Promotional banner for the brand new pokie, 'Shelltastic Wins!' featuring a cheerful blowfish sporting a pirate hat, surrounded by colorful floating seashells and sparkling pearls, against a lively green backdrop.

G'day mates! If you are having a bad day, no worries. A fresh new game has landed at PlayCroco Casino and it is A-OK. What is more, the principal character in Shelltastic Wins pokie is so cute, it is defs going to trigger that clucky-feeling – if not in you, in the missus for sure!

Here is the deal Crocos. Drop the puffed-up balloon fish in mini shoals on the reels and you get free gaming GTD. Plus there is a chance of landing a 50,000 x win. Say what?

Yep! Do the sums and there is a $12,5k lurking about on the grid. Better still, you do not have to hang about for a clear shot at the pot. You can Buy the Bonus and it is London to a brick you will bag some coin!

The money mechanics in Shelltastic Wins pokie are driven by 3 factors – Cascading Wins, Free Games and prize Multipliers. If you are lucky there is bonzer prezzie in it for you – a 100 x prezzie and that, PlayCrocos is way within cooee!

Are your ready for a bit of a splash? Does the prospect of gnarly real money gaming hit the spot? If it is the affirmative, you know what you have to do.

Register a Play Croco Casino account, grab a free bonus and play Shelltastic Wins pokie right now. That way, FOMO is out and a win-win-win situation is a distinct possibility!





Shelltastic Wins 🌊

  • Volatility: Medium
  • Layout: 5-reel
  • Pay lines/Ways: Pays any way   
  • Features: Cascading Wins, Free Games, Prize Multipliers, Buy Bonus, Bonus Bet     
  • Max Payout: 50000 times the bet per line


Demo Play 🐙

One way to get to grips with pokies – and avoid an earbashing from the significant other – is to play the Shelltastic Wins Demo Game first. You can save on coin and get a gander of how things work. Free play is the sensible way of assessing stuff like drop frequency, payout rate and whether the Bonus Bet or Buy Bonus feature is worth a burl.

Once you know your Ps from your Qs you can have a go at raking in real quid. Do not be a dipstick and throw cabbage at the machine before you know what is what. Rather get your ducks in a row from the get-go. That way there is zero chance of spitting the dummy!






To earn quid, you have to bet quid – and that is the John Dory when you play Shelltastic Wins online pokie for real. Let’s face it people. If you are serious about chasing the $12,500 maximum payout you have to load your PlayCroco Casino account with moolah. You won’t get mate’s rates but you will have a chance of pulling in major coin.






About Shelltastic Wins 🐚

Shelltastic Wins pokie machine has a 6x5 gaming grid. Unlike most other reel-based gambling games there are no paylines, win ways or bet lines. In this game you win when matching game tiles appear anywhere on the game board.

What that means is symbols do not have to align from left to right. Provided they intersect horizontally or vertically, you are in the money. That is the first anomaly.

The second major discrepancy is the total number of like tiles you must drop to cash-in. In the vast majority of PlayCroco pokies, a matching combination of 3 and up releases the dollaroos. Play Shelltastic Wins and you need at least 8 identical game tiles to be in with a shout.

Other than that, you are in for an epic time. The reason being the seamless functionality typical of the SpinLogic game development brand. Reel spins are slick and super quick. Imagery is on point. Even the audio has a cool Caribbean vibe.

That brings us to the theme of Shelltastic Wins pokie machine. TBH, there are no surprises for guessing where the action takes place. It is under the sea somewhere exotic where pirates hide their plundered booty.

Regular symbols are represented by shells and coins of different designs and colours. Then there is the rotund and decidedly spiky balloon fish. That little critter holds the key to big wins but we expand upon its role as a Special Symbol.


Special Symbol 🌟

Scatter Symbol – The only Special Symbol in Shelltastic Wins pokie is the Scatter. It takes the form of the inflated balloon fish. Drop the maximum 6 Scatters anywhere on the grid and you are instantly 2,000 x better off – and there is no need to pull a swifty to win. A cohort of 4 or more bubble-blowing puffballs unlocks the Free Games round.


Regular Pokie Symbols ✨

The regular symbols in Shelltastic Wins are a collection of sea shells and coins. Other than the Scatter, the only other icon that pays out a maximum four-figure prize is the yellow shell. Land one or more groups totalling 12 or more and 1,000 x whizzes into your Play Croco account.

The pink, green and purple shells offer up to 240 x, 300 x and 500 x respectively. The yellow coin is the big paying doubloon. It generates up to 200 x for a 12 tile configuration.  Thereafter the rest of the coins deliver max prizes of between 40 x and 160 x a pop.

That is what you can bank for landing a straight dozen of regular game tiles on the grid. Tranches of 8 to 9 and 10 to 11 release winnings incrementally lower in value.

You lot are probably champing at the bit to find out what you can walk away with in crisp hard cash. Now to the burning question. How are the real money payouts determined when there are no paylines in the game.

In this instance we have to reduce the $0.40 to $5 bets per spin by a factor of 20. That entails dividing the available wagers by 20 to come up with a $0.02 to $0.25 betting range. It is these figures that are multiplied by the payouts on the pay table to convert the prizes into Aussie dollars – or USD, EUR or any other supported currency at PlayCroco Casino.

A few quick computations reveal that you can win up to $60 through to $250 for the sea shells. Prizes for the coins vary from a low of $8 to a high of $50. As you have already sussed, the Scatter pays out up $500 and for matching 6 rather than 12 tiles on the grid.

That is what you can win one-off in the base game. Throw the Cascading Wins feature into the equation and you can obvs win much more than that for only one paid spin.

There there is the Free Games round with its Cascading Wins and random Multipliers. When you enter the realm of PlayCroco comp gaming, anything is possible – like a 50,000 x bankroll bonanza!


Gameplay 🎲

At PlayCroco Casino our gaming consoles and controls are designed for dummies. Anyone who knows anything can play pokies online. Heck even an emu can peck to bet and peck to spin – it really is a simple as that.

You will find all the functions you need are laid out at the bottom of the game board. All you have to do is select your bet and whack the spin button. Strewth, there is even an auto-spin function that does the hard yards – no tips or bribes required!


Cascading Wins All Round 💰

Now to the big reveal – and this one really can give your bankroll a lift. We are of course talking about the Cascading Wins feature. BTW, it is active in the Shelltastic Wins base game and the free games round.

Cascading wins is a neat special effect. It allows you to roll three, four or even five concurrent payouts in. The cost? A single wager. Here is how it operates.

Land one or more groups of identical tiles on the board and you are summarily paid out. The winning tiles dissolve in a cloud of bubbles. A new group takes their position.

If they form a paying combo, you get paid and the sequence recurs. If you are lucky, you can get a whole heap of disbursements off just the one bet. That is how it rolls when the wins cascade!


Free Games with Random Multipliers 🎰

Now to the Free Games round. It consists of an initial 10 Free Games but can easily extend to a total of 15 when 3 or more Scatters mosey on in. In this feature, wins can cascade. That is the one ace boon of the no bet action.

The other feature-within-a-feature is denoted by the bright pink clam. When one or more clams appear on the game board, they display random Multiplier values of 2 x through to 100 x. The key is to drop clams and a paying pattern simultaneously.

Do that and all the Multiplier values on the grid are tallied together and added to the payout. You can keep track of what is happening on a Multiplier meter located next to the gaming interface.

Listen up you lot. It is during the Free Games round that you and all the other players at Play Croco have the best chance of hitting the 50,000 x prize! Here is something that will make you rapt.

When you play Shelltastic Wins pokie you can maximise the probability of triggering Free Games. All you have to do is smack the Bonus Bet tab. You will be charged 25% extra for each bet but the odds of dropping Scatters are in your favour.

If that doesn’t cut it, you can Buy the Bonus. It will cost you a one-off lump sum equal to 100 x your wager but you are instantly in Free Games mode. Then it is a matter of capturing back to back wins with a 100 x Multiplier in-play.


Is Shelltastic Wins Pokie Worth a Burl at PlayCroco Casino? 🤑

Shelltastic Wins is not the most exciting game nor even the prettiest. Game play can feel a bit monotonous due to the fact there is no Wild Symbol to boost the hit frequency. What saves the occasion is the Cascading Wins but even they do not occur as frequently as one would hope.

Where the pokie does redeem itself is in the Free Games bonus round. Get into the free play action and you really can improve the win to loss ratio. If you can’t trigger the feature naturally, you can opt to increase you bet and along with it the probability of hitting the Scatter.

Plus, you have the option to buy access to the bonus. It is a risk that can either pay off or not. Is Shelltastic Wins a good bet? The fact the game pays anywhere is a Play Croco positive – so if you feel like a dip in the Caribbean or even a cocktail or two, give the reels a go!