Croco wearing a christmas hat at Christmass Wonderland with Ferris wheel and presents

We're rolling out the merry welcome mat! The holiday heat is getting turned up with Croco's festive antics.

Grab your santa hats and join Croco in a festive adventure down under at PlayCroco Casino. While our Christmas Wonderland is decking the halls, we're here to unwrap more than just presents. Let's dive into the holiday spirit and discover the not-so-traditional Christmas joys that Croco has in store for you.

Croco's Aussie Christmas Traditions 🎄

Croco's Aussie Christmas Traditions have shaken up the North Pole norms, bringing a touch of Aussie flair to the festive season. Christmas down under is a ripper affair that'll have you saying, "Ho, ho, holy moly, that's a cracker of a celebration!" So, grab a cold one, kick back, and let Croco give you the lowdown on how Aussies throw a Christmas shindig.

  • A beachy Christmas Tale: Croco ditches the sleigh and hitches a ride on a surfboard.Christmas at the beach is a sun-kissed celebration, where the sound of waves replaces sleigh bells, and sandy toes are the only accessory needed for a festive frolic in the surf.

  • Cracking open a cold one: Eggnog? Nah, mate. Croco is sipping on cold brews and fruity cocktails while snacking on prawns and pavlova. The only "nog" he knows is the sound of cracking open another cold one with the PlayCroco fam around the table.

  • Backyward Christmas Madness: Once the pressies are unwrapped, it's game on! Backyard cricket is as cherished as Nan's Christmas pudding. The bat might be a bit wonky, and the ball a bit deflated, but the competitive spirit is as intense as a summer scorcher

  • Sizzling delights and summer bites: Christmas lunch? That's a full-blown barbie feast, mate. We're talking snags, lamb chops, and seafood galore. And to sweeten the deal, dive into a pavlova dessert!

Christmas Wonderland Promotion Unveiled 🎁

Now, onto the pièce de résistance – the Christmas Wonderland promotion at PlayCroco Casino. While other places are offering candy canes, Croco's dishing out free spins like he's playing spin the bottle with the elves! Dive into a Wonderland of Wins with festive-themed slots, exclusive bonuses, and a chance to win Croco's secret Christmas stash.

Part 1: VIPs, Let's Get Croc'd Up! (1st - 29th December)

VIPs, you're in for a treat! From December 1st, join Croco's exclusive Fortune Teller + Wheel bash – a VIP Christmas extravaganza with surprises more abundant than a kangaroo in a Santa suit. It's time to get Croc'd up and navigate the maze of bonuses with our snazzy Santa Croco.

Part 2: Aussie Cheer for Everyone (8th - 29th December)

For all you legends out there, starting December 8th, Croco is throwing open the doors to Aussie Cheer for Everyone! The Fortune Teller + Wheel shenanigans are up for grabs, promising a ripper time filled with bonuses, rewards, and a sprinkle of holiday magic.

Part 3: Spin, Mate, Spin (15th - 29th December)

And the festivities keep rolling! From December 15th, Croco unveils the Christmas-themed slot machine – a bonza journey into the heart of Christmas, with every spin like catching a wave of yuletide joy.

Part 4: BBQ Bonanza with Croco (22nd - 29th December)

As Christmas draws near, Croco invites everyone to the grand Xmas BBQ starting December 22nd. The barbie is sizzling with bonuses hotter than the Aussie sun, and Croco's tossing shrimps like a true-blue Aussie legend. It's a ripper way to wrap up the year Down Under, PlayCroco style!

Sleigh-ride through Croco's Top Xmas Pokies 🎰

While waiting for the reindeer to get their act together, why not take a spin on PlayCroco's Christmas Pokies? We've sprinkled the magic of the season into our top festive games, turning them into virtual wonderlands of joy. From spinning Santas doing the cha-cha to jackpot jingles that could rival carolers, we've got the kind of holiday fun that even the resident crocs are swapping their grins for. So, strap in for a sleigh ride of spins, wins, and a festive thrill. Who knew Christmas could be this wild?

Unwrap the Festive Fun 🎅

As the sun sets on the festive season, PlayCroco Casino invites you to unwrap a Christmas Wonderland of Wins like no other. With Croco's Aussie flair, beachy tales, and sizzling bonuses, this holiday adventure guarantees a sleigh-load of spins, wins, and joy – because who needs reindeer when you've got a croc leading the way?