It doesn’t matter whether you’re fresh to the online casino world or you’ve been playing since Croco’s ancestors roamed the earth – you can always get better at winning on pokies or virtual table games!

One way to do this is to practice, practice and practice some more. Another way though is to brush up on our best online casino betting tips. By doing so you can take the shortcut to jackpot success! 

With that being said… are you ready to take the next step when it comes to winning at our online casino? If the answer is a resounding yes, then read on now. Below you’ll find 10 tips for both new and experienced PlayCroco bettors!

1. Claim our loyalty program perks daily 👑

The PlayCroco loyalty program is incredibly unique. It takes you on a journey from diaper wearing BabyCroco to the one and only RoyalCroco.

Aside from simply levelling up your looks during our loyalty program, you can also access better perks as you progress. These perks come in the form of cashback and a dedicated casino host (more on that soon!), but one of the most rewarding yet overlooked perks is the daily bonus.

Available to claim (as the name suggests) every day, this perk could see you score a special deposit bonus plus free spins depending on which stage of our loyalty program you’re at. Currently our daily loyalty program perks are as follows: 

  • BabyCroco – 100% up to $5,000 + 30 free spins on Asgard - Min. dep. $20
  • JuniorCroco – 125% up to $5,000 + 30 free spins on Asgard - Min. dep. $20
  • SuperCroco – 150% up to $5,000 + 30 free spins on Bubble Bubble 2 - Min. dep. $20
  • RoyalCroco – 200% up to $5,000 + 30 free spins on Cash Bandits 2 - Min. dep. $20


2. Get secret rewards provided by our customer service team 💁🏻

Our online casino customer service team is a bunch of bloody legends! Of course you probably already know this if you’ve ever had a problem. They’ll fix it faster than you can say “Croco” and they’ll do it with a bit toothy smile on their face!

Beyond simply being your knights in shining armour though, our customer service team has other talents. For instance… did you know that they can also present you with secret rewards? Well it’s true! The CrocoReload promotion or Cashback is one offer that you can claim by contacting our customer service crew!

How it works is that for every deposit you make that doesn’t result in a win, you’ll get between 25% - 40% back! That means you can top up and punt with confidence knowing Croco has you covered. Just get in touch with our crazy awesome customer service team to claim your cashback. They’ll look after you as if you were one of their own!

contact us


3. Contact your casino host if you’re a VIP member 💌

Let’s get real for a second – being a VIP is what it’s all about! Of course every stage of our loyalty program is awesome. But our VIP RoyalCroco level is… well… next level! One of the reasons why it’s super dang unreal is that you get your very own casino host.

This host, who we consider to be of the same legendary status as our customer service team, is here to help you in any way possible. So don’t forget to reach out if you ever have questions! Their job after all is to make your PlayCroco experience smoother than the underside of a BabyCroco… and that’s pretty smooth!


4. Take advantage of seasonal promotions and holiday bonuses 🛍️

As you already know, we have a mind-boggling selection of regular rewards and promotions that we run. From the aforementioned CrocoReload to our new game bonuses and heaps more. You’ll never run out of goodies to claim and freebies to frolic in at PlayCroco!

But we’re never content with simply offering regular rewards. Instead we love to run random offers during significant seasons and throughout certain holidays. For example: you may find yourself channelling the luck of the Irish with a St. Patrick’s Day promotion or scaring up some wins during the spooky season that is October!

In any case, what we’re trying to say is that you need to be prepared to scoop up seasonal promotions and holiday promotions. After all… they arrive just as quickly as they leave, so you need to be on your toes (or claws)!


5. Play progressive slots for maximum returns 🤑

Jackpot slots, otherwise known as progressive pokies, are the exact opposite to fixed jackpot slots. This is because progressives actually appreciate in value, becoming bigger and bigger until they’re finally triggered!

Unlike regular jackpot pokies, progressives can grow to humongous proportions… awarding tens of thousands of dollars (and sometimes even millions) in prize money. When they’re finally triggered though, the total prize pool reverts back to its default level. Before long though it will continue to grow once again!

Progressive jackpot games, such as Cash Bandits 3, are also linked to other networks which means that the same prize pool is available to people from a variety of different casinos. For savvy PlayCroco members, the benefits of playing progressives are obvious – you go in the running to win what we would call a life-changing amount!


6. Research how to play our virtual table games 🎲

Online pokies and slots are butt loads of fun, but our virtual table games are also worth a crack every now and then! Before you saddle up to a digital casino table and start rolling dice or calling for cards though, you best learn how to play the game in questions!

The good news here is that you don’t need to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to learn. You don’t even need to read an entire book dedicated to a particular game. Instead you simply need to conduct a quick Google search for terms like “how to play European roulette” or “a beginner’s guide to blackjack”.

The sheer amount of helpful info online is staggering. Our advice is to check out a few different sources. Who knows? Experienced online punters might even pick up a few helpful tips!

And remember, there are a heap of articles on our blog designed to make you a better player. Take a look at gambling terms plus our favourite online casino cheats for every level are just two of our most popular posts.


7. Keep an eye on our casino promotions page 🎁

As we all know, hanging with Croco and playing the real money pokies and slots is heaps fun! So keep an eye on our promotions page regularly for the latest offers, bonuses and free spins! This will give you the chance to keep trying new pokies and games as well as experiencing new exclusive online casino promotions

view all promotions


8. Hone your skills by playing for free 🆓

This is probably more for the newbie players, but did you know that you can play our pokies for free? Yep… you read that correctly. If you want to try a new game out before playing for real cash, you can simply select it in our game lobby and give it a crack!

This will take you to the game screen, which will give you the immediate opportunity to play for free. You can spin, see how the game runs and get a feel for its theme. If you like what you see, then you can click the ‘play for real’ button and start betting!

Note that you cannot bet real cash when playing the free sample. What you can do though is enhance your skills and gain a preliminary understanding of the game before committing some cash.


9. Know your limits 🛑

Aside from not drinking on the job, knowing your limits is another tip that both beginner and experienced PlayCroco punters can benefit from!

That’s because money management is a large part of being a successful member. With realistic limits you can avoid losing cash and approach each title with confidence knowing you’ve got a plan. Another advantage to knowing your limits is that you are more conscious of where your money is going. This means that you won’t be surprised if you suddenly run out of funds. Instead you’ll know exactly how much you have at any given time! Not only will this give you peace of mind, but you’ll also have the ability to pull up before you run out and perhaps try another pokie or virtual table game.


10. Rack up as many comp points as possible 💰

As you probably already know, comp points (otherwise known as complimentary points) are the rewards we give to regular players. These points can then be cashed in for cold hard credit once you’ve accumulated 100 in total.

In brick-and-mortar casinos, comp points can be redeemed for luxury hotel suites, free chauffeur services or free meals. The catch here is that in order to collect comp points in a brick-and-mortar casino, you need to be a high roller. At PlayCroco on the other hand, players of all skill levels can collect comp points regardless of how long you’ve been playing with us!

Simply make deposits and bet in order to gather up comp points. Don’t forget either that every month we have a featured pokie which awards double comp points during that month. When you’ve finally accumulated 100, you can then exchange them for $1 of credit!

This means that the more you play, the more you can collect. Better yet, these comp points are awarded no matter whether you win or lose, which means you can score even when your bets miss the mark! 

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