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We’re always banging on about slots and real cash virtual online pokies, table games and slot machines but do video poker games also deserve a mention. Video poker is, after all, one of the most exciting and lucrative online casino games that you can play.

In fact, it comes with a lot of advantages that other online titles just can’t match. What’s more, many people consider video poker to be an incredibly transparent style of casino game!

Video poker also has a low house edge and if we’re being honest… it ain’t that hard to learn. You don’t need to memorise pay tables (although that is helpful!) and you don’t have to be good at real life poker. You’ve just gotta have a little bit of Croco-endorsed willpower!

So have you been thinking about giving our free video poker machines a try? Good! Because we reckon you’re long overdue for a sesh! Before you begin winning on our free video poker machines though, it’s probably a good idea to read how they work…


Free video poker games 🎰

Video poker is a type of online casino games that has its roots in five-card draw poker. It takes place on a gameboard that looks vaguely familiar to a real cash slot, but cards replace reels and symbols. 

Video poker first became popular around the same time that video games surged to dominance – the mid 1970s. However, the very first free video poker machines were exceedingly rudimentary and really don’t stack up to today’s standards. 

In the 1980s, video poker started to find its way into casinos. The reason why it found a place in actual physical casinos when there were already poker tables was that punters found these video poker machines to be way less intimidating than playing at a table.

To this day, its low skill requirement and the fact you don’t need to play against real opponents is why many people still choose video poker over real or online varieties. Although truth be told… being able to win massive amounts of money on free poker machines also plays a huge role in keeping them relevant in the modern era!


What makes video poker games so exciting? 🤩

Slot machines, online pokies and table games are all super exciting. But video poker definitely gives them a run for their money when it comes to sheer thrill. One of the primary reasons for this is that video poker kinda resembles online pokies… but there’s the added fun of strategising in order to win.

What’s more, there are lots of different free poker machine variations. This gives you options when you’re deciding which games to play, since you can decide based on your mood or whether you’re keen for a long or short game.

As for bonus rounds… there not just for online pokies and slots! Video poker variations have bonus rounds too than can reward you with jackpots or special features! There are different types of bonus rounds, but the most common one is the double or nothing bonus that doubles your winnings!

Finally, free poker machines are exciting simply because you can practice playing them, which means you get better and better with every hand dealt. This eventually increases your chances of winning and allows you to grab bigger cash prizes while mastering the game!


Why are poker machines free? 💰

Free poker machines are available at PlayCroco casino because we love giving away things for free, but the downside to this is that you can’t win real cash.

To score some money, you need to get in the game. And the only way to get in the game is to make a deposit using any one of our 10 deposit methods! This includes prepaid vouchers, credit cards, cryptocurrency and more. For more information on how to top up your account, follow the steps below: 

  1. Login your PlayCroco account - Or sign up for free!
  2. Go to our ‘banking’ page
  3. Select a deposit option in the Cashier
  4. Nominate your amount
  5. Confirm your deposit to play


How to play video poker games? 🎲

Now for the fun part – learning how to play video poker!

It’s easy, it’s exciting and it can be totally lucrative. All you need to do is place your wager then hit deal. You’ll then be given 5 cards with the opportunity to discard one or more of them in exchange for others (which you’ll receive at random from a virtual deck).

Once you’ve got your cards set, the video poker machine will determine whether your hand matches any one of its winning combinations on the pay table! If yes, you’ll be rewarded with cash money, baby! If not, then better luck next time!

Pay tables, it should be said, allocate what each particular hand is worth based on their rarity and the type of free poker machine you’re playing. However, you’ll find that nearly all winning combinations in video poker are the same as table poker. For example: 

  • Two pair
  • Three of a kind
  • Straight (a sequence of 5 cards of consecutive value)
  • Flush (any 5 cards of the same suit)
  • Full house (a pair and a 3 of a kind)
  • Four of a kind (4 cards of the same value)
  • Straight flush (5 consecutive cards of the same suit)
  • Royal flush (a ten, a jack, a queen, a king and an ace of the same suit)


The benefits of playing video poker games with real money 🤑

So video poker is exciting… we’ve covered that. 

We’ve also talked about the reasons why video poker is free. In the last section, we went over the fundamentals of video poker. Taking all that into account, you must be ready to have a crack. But hold your horses… 

Do you know the benefits of playing video poker with real money? Because it might not be obvious if you’re a free video poker newbie. So read on to discover the benefits of video poker!


The payback percentage is higher 💸

There are a lot of rumours about which online casino online pokies, slots, table games and video poker as to who has the best payback percentage!

Surprisingly, after a deep dive and some seriously good research by Croco, the results are that video poker machines have a payback percentage of 92% or higher! Even better, many free poker machines have excellent pay tables that can reward you with a 98% payback percentage that practically gives you the house edge!

This means that in the long run, you’ll get more bang for your buck when playing video poker machines as opposed to other types of online casino titles – crazy, no? In addition, if you only play the top 5 best video poker machines at PlayCroco, you can really clean up thanks to their high payback percentage. Ca-ching!


It’s fast paced 🚀

Free poker machines are fast paced… which is both a good and a bad thing.

It’s good because you can play hundreds of hands from the comfort of your own home and really hone your poker skills the more hands you play, the closer you will get to hitting a major jackpot prize. It’s non-stop action!

The flipside to this is that playing at such a fast pace can make you lose track of your losses and your wins. This isn’t good if you’re trying to play smart. Want our advice? Keep track of how much you’re winning and losing! Also, make sure that you have a bankroll strategy with a backstop, so that you never bet any more than you can afford!


Strategising is fun ✍️

Now, we don’t want to knock slot or pokie machines. They really are the best thing since sliced devon! But let’s be honest… there’s not a whole lotta skill involved when it comes to online pokies. You place your bet, hit the button and hope for the best!

As for free poker machines, you need to strategise to win. This means that the outcome of the game is based on your own intelligence and not some random stroke of luck. It’s this element of video poker that makes it so exciting and fun. You also have more control over your video poker playing experience.


You can hone your skills 😀

The final advantage to playing free poker machines for real cash is that you can practice the game gradually. The more you play it, the better you will get and any time you invest will be returned as money – awesome, right?

This is particularly appealing to punters who like to feel rewarded for their effort! Just pick the right title, choose your tactics wisely and voila… winning has never been easier than with free poker machines!

If that’s not enough though, you can practice from home, from work or while you’re waiting around for your kebab to be made – practically anywhere! As long as you’re prepared for the learning curve, then you’ll go far…


The top 5 video poker games at PlayCroco online casino 💯

Ready to play free video poker machines at PlayCroco? Of course you are! We’ve made sure you have all the info you need to win. Now it’s just a matter of putting that knowledge to good use. Learn all about the top 5 video poker titles at PlayCroco by reading on below!

1. Bonus Poker

Get a winning poker hand according to the standard poker rules and as listed in the game’s paytable, plus special payouts for different four-of-a-kind hands. When playing one hand, you can double your win in a Double or Nothing bonus round – just select a card that is higher than the dealers to win!


2. Deuces Wild

Get a winning poker hand as listed in the game’s paytable. 2s can be substituted for any card and offers special payouts for five-of-a-kind hands, four 2s and wild royals! When playing one hand you can double your win in a Double or Nothing bonus round. Like in Bonus Poker, all you need to do is select a card that’s higher than the dealers to win!


3. Jacks or Better

Win with any hand listed in the paytable or according to standard poker playing rules. As with Bonus Poker and Deuces Wild, Jacks or Better also comes with a Double or Nothing bonus round that requires you to select a card that’s higher than the dealers in order to win.


4. Aces and Eights

Aces and Eights is another popular video poker title at PlayCroco. How it works is that you’ll need to draw a winning hand based on standard poker playing rules or the accompanying paytable. You’ll also be awarded special payouts if you receive a hand with four-of-a-kind cards. Finally, Aces and Eights can double your winnings with its special Double or Nothing bonus round.


5. Sevens Wild

Sevens Wild is similar to our other beloved video poker variations. The main difference here is that 7s can be substituted for any other card in your hand! There are also special payouts awarded for five-of-a-kind hands, wild royals or hands with four 7s. And surprise, surprise… you can have your winnings doubled if you enter the Double or Nothing bonus round! Just beat the dealer by picking a higher card and the prize money is yours!

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