Yellow T-Rex from the new pokie at Play Croco Casino - T-rex wild attack

Have we got a ripper of a game in store for you! Get ready, mates. It is the third in the series of SpinLogic Gaming pokies featuring the mighty T-Rex. You know? That big fella with an extra-large, fearsomely fanged cake hole!

You lot have two courses of action at your disposal. You can bang on the runners and make like a duck. If that is not your style, you can swallow your fear and play T-Rex Wild Attack pokie at PlayCroco Casino – the dardiest gaming platform around!

Why hang about with a ferocious lizard that is two and half times the height of a giraffe and weighs the same as a baby blue whale? How does a payday of 50,000 x the line bet sound? If that doesn’t convert you into a believer, maybe stacking wilds, escalating prize multipliers and free games galore will do the trick!

T-Rex Wild Attack

Volatility: Medium

Layout: 6-reel

Pay lines/Ways: 30 Fixed  

Features: Cascade Feature, Stacked Wilds, Re-Spins, Random Multipliers, Free Games   

Max Payout: 50 000 times the bet per line

Demo Play

What is the tea on the all-new dino-themed SpinLogic pokie? There is one way to find out and it won’t cost you coin. What we are referring to is the T-Rex Wild Attack demo game. It is live round abouts here. The free play version of the 6x4 pokie is a no wukkas gaming experience. You get to see how the special effects and bonus features work. PlayCroco covers the cost!

We reckon you will be thrilled by what you see. Then it is simply a matter of signing up at PlayCroco, grabbing a bonus and using the complimentary cabbage to fund your real money forays of T-Rex Wild Attack. If you are lucky, you will get a fair whack for your efforts!


What do we mean by a fair whack? You have to play the pokie for real first. That way you get a shot at reeling in up to $12,5k in currency! Blimey cobbers, that is enough to buy a share in a well-stocked local bottle-o!


About T-Rex Wild Attack 🦖

SpinLogic Gaming has gone and upped the ante in T-Rex Wild Attack pokie. Rather than the usual 5x3 grid, there is a 6x4 reel set featuring 30 fixed paylines. The game is set in a Jurassic jungle somewhere on planet Earth. The era? Around 70 million years ago!

Despite the advanced age of the characters and their habitat, there is nothing outdated about the T-Rex Wild Attack gaming mechanics. Everything from the spin of the reels to roar of an animated T-Rex works like a well-oiled machine. It is by all measures an agile and responsive pokie that can be optimally enjoyed on the full range of devices.

When rendering the graphics, the developers have gone for a realistic style. That way you get a good idea of what our planet looked like eons ago. That is before the dinos were destroyed by a rogue asteroid.

The key characters in T-Rex Wild Attack are easily recognisable from life-size reconstructions based on fossil finds. Beside Tyrannosaurus rex, the high paying symbols are velociraptors, triceratops and pterosaurs.  For those of you who are not Jurassic fans, these are the blue, green and gold dinosaurs, respectively!

Are you ready to forage the jungle for payline wins? If you can hold your nerve, here is the heads-up people. Every time you hear one or more loud thunks on the grid, you are one step closer to collecting major coin.

Go on PlayCrocos. Get on the brave face, corner dinosaurs on the reels and you are GTD wads of lobsters, pineapples, and grey nurses in return!

Special Symbols in T-Rex Wild Attack 

Wild Symbol – The Wild symbol in T-Rex Wild Attack is the Tyrannosaurus rex. It acts as a conventional symbol substitute to complete winning patterns on the reels. The Wild is also the key to the Cascade bonus feature. Listen up cobbers. When you hear a great roar from the king of the dinos, the payout probability soars… along with your heart rate!

Scatter Symbol – The dinosaur egg is the Scatter. It pays up to 50 x the stake when 3 or more land anywhere on the gaming grid. Bet max and you can bank up to $375. That is not the best of it. Not by a long shot. The Scatter triggers Free Games – and that is where the really ace game play begins!

Regular Pokie Symbols 🦕

The standard gaming symbols are divided into high paying and low paying categories. You get tconnop dollar for landing identical dinosaurs on the reels. The blue velociraptor offers the top prize in the base game. Hit 6-of-a-kind and you bank 900 x the line bet.

The green Triceratops and gold pterosaurs pay out 600 x and 360 x respectively for a full six-symbol run. The corpse flower delivers up to 180 x the bet per line. Thereafter, the high cards in the deck pay between 36 x and 90 x the payline wager. Now for the payouts on real dosh.

T-Rex Wild Attack has a betting range of $0.60 to $7.50 a spin. A quick computation reveals a top prize of $225 in the base game. That is for a six symbol configuration of the blue dinosaur with a maximum wager in the virtual money slot!

What can $225 get you in Straya? Two pairs of Levi jeans… with coin to spare! That ain’t too shabby for having the time of your life. Now can you see why PlayCroco rocks?

Gameplay 🎲

The reason why pokies are so on point is the ease and simplicity of game play. There are no strategies to memorise or tactics to deploy. TBH there is nothing you can do to influence the outcome of the game. The only element that counts is luck.

Pokies like T-Rex Wild Attack have the same design as real slot machines – only they are more automated. Once you have selected your bet value by hitting the + or – button, you are good to go. You can choose to play the game manually by consistently tapping or clicking the spin button.

If that is too much effort there is even an easier way of playing pokies. The autospin function allows you to select the number of spins and hit the corresponding tab only once. That way, you can watch the payouts drop into your PlayCroco account without moving a muscle!

The only factor to take consider is something called volatility. That is the measure of the pokie’s expected hot and cold streaks. It is an indication of the average hit frequency and payouts. When a pokie has a high volatility rating, the cold streaks dominate the action, but the hot streaks are sizzling hot.

What does that mean to ordinary Joes like you and I? A high volatility pokie pays out sporadically but the value of the prizes is high. On the flip side, low volatility pokies have a high hit rate, but the payouts are nominal in value.

In medium volatility pokies, like T-Rex Wild Attack, the hit frequency and payouts are equally balanced. In other words, you are assured of plenty of payline wins but you won’t be able to give up your day job. An indication of a medium volatility pokie is the betting range. When the max bet does not hit three-figures, the payouts are never going to blow you away.

The good thing about medium volatility pokies is two-fold. You get the rush of winning but when you lose, you do not lose the farm. As a result, your bankroll lasts along with the fun factor!

Cascade Feature 💫

When you drop a Wild onto the reels and it does not complete a paying permutation, no worries mates. Every now and again you are greeted by an enormous roar. When that happens all the low paying symbols on the game board crumble and disappear. That is the Cascade feature in action.

What replaces the disappearing symbol sets? Only three types of icons – Wilds, Scatters and/or the high-paying themed symbols. With the big paying game tiles on the grid, the odds of winning a little something-something are firmly in your favour!

Free Games Feature with Random Stacked Wild Multipliers and Respins 🎰

The Scatter activated Free Games is where you can pull in the cabbage. Depending on the number of triggers, you are awarded 8, 10, 15 or 20 Free Games. During the complimentary game time a stacked Wild Multiplier may randomly fill a reel. When that happens. you are awarded one Respin and the Wild Multiplier remains locked in place.

If the Respin does not result in a payout, the Multiplier value increases, and the reels spin again. This action continues until such time there is a winning combination. As Wild Multiplier values range from 1 x through to 5 x, you can bank quite a bit - for FREE!

Why T-Rex Wild Attack is a Must-Play PlayCroco Pokie! 🤩

T-Rex Wild Attack does not have the dardiest graphics nor jaw dropping prizes. That said the random bonus features can keep your PlayCroco betting account ticking over. You can expect the Cascade feature to kick in every 50 or so spins. The same can be said about the Free Games feature.

It is a pokie perfectly suited to low to medium budget players who have to keep tabs on their gaming spend. The payouts may not break the proverbial bank but with a maximum win of $12,500 concealed on the reels, it is defo worth a spin!