’s dial to see that. Read on, enjoy and be inspired. Next month we’ll feature more winner stories. Who knows? You may just be next.

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1. The fortunate flat mate 🏘️

Sharing a flat with a mate is a rite of passage for many people. It’s often the first time you’ve lived out of the family home and your first foray into the real world. Most of you will probably say that the best but leanest years of your life were spent in share houses. One person who won’t say that is Andy Gillard.

At 25 years of age, Andy is one of our younger members. But don’t let those boyish looks fool you. Andy is also one of our most loyal members, regularly redeeming our CrocoBoost and Croco Free Spins promotions and using them to his advantage. In the case of this winner story though, it wasn’t actually Andy who was responsible for the winning spin. It was his flatmate, Matt.

It all started one rainy Sunday when Andy and Matt were hanging out on the couch. The night before had been a big one at their local pub and both weren’t capable of doing more than laying down and watching The Sopranos. Andy, true to his nature, was also having a few lazy spins on the hit online pokie, Cash Bandits 3.

After only a short while Andy went off to use the loo, leaving his phone in the hands of Matt with strict instructions to keep spinning those reels. Upon returning from the toilet, Andy was shocked to see Matt standing upright for the first time that day. Matt then proceeded to tell Andy that he’d just triggered one of the game’s jackpots and netted him a cool $10,000!

Andy, being the top PlayCroco bloke that he is, gave Matt $500 for his help. We’re told the two of them suddenly got a second wind and went out on the Sunday night too. We’re afraid to ask just how much of that payout was spent before the weekend was out. All we can say is that we sincerely hope there was still some cash left to pay the rent on Monday!

The super mum 👩

Beyonce famously sung about single ladies, but we reckon single mums deserve their own chartbusting song. Forever putting themselves before others and picking up the slack, single mums are pretty much superheroes minus the spandex and capes… which makes Tina Azzopardi’s winner story all the more awesome!

After a long day shuttling kids to and from school then to and from football, hockey and basketball training, this mother of three loves nothing more than plonking down on her outdoor couch, pouring herself a glass (or two) of Margaret River red and playing some of our classic pokie offerings.

Enchanted Garden II is one of her favourites, as is Regal Riches. Her go to pokie after a big day single mumming the hell out of life though has to be the racy and witchy 50-payline title, Bubble Bubble 2. Tina reckons she’s got attitude to match those sultry sorceresses, but what she loves most is the fact it can award payouts x9,000 your bet per line!

As fate would have it, this is exactly what happened to Tina a few weeks ago. She had just put her feet up and settled in for an online pokie session at PlayCroco. The kids were asleep, the moon was full and the air was cool, crisp and still. Surely there couldn’t be a better time to weave some magic on Bubble Bubble 2, she reasoned.

The reels were spun and Tina was off. She triggered the Greater Ghosts and the Wilder Witch features, but still no luck. It wasn’t until she landed the Ultra Bewitched bonus round that the show really started. Winne the Witch appeared on reel one and Wanda the Witch covered reel five. Before she knew it, Tina had landed just shy of $30,000!

When we last spoke to Tina she was over the moon, much like the two wonderful witches from Bubble Bubble 2. The only difference being that Tina didn’t need a broom to reach the stratosphere. All it took was some red wine, some quiet time and PlayCroco to change her life for the better.

3. The mysterious buffet beauty 🍀

The travel industry has been hit particularly hard by the Covid-19 pandemic. With hotels, restaurants, cafes and airlines all feeling the pinch. But for blokes such as Jason Taylor, who pretty much has to travel for a living, the show must go on if he wants to keep those pay checks rolling in.

Jase said that his last few interstate journeys have taken him to all corners of Western Australia, where he tries his luck at selling magazine subscriptions. He also said that practically every hotel, motel, roadhouse, bed and breakfast or Airbnb he’s stayed in has been more or less empty, which had been making his stopovers pretty dull.

That is, until one night when Jase stopped in the town of Esperance and booked a stay at one of their local inns. Wrecked from a long day of driving, he crashed almost instantly on the bed, only to wake up early in the morning with an empty stomach and a strange desire to play a few rounds on a PlayCroco pokie.

He stumbled out of bed, got changed and grabbed his phone. He then made his way to the buffet breakfast. At this time of day he assumed there would be no one else in the dining room, barring a few busy but sleepy-looking chefs in the kitchen. To his surprise, there was one other person. A lady who seemed to notice him at the exact time he noticed her!

They exchanged smiles and both headed to the buffet to see what was on offer. Jase, being the gregarious fellow he is, struck up a conversation with the lady and ended up sitting at her table. The two shared common interests, such as a love for online casino gaming. This led to them both whipping out their phones and comparing their favourite titles.

Jase is an Achilles man through and through and he was more than happy to show his new female companion how it worked. He loaded up his PlayCroco account, heading over to our slots section and clicked on Achilles to start a session. They talked, he continued to hit spin and up his bets. Then low and behold he found himself landing three scatters to score 25 free spins plus triple prizes, before finally racking up an impressive $5,000 win!

When Jase looked up to register his amazement, the lovely lady he shared his morning with wasn’t in her seat. A quick scan of the room proved she wasn’t anywhere nearby either! Perplexed but still buzzing from his win, Jase told us that he has no idea who she was or where she went.

Now, we’re not superstitious. Croco is a reptile that’s got four claws grounded in reality at all times. But could this mysterious lady have been none other than Lady Luck? There’s no way to tell, but you can believe whatever you want to believe. Either way, Jase is cheering. That $5,000 win most definitely made the bizarre encounter (and the rubber buffet eggs) slightly more palatable… 

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