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Popular Halloween Online Pokies and Slots: Free to Play Casino Games

Knock, knock! It’s Croco and his gang of popular Halloween pokies and slots. Will you answer the door?

We bloody-well hope so! Because we’ve got an absolute bonzer blog article for you today. In fact, it’s so bonzer that it may just blow all of our other Halloween-themed articles out of the water. So what’s all the fuss? Well, today we’re discussing our best Halloween online pokies and slots that qualify as free to play casino games!

We’re going to cover all the good stuff. This includes PlayCroco casino itself and why it’s the preferred online punting palace for players just like you around the world. We’ll also talk about what Halloween actually is plus put a few Halloween-related pokies under the microscope.  

In short, this blog is so Halloween it makes Freddy Krueger and Michael Myers look like Bert and Ernie. Just joking… it’s not that scary. What it is is packed with useful information about Halloween-themed free to play casino games at PlayCroco.  

So get ready for a frighteningly informative post from your main reptile Croco! Oh… and if you’re looking for a terrifying costume idea this year, we suggest going as someone with a PlayCroco balance that reads $00.00!


Introducing PlayCroco casino 🐊

Where do we begin when it comes to writing about our online casino? For starters, we should mention that joining PlayCroco is like joining one big, massive adventure! There’s never a dull day. We don’t take breaks. And we’re always trying to make your online casino experience better.

So just how do we differ from other online casinos? It’s a fair question. On the surface we may just look like another premium provider of online pokies and virtual table games. Dig a little deeper though and you’ll quickly discover that PlayCroco really is bada$$!


Over 350 online casino pokies and slots 🎰

Games, games and more games… that was one of Croco’s original requests when he first started PlayCroco way back when.

Since then we’ve accumulated a roster full of the biggest, most blockbuster titles ever to be released in the Great Southern Land. We now have over 300 online casino games to choose from, including old classics plus innovative new pokies and virtual table games! Essentially, we’ve got the full spread when talking about online casino titles. So on behalf of Croco and his crazy reptilian mates, we want to invite you to try ‘em now!


Safe, fast, trusted banking methods 💰

Getting your money out quickly and getting it in safely… isn’t that what we all want from an online casino? Well, it’s what we here at PlayCroco want, which is why we now offer a number of safe, fast and trusted banking methods!

These banking methods are also highly convenient. You can pay in cash, pay with card or pay with a voucher… it’s your choice! But you don’t need to listen to our ramblings any longer. Check out our current banking and deposits methods.


Free bonuses and promotions

Another part of PlayCroco that we want to acquaint you with is our free bonuses and regular promotions. Yep… you heard that correctly. FREE bonuses. Regular promotions. Happy faces all around.

There’s no catch either. You just need to create a PlayCroco account. We take care of the rest. And by rest we mean handing you bonuses and promotions like they’re going out of fashion! Speaking of… here are a few of our fan favourites. We hope you like them as much as our current members love redeeming them:

  • 10FREE – Get $10 free bonus to use on any online pokie simply by using the code upon joining PlayCroco
  • Welcome Bonus – Crunch some payouts with 200% match + $50 free bonus when you join PlayCroco casino!
  • CrocoBoost – Slurp down a $100 freebie every Friday and kick off your weekend with a win!
  • CrocoSpins – Scoop up daily free spins (with the number of free spins changing from day to day)


Mobile pokie tournaments 🏆

Last but not least, we have another feature of PlayCroco that you’re gonna be jumping out of your scales for – mobile pokie tournaments! Innovative, rewarding and easy to play (ticks all 3 boxes), our mobile pokie tournaments pit you against other punters in an attempt to win some serious ca-ching cash prizes!

All you need to do is join any one of our online pokie tournaments. There’s a new feature game every week, so you’ll never be bored.

What’s more, playing with your fellow members builds a sense of community… and the only thing better than winning is watching a good mate win too. Here are some other benefits to taking part in these mobile pokie tournaments:

  • They feature the top payout pokies in Australia
  • They are freeroll online pokies tournaments which means entry free
  • Thousands of prize money awarded every week!
  • Safe and secure easy way for Australian pokie and game players to enjoy a cheeky competition
  • Free entry on most online pokie tournaments
  • Extra layer of FUN while playing online pokies


Halloween at PlayCroco casino 🎃

Boo! It’s Halloween at PlayCroco - that special time of year when we scare up some epic prizes and a few equally as frightening pokies. Just joking… our offerings are never frightening. They’re friendly! We also don’t believe in tricking you at PlayCroco. Instead, we prefer to reward you with treats. Come to think of it… what exactly is Halloween?


What is Halloween? 👻

Halloween is a holiday that’s celebrated around the world every year on October 31st. Like many holidays, Halloween has a long and interesting history. It started out as a Celtic festival called Samhain that was pretty much just a massive party (that Croco prop wouldn’t loved), complete with bonfires and costumes which were thought to ward off evil spirits.

Then Pope Gregory III came along and made November 1st a day for us to honour all saints. Before long, both Samhain and this new date kinda combined into something called All Saints Day. The evening before All Saints Day was then coined All Hallows Eve… later shortened to (yep… you guessed it) Halloween.

Since these heady days of bonfires and Popes called Gregory, Halloween has transformed into a more commercial religious holiday. There’s trick or treating, festive parties, costumes and jack-o-lanterns – all of which have their roots in ancient traditions.


What makes a good Halloween pokie? 🔮

That’s a good question. Some will say a good Halloween pokie needs to send shivers up your spine with creepy animations! Others will swear black and blue that a fun-to-play Halloween slot should offer more treats than tricks. We reckon that the best Halloween mobile pokies give you a bit of everything - from excellent bonus rounds to spooky themes and thrilling sound effects just to keep you on your toes!


Superstitions surrounding online pokies gambling and Halloween 🐞

One thing we will point out is that Halloween pokies always have superstitions around playing them! Did you know that? If not, it’s ok. Now is the perfect place to learn more about these superstitions!

The first is that you should only play Halloween pokies while wearing red underwear. This superstition stems from China, where red is considered to be a lucky colour. Of course, you can also substitute the underwear for a red t-shirt or a red dress. But there’s just something about rocking red underwear that Croco loves!

The second superstition regarding Halloween slots is that you should never bet the same amount more than 6 times in a row. As you probably know, 6 is a very… errr… ungodly number. So when playing a Halloween-themed title, you need to change up your bets! Go big, go low. Do whatever you need to do. As long as you don’t throw 6 spins with the same amount, you’ll be sa-weet!

Our final Halloween pokie superstition involves mobile devices and costumes. Guys… hear us out! If you’re going as a werewolf, a goblin or any other *monster that has claws, you’re going to have a hard time hitting the buttons on your phone. Trust us… Croco sometimes breaks down in tears when he can’t claim a new game bonus due to his talons. 

*Incredible Hulk costumes are also a no go given that they would require you to wear Incredible Hulk sized hand gloves. Think people… think!


Top 3 best payout Halloween pokies ever 🤑

With these superstitions in mind, let’s dive into the top 3 best payout Halloween pokies ever! Eerie, alarming but oh so rewarding, these popular Halloween slots will give you the heebie jeebies (and some cash). So don’t look away in terror. Stare these terribly terrific real cash pokies directly in the eyes and prepare yourself for wins that go bump in the night!


Bubble Bubble 2

Remember Winni the Witch? Yeah… everyone does. The witch with a wand and those curves that don’t quit! But there’s more to Winni than just racy black dresses. This sultry sorceress is the female lead in Bubble Bubble 2 alongside her seductive sister Wanda the Witch.

Back once again after the huge success of its predecessor, the 50-payline game Bubble Bubble 2 will turn you into a pokie win worshipper! There’s a 50,000-coin top award plus THREE bonus rounds for you to trigger that can offer up 33 free spins, prizes worth x100 and expanding wilds!

Of course, there’s more to this wonderfully witchy title than just big wins and petrifying payouts! Discover for yourself all that the Halloween-pokie Bubble Bubble 2 has to offer by playing it today!

play now


Halloween Treasures

Dressing up for Halloween is super fun because you can cut loose in a different costume or play pretend for an entire night. Pirates, witches, zombies and mummys are all popular… and for good reason! These characters are normally really scary, but in Halloween Treasures… they’re really quite generous!

You can see them all for yourself on the 243-AWP pokie Halloween Treasures. They’ll be hiding around dark corners just waiting to jump out and reward you. There’s a Mini, Minor and Major jackpot PLUS a Grand jackpot that could just change your life.

If that’s not enough though, there are x5 multipliers, a retriggerable free game bonus round and heaps of spooky action! So don’t let the word “Halloween” frighten you away. Focus on the “Treasures” part of its title and you’re guaranteed to reap the prizes.

play now


Witches Brew

Ever walk past a house and wonder to yourself what that person is cooking? Well, in Witches Brew, you can bet your bottom dollar that the only thing cooking is big prizes! To see for yourself what she’s prepping, simply give this 25-payline pokie a run today.

The Witch and the Dragon Wilds can double payouts and matching wilds on reels 2, 3 and 4 can lock in place to deliver multipliers worth up to x10! What’s more, the Goblin Blood scatter can pay individual prizes and trigger the bonus round, which offers 10 free spins, 25 free spins and 125 free spins depending on how many scatters appear.

Yep… this brew definitely isn’t bitter, but it’s up to you to have a taste test. Who knows? You might just emerge from Witches Brew dripping with cash!

play now

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