New Pokie game 'Mega Monster' with vampire, Frankenstein, and werewolf.

Do you fancy a swig of pure plasma or eyeballing electrode-powered eyeballs and a brain? If that is what floats your boat Mega Monster online pokie is your game. It is a feature-rich 5x3 Halloween-themed epic that is on point for fearless, blood-thirsty geezers like you. Besides earning dosh like you usually do, what else is there to cheer about?

If Sliding Reels, prize Multipliers and Expanding grids sound lit, there is that and more. Better still you can get a fair crack of the whip right now at PlayCroco Online Casino! If you don’t happen to bag the top 50,000 x prize no worries, she’ll be right mate. The reason being a juiced up jazzed out Free Games feature that has a GTD payback in store. Mega Monster is the kind of Play Croco pokie that will have you going back for more – more fun, more chips and MORE WAYS TO WIN!


Mega Monster 


Volatility: Medium

Layout: 5-reel

Pay lines/Ways: 20 Fixed  

Features: Free Games, Sliding Reels Feature, Expanding Reels with Extra Wilds, Prize Multiplier Feature    

Max Payout: 50000 times the bet per line


Demo Play 🎲


How do you test a pokie without busting cash and spitting the dummy? Simple. You play the Mega Monster Demo Game at the seriously dardy instant play PlayCroco gaming platform. Free play is way better than mate’s rates. Plus, you get to assess all the big people stuff like RTP, hit frequency and average trigger time to the big time! If the data is off in any way, no wukkas. You can bang on the runners and make like a duck – and keep the coin in your pocket!

There is no harm in having a Captain Cook. It allows you to make an informed decision as to which games to play at Play Croco Casino. Once you have got that right, you can sign up, slap a few virtual coins in the slot and watch as the cabbage comes rolling on in! Sweet as!


Here is the deal people. The only way to bank $1,250 in crisp hard cash is to play Mega Monster for real. You bet, the reels spin and you win – or not. The key is to rugup for the long haul and have a fair go! If you are tinny, you can bid hooroo and go to Woolloomooloo for an extended summer holiday!


About Mega Monster

Mega Monster pokie machine has a conventional 5x3 reel structure with 20 fixed paylines. That is the set-up in regular play. When the Expanded Reels feature kicks in, the gaming interface expands and the payline tally doubles.

The aim of the game is to get 3 or more identical game tiles concurrently on the grid. The symbols must be on adjacent reels from left to right. They must also form one of 20 acceptable payline patterns displayed below the Mega Monster pay table.

As with the entire SpinLogic Gaming library, you can anticipate an ace performance all round. The reels spin quickly and seamlessly. When they slide, it is like a hot knife through butter. The animations – what there are of them – are slick and the imagery and audio are first class.

Mega Monster is crisp, agile and responsive to all screen sizes. It is a Play Croco pokie that is as good on the mobile phone as it is on the desktop or lappy. If you want the full effect of the graphics, playing on PC is good.

The theme? It is a tribute to all those mythical monsters out there; the blokes and Shelias with flat heads and green skins or heaps of fur or fangs that sink gratefully into the neck. Yep. We are talking about Frankenstein’s monster, werewolves and vampires… eek!

In Mega Monster these little ‘uns are anything but ‘eek.’ They are cute, appealing and as fit as a Mallee bull. There is nothing nasty about Franky, Wolfie or Vampirella.

That is especially true when you drop them in linear clusters on the reels. Do that and they pay out quid. As for the design detailing, it is pretty darn sharp. The game board is shaped like a wooden coffin. Even the reels are separated by chains.

Play the the pokie in the dead of night and you’d be forgiven for grabbing a flashlight. Besides the gloomy grave yard that backs the grid, game play is occasionally interrupted by maniacal screams, fireballs and covens of bats that sweep across the screen!

Special Symbols ✨


Wild Symbol – Mega Monster has a conventional Wild Symbol. You can’t miss it. It is the tile with a large mauve W plastered across it. Sadly, there is no moolah involved but it does do what it does best – completes payout permutations as a stand in for all the other regular symbols.

Scatter Symbol – The Bonus ball is the Scatter Symbol. It pays out 1 x the stake for the maximum 3 symbol configuration. More significantly, the Scatter unleashes the Free Games feature and that, mates, is where the dough is concealed!

Regular Pokie Symbols


You have already met the 3 character symbols – Vampirella, the lady vampire, Wolfie the werewolf and Franky aka Frankenstein’s monster. At 1,000 x the line bet only Franky offers a four-figure win. The rest of the motley crew pay out up to 300 x and 250 x for 5-of-a-kind.

Winnings for the themed icons – the cup of blood, brain and eyeballs and pendant – range from 150 x to 80 x for the maximum 5-strong combination. The playing card suits deliver 40 x or 50 x apiece.

Do the sums and you can scoop up a quick $250 in regular play. That is for Franky times 5 with the maximum $5 bet in the slot. That may not seem like heaps of cabbage but with a Wild Symbol that can’t stay away from the grid, the hit frequency makes up for the average payouts!

What does all that tell you? Regular play is, er, regular. The bonzer prize in Mega Monster video pokie is stashed somewhere different altogether – and we’ll tell you where a little later on!

Gameplay 🎰


If you have not played pokies at PlayCroco Casino before, no worries. Everything, from the placing of the bets to spinning the reels is enabled through strategically located buttons. All you have to do is pick your bet using the + and – tabs and hit the large green button below the third reel.

You can adjust the speed of the game and activate the audio or choose to go mute. We don’t mean getting muted people! That is so not allowed when you are playing with real money at Play Croco – and that is deadset!

If constantly having to tap or click makes you as mad as a cut snake, you can use the auto-spin function instead. That way you can get 5 through to 100 spins done and dusted – no digits required!

Randomly Activated Features

When you are least expecting it, one of 3 randomly activated Mega Monster bonus features can turn the balance in your PlayCroco account from red to black. It is almost as though there is big gaming daddy out there somewhere who knows exactly when you need a fillip!

The most frequently occurring feature is the ever so slick Sliding Reels. You will know it is about to happen when swirls of blue mist blow in. Any Frankies on the board morph into Wilds and the reels slide one position to the left.

The action recurs until the reels are back where they started. During this feature you have a shot of landing five payline wins or more. What is dope about that is no extra quid is required to pull in the payouts!

When the Expanded Reels feature is active, the 5x3 game board expands to a 5x4 format. The paylines increase from 20 to 40 – but only for one spin. If you hit a winner, a cloud of bats swoop across the grid.

As for the Prize Multiplier feature? It is announced by a wall of fire. A multiplier value ranging from 2 x to 5 x is arbitrarily selected by the software and assigned to any paying combinations. It too is only active for a single twirl of the reels!

Free Games Feature

Now to the signature feature – the 10-strong Free Games bonus round. It is activated when 3 Scatter Symbols appear anywhere on the grid. When that happens, you have to select a special effect to add to the action.

The choices are one of the 3 random features or you can leave it up to the software to choose on your behalf. During the complimentary game play, the features trigger more frequently – and that is the key to winning the 50,000 x top prize.

Is Mega Monster a Must-Play PlayCroco Pokie? 🤑


Mega Monster pokie has a fun theme but the bonus features are not what they should be. The fact that the expanding grid and prize Multipliers are only valid for one spin is limiting. On the plus side, the Sliding Reels are potentially more rewarding – and they occur at a much higher frequency.

That said, Mega Monster is a medium volatility game. The payouts and features reflect that fact. Where the game does offer a genuine shot at winning a bit of serious dosh is in the Free Games feature. The good news is you can expect to trigger Free Games in the first 50 to 100 paid spins.

Play Mega Monster at Play Croco Casino and one thing is for sure. Your bankroll will last longer than expected. More significantly, if lady luck is on your side you can even end the gaming session with coin in the pocket!