Promotional banner for 'New Pokie Cosmic Crusade' featuring a male and a female character in futuristic armor against a green dynamic background.

Oi legends! Listen up. Gaming in Australia is belly up. In its stead is a Cosmic Crusade and it has a potential payday of $12,500 quid at its core.

As all good space cadets know, the universe is packed with dark matter, dwarf planets and nebulae. It is an interstellar hoe-down where stars are suns and asteroids are… err, asteroids!





In the PlayCroco player-verse Cosmic Crusade is a 5x3 online pokie that is fresh off the SpinLogic production line.

Play the game and you have a fair crack at raking in a gargantuan wad of grey nurse. The reason being you get genuine currency for dropping 2 matching symbols and up. Howzat?

Planets are Wild and gather in stacked configurations on the grid. When that happens one thing is for sure. What you see is like the after-effects of a piss-up!

Spaceships are Scatters and the portal to a Free Games feature that is so good, it is grouse… like a slice of bouncy mouse on the barbie. It is not only the equivalent of a century of free gaming, you see. There are multipliers in the mix. They tip the scales into double digits!

Now for the drum that will have you lot grinning like a shot fox. There is a pair of Jackpots splashed across the board. In this particular configuration, pots have a penchant for growing in size – like a banged-up missus expecting twins!


Cosmic Crusade

  • Volatility: Medium
  • Layout: 5-reel
  • Pay lines/Ways: 25 Fixed  
  • Features: Free Games, Prize Multipliers, Random Jackpots     
  • Max Payout: 50000 times the bet per line


Demo Play 🎲

Here is good oil, Crocos, and it is yours for free. The only way to get a fair go at snapping up cabbage is to play the Cosmic Crusade Demo Game. Do that and you can figure out the drop incidence, average payouts and overall win-to-loss ratio without getting cranky.

It is the smart way of getting a lowdown of how things work. When you don’t bet coin, you can’t lose coin but you can maximise risk. You can also use the experience as a guide. If you like what you see, you can go big and play the game for real. If not, you can give it a flick and move on to the next Play Croco pokie.






What is the ridgy-didge method of turning a few dollars into a 50,000 x win? You juice your PlayCroco Casino account with quid and play Cosmic Crusade pokie in the real money mode. When you drop homogenous game tiles on the grid, you win. When you don’t, there is a progressive pot that could turn out to be a consolation prize – and that gives you all a fair suck at the sauce bottle!






About Cosmic Crusade 🚀

Cosmic Crusade is a straight-up PlayCroco pokie. The game board has 5 columns, 3 rows and 25 fixed bet lines. The mission? To hit paying combinations from left to right on adjacent reels.

What makes this online pokie unusual is you win when there are 2 through to 5 identical symbols on a payline. The upshot is it is heaps easier to pull in the payouts - and that is Mickey Mouse.

The game mechanics are smooth and functional. The imagery is good. When you give the reels a burl, everything works as it should.

The 5x3 pokie is a SpinLogic Gaming special in every conceivable way – from the futuristic graphics to the cosmic theme. As for the gaming interface? It is agile and responsive and auto-adjusts to all screen sizes.

What that means is you can happily play Cosmic Crusade on any device. It is a go for your desktop, laptop and phone. Heck, if you have the eyes of a Nankeen kestrel, whistling kite or white-bellied sea eagle, you can even get your wagers away on a smartwatch!

Now to the Cosmic Crusade game theme. It is an intergalactic adventure that takes place in around 3022. The destination? A purple planet located far, far away. Maybe close to the Kuiper Belt in outer space?

As for the symbols that generate the dosh? They vary from fly-looking cosmonauts, space crystals and satellites to bots, asteroids and the playing card ranks 10 through to ace. That is a wrap for the regular bunch – and lest you forget, you get moolah for 2 symbols and up!


Special Symbols ✨

Wild Symbol – The Wild Symbol in Cosmic Crusade pokie is a big old planet. When it graces the grid in neat symbol stacks, you can win up to 5,000 x the line bet. That, Crocos, is the highest payout in regular play.

Besides unlocking lots of money the wild completes payline wins with easy alacrity. The reason being it has an uncanny ability to take on the form of any of the other standard symbols – but not in the visual sense, mind you. It is the joker, the jester and the shapeshifter of slots!

Scatter Symbol – The spaceship is the Scatter Symbol. It pays up to 50 x the stake. Land at least 3 Scatters anywhere on the gaming interface and you are on your way to the big time – the planetary Pick feature and its squadron of Free Games.


Regular Pokie Symbols

Cosmic Crusade has themed game tiles and reel fillers styled as the 10 through ace in a pack of cards. The themed symbols pay out more moolah but occur less frequently. The opposite is true of the playing card ranks. That goes for the one lonely little asteroid too.

As with all Play Croco pokies, the amount you win is determined by the number of matching symbols on the board. Hit 2 and you are paid out significantly less than the highest 5-of-a-kind combo. In Cosmic Crusade, it is the astronauts and red crystal that pay out in triple figures.

They deliver between 1,000 x and 2,000 x the line bet when 5 icons appear concurrently on the board. The satellite and robot offer up to 600 x. The remainder of the symbol set generates between 100 x and 250 x apiece.

When you take the $0.50 to $6.25 betting range and reduce it to the bet per line, you are left with a low of $0.02 and a high of $0.25. These are the figures that are multiplied by the pay outs on the pay table. Prizes directly correlate with your stake.

When, for example, you bet max, the most you can win in the base game is $1,250. That is for 5 Wilds. The Scatter offers up to $312.50 in coin. Regular symbols generate cash winnings of $25 through to $500 apiece.

That is the potential ROI in the base game. When the free games feature is on song, you can bank a serious amount of money. What’s a serious amount? How about enough to buy two pre-owned Vespa scooters with cash to spare?


Gameplay 🎰

Playing pokies online at PlayCroco Casino takes less time and smarts than pulling a one-arm bandit. All you have to do is click to select your bet, click to adjust the reel speed and click to spin the reels. That is it.

If the click-click is making you as mad as a cut snake, no worries. You can activate the auto-spin mode, choose between 5 and 100 spins and let the software do the hard yards on your behalf. You can keep track of every payline win as they are highlighted in real-time on the grid.

Now to where the big bucks are concealed on the reels of Cosmic Crusade pokie – and its defo going to make you rapt!


Multiplier Intensified Free Games Feature

When the Scatter is around three-, four- or five-strong on the game board, you are on your way to the big time. The reason is twofold. For one, you get an instant cash prize of up to 500 x the total bet. Then you are teleported to a whole new universe.

That is the Pick feature gamers. The aim is to select the planet you think has the highest number of free spins coupled with a maxed-out multiplier. Choose well and you are awarded 125 free games!

That is not all folks. All the payline wins generated by the hundred plus spins are boosted by a factor of 10. Yep. You get 10 x the posted payout for every single paying combo! Now that is spiffy!

That is not the greatest, largest or even the biggest prize Multiplier in the mix. Nope, that title belongs to 12 x rocket booster. It is part of the 90 Free Games selection.

Do the sums and here are the facts. When the 12 x booster is in action, the top regular win soars from $500 to $6k. Even the low-paying reel fillers, the symbols with a high hit frequency, jump to between $300 and $600 – and there is no shonky business involved. It is Cosmic Crusade gameplay at its best.


Random Progressive Jackpots

We so don’t want to throw shade but here is the deal. When you play pokies, any pokies at PlayCroco Casino there is always a chance you will come up short. You may miss out on a mega Free Games allocation or hit an extended cold streak when landing payline wins is bloody hard yakka.

When that happens, don’t do a bye Felcia. Rather persevere. There is a way to tip the scales in your favour. It is called a Progressive Jackpot and it is randomly awarded after any spin that DOES NOT deliver a payline win.

What is even better news is Cosmic Crusade has two progressives on the board. If you are dead on tinny, you may win one or both darn Jackpots. Strewth! That is a sick way of ending a gaming session at the # online casino for Aussies… and everyone else on the planet who digs ace gaming!


Play Cosmic Crusade at PlayCroco – It’s a YOLO Kind of Pokie! 🤑

Cosmic Crusade pokie really is full of surprises. Getting wins under the belt is easy, thanks to the 2 and up payout rule. Wild symbols have a high incidence rate but it is the trigger speed of the Pick feature and the resultant Free Games that is most pleasing.

TBH, Cosmic Crusade is a kind of YOLO pokie that lends itself to betting max. If the universe so permits, you will have spaceships landing and free games delivering multiplier-enhanced payloads on every spin.

Unlock the 12 x bonus booster and you will have a fair go of landing the 50,000 x maximum payout! If that is not in the stars, there are always the random Progressive Jackpots that can change your fortunes around.

They seed at $250 and $1,000, respectively and swell in value according to the Play Croco betting activity! Sign up and play!