Promotional banner for 'New Pokie Pyramid Pets' with a palm tree and golden Egyptian-style logo

G’day Crocos. If you think worshipping pets is one step away from crazy, think again. Sure, the Ancient Egyptians may have got it wrong. Cats as deities? Come on!

When you catapult Cascading Payline Wins and sliding scale prize Multipliers into the action, who would not play Pyramid Pets pokie on a wing and a prayer? Yep. When cats, dogs and baby birds align and gaming gods are on-side, there is up to $12,5k in it for you.

How do domesticated creatures unleash a small fortune on the reels? They conspire to appear collectively. When clutters of cats, mutes of dogs and casts, cauldrons or kettles of fat little falcons drop onto the grid, you are on the right track.

Trigger the Free Games round and here is the reward. When the paying combinations flow in waves and waves on the board, prizes can skyrocket in value – by as much as FIFTEEN TIMES in value to be precise.

Here’s the bonzer news, mates. You can make sure you’re all set for the top cash prize when you bet on Pyramid Pets right now at PlayCroco Casino! First, let’s give you the skinny on the brand-new pokie.

Pyramid Pets


Volatility: Medium

Layout: 5-reel

Pay lines/Ways: 20 Fixed  

Features: Cascading Wins Feature, Pharoah Multiplier Feature, Free Games    

Max Payout: 50000 times the bet per line


Demo Play


How do you get the inside track on the bonus features, average payback and drop frequency? You play the Pyramid Pets Demo Game first. That way you pass the pub test and enhance your chances of banking major coin when you do level up to the real money action!

The FREE PLAY mode at Play Croco Online Casino is the official way of having a sticky beak. What is the best of it? There is zero probability of losing quid as there is no real quid in the game! That is how the really smart punters play pokies in Straya. First, they play for FUN and get a good gander of what is going on. Then they play for MONEY. Job done!


Want the truth and nothing but the truth? There is only one surefire way of dumping 50,000 x the line bet directly into your PlayCroco account. You have to juice the reels people and that takes genuine dollaroos. Pop coin in the virtual Pyramid Pets pokie slot, hit successive paying combinations on the grid and the potential ROI can be 15 x the posted prize. That is enough for a shout all round – even in the big smoke like Sydney, Canberra or Brisbane!


About Pyramid Pets 🎰

Pyramid Pets pokie has a 5x3 reel set-up with 20 fixed bet lines. Your objective is to drop at least 3 like game tiles on the board. The winning combination has to start on the first reel on the left and spread across adjacent positions on the grid.

As with all SpinLogic Gaming pokies, you can anticipate ace functionality. The game moves along at a smooth and steady pace. Graphics are bright and beautiful. Paying combinations are highlighted on the game board in real time.

The only element that could do with a makeover is the sound. It is dead boring, so much so you may find yourself nodding off. Other than that, all the game mechanics purr along as they should.

Here is something that will make you as stoked as a bogan in a blazer. Pyramid Pets is super-compatible. It responds to diverse screen sizes. Plus, the game is ably supported on all operating systems and devices.

What does that have to do with the price of bananas? Duh! You can get your wagers away on your PC, lappy and phone!

As for the Pyramid Pets theme? Let us say it is a different take on an Ancient Egyptian pokie. For one, there are no pharaohs, mummies or Howard Carter look-alikes anywhere in sight.

Rather there is a posse of animated cats, dogs and birds on the board. All are adorned in sumptuous jewellery and headgear. Not quite what you would expect to see of the likes of Biff, Bottle-O and Birdie-Boy Down Under.

Heck, we do not even treat greater gliders, koala bears and pygmy possums like that and they are endangered species! Seriously? Imagine a kelpie or dingo wearing gemstones and silk. Not!

If you can get your head around the dramatics, the little critters can pay out a fair whack. Even the tiles featuring Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics offer a little something-something. That is especially true when the Multiplier effect is doing what it usually does.

What is that? To MAXIMIZE the payouts at PlayCroco Online Casino. By how much? A full 15 x the prizes featured on the Pyramid Pets pay table! Bloody Oath! That is beaut!

Special Symbols ✨


Wild Symbol – The Wild Symbol in Pyramid Pets is a plain old game tile with a W on it. It does not pay out any winnings. Its only role is to stand in for all the other regular gaming symbols to complete a paying pattern on the reels.

Scatter Symbol – The Scatter Symbol is represented by the golden paw medallion. It appears infrequently on the game board. As with the Wild, there is no dosh associated with the Scatter. What is even more remarkable is the Scatter has to land on adjacent symbols from left to right to trigger the Free Games feature. That makes it a tough proposition all round!


Regular Pokie Symbols


The regular pokie symbols in Pyramid Pets are divvied into two broad categories. They are the high-paying pet icons – the pink and green cats, little dogs, and overweight falcon. The symbols that occur often but pay out lower prizes are the tiles inscribed with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

When you drop the top 5-of-kind combinations on the board you are paid out the major prizes. In Pyramid Pets the pink and green cats offer the most. They deliver winnings of up to 2,500 x and 1,000 x, respectively.

What is that in AUD and any of the other currencies supported at Play Croco Casino? When you reduce the $0.40 to $5 bet per spin to the $0.40 to $0.25 bet per line, you can bank up to $625 for 5 pink cats on an active payline. The green cat, dog and bird unlock cash winnings of up to $250, $125 and $50, apiece.

As for the low-paying symbols? They generate payline wins of between 50 x and 100 x. Convert that into hard cash and you will come away with $12.50 to $25.

That is how much you can win in regular play. With the Cascading Wins and escalating Pharaoh Multipliers embedded in the action, prizes can soar in value – like the darn inflation rate in 2022!

Gameplay 🎲


Playing pokies at PlayCroco is so easy even a one-eyed wombat can get it right. All you have to do is select your stake and adjust the game speed. At that point, we strongly suggest you turn the audio right off!

Once you have done all the minor adjustments, you can play mechanically. That means hitting the big spin button again and again. If that proves too tedious and accelerates the risk of wear and tear on the fingertip, there is an auto-spin function that takes care of everything!

Auto-spin allows you to play 5 through to 100 spins, no physical exertion or focus required. That leaves you to do just one thing - watch as the coin flows into your PlayCroco Casino account. Sweet as!

Cascading Payline Wins

Here is the lit part of playing Pyramid Pets pokie online. Every time you hit a paying combination, you are paid out and the game tiles involved in the win explode and disappear. A new set falls into place.

If that set creates a paying pattern on the grid, you win and the action described above recurs – and can do so for as long as there are 3 or more matching tiles on a payline. That is the Cascading Wins feature. It is active in both the base game and the Free Games round.

Pharoah Multiplier Feature

That is not the best of it Crocos. Heck no. The initial payline win attracts a Multiplier value of 1 x. For every concurrent win thereafter, the Multiplier increases to 2 x, 3 x and finally 5 x the posted payout. You can keep track of the back-to-back wins and the corresponding Multiplier value on a meter above the game board.

What that means is the top-paying pink cat can unlock as much as $3,125. The rest of the pets are capable of delivering $250 to $1,250. That is for 5-of-a-kind on the third consecutive cascade with a maximum $5 bet in play!

Free Games Feature 

Now for the fabulous Free Games. It is feature-rich regular gameplay on steroids! All you have to do is drop 3 scatters from left to right on a payline. Do that and you are awarded 10 Free Games.

During the complimentary game time Cascading Wins happen as they usually do. The big kahuna is the explosive Multiplier values. Any initial payouts are automatically trebled.

When you achieve the first cascade, the winnings are boosted by 6 x. The second cascade unlocks a 9 x Multiplier. Get three or more cascades concurrently on the reels and you are paid out 15 x the regular prize!

A quick calculation reveals a potential payout of up to $9,375. When you take the probability of landing multiple combinations on the third cascade, Free Games is where the really dope dosh lurks in the Pyramid Pets pokie.

That, according to the game developers, is 50,000 x the line bet or $12,500 in real money. Who wouldn’t want a good few extra grand in the pocket – no hard yakka involved?

Play Pyramid Pets at PlayCroco – It Is a Ripper of a Game! 🤑


Pyramid Pets is a great little pokie in so many ways. The theme, though tired, has been given a fun makeover that will undoubtedly appeal to pet lovers. As for the graphics? They are more than on point. They are superb.

What makes the pokie a ripsnorter is the Cascading Wins feature. That together with the constantly escalating prize Multipliers are sure to keep you glued to the screen.

Throw in a Wild Symbol that rocks up like clockwork to send the cascades into overdrive and there is always something positive happening on the game board. The only major challenge is landing the Scatter Symbol on the grid. That may take plenty of patience and a substantial bankroll.

That said, when you do manage to get as far as the 5 x or 15 x boosters, it is worth every penny. Remember gamers. Pyramid Pets is a medium volatility pokie. The win-to-loss ratio is fairly evenly balanced – and that is a good thing!

If you are lucky you may end the gaming session with cash to spare. After all, there are 10 Free Games and a maximum payout of 50,000 x written into the script. Sign up at Play Croco Casino and play today!